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1 Boston Among Bottom Third Of American Cities For Racial Inclusion, Study Finds
2 Study finds Houston leads most cities in racial, economic and poverty disparities
3 Study: Albany one of worst cities in U.S. for racial, economic inclusion
4 VERIFY: Live fact-checking the first presidential debate
5 How a Washington, DC coalition is using place-based cash relief to advance an equitable COVID-19 recovery
6 Detroit creates $48M fund to help developers build more affordable housing
7 The pandemic will likely make America's eviction crisis even worse
8 Responsibly Addressing Forbearance Costs
9 How The Pandemic And Protests Fueled The 'Cancel Rent' Movement
10 Kentucky's Youth Justice Overhaul Gets Mixed Review
11 Middletown Official With Rare Illness: End Of Affordable Care Act Is 'Life Or Death'
12 State Tax Revenues Hit Hard by COVID-19
13 How Trump’s taxes compare to those of other presidents
14 5 takeaways from NY Times report on Trump's tax returns
15 As D.C. Feels Gentrification Pressures, New Study Finds Its Pre-K Lottery Provides Equal — but Not Necessary Equitable — Access
16 What's at stake if the Supreme Court rules against ObamaCare | TheHill
17 COVID-19 Abruptly Ends Decade of State Tax Revenue Growth
18 RECAP: Presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden brought battle to Cleveland
19 Seven to be honored at the 25th Annual Fannie Lou Hamer Awards Reception
20 Property Lines: Picking Sides On the Real Estate Policies of Biden and Trump
21 Want to get main streets back up and running? Start with good data
22 What’s in Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black America?
23 Jornaya’s Mike Eshelman to speak at HousingWire Annual Oct. 8
24 Match Group fills safety officer role with Uber exec
25 The census deadline has been extended through October. Here’s what that means for Florida.
26 FactChecking the First Trump-Biden Debate
27 Gentrification comes from lack of housing supply, Urban Institute says
28 Post-COVID Clinics Get Jump-Start From Patients With Lingering Illness
30 New York City is reopening its schools for working families. But many students of color are staying home.
31 Local sales tax rates trending up
32 Match Group Appoints Tracey Breeden as Head of Safety and Social Advocacy
33 Urban Institute Officers Invest in Digital Technology to Measure Data
34 Dr. Kimberlyn Leary Joins Urban Institute as Senior Vice President
35 Six Local Women and a Man to be Honored For Their Leadership in Civil and Human Rights
36 Indy Q&A: Urban Institute researcher explains the findings of a new report that show chilling effects of the public charge rule on Las Vegas immigrant families
37 Study: Minority Rental Investors More Likely to Struggle
38 Lose your job and health insurance due to COVID-19? Here's a tip.
39 Match Group (MTCH) Names Tracey Breeden As Head Of Safety And Social Advocacy
40 Expand National Service To Provide Jobs For Youth, Adults, Urban Institute Report Urges
41 Urban Institute: Medicaid expansion will be a critical safety net as COVID-19 job losses continue nationwide
42 Access Ventures-funded lender aimed at boosting local homeownership
43 COVID-19 Economic Shutdown Reduces Giving, But Also Changes Its Form
44 Cloudera Foundation announces 3-year grant partnership with Urban Institute
45 [PULSE] Stevens on nonbank membership in the FHLB system
46 How a Supreme Court Vacancy Can Shape the Fate of the ACA, Reproductive Rights
47 TRD Insights: Gentrification happening fastest in least affordable cities
48 Urban Institute: Reverse Mortgages Used Far Less than Other Equity Tapping Options
49 Shortened census count will hurt communities of color
50 How U.S. Poverty Could Spike in the Last Half of the Year
51 TRD Insights: Forbearance rates forecasts might be all wrong
52 How Lockdowns are Impacting Minority Homeowners
53 Non-Agency Loans are in Need of Forbearance Assistance Too
54 New Research Shows Latinos Have Highest Unemployment Rate for First Time on Record
55 Coronavirus relief policies kept 10 million Americans out of poverty. They're set to expire in July
56 Service Workers Are D.C.'s Most Vulnerable During The Coronavirus Pandemic, Report Says
57 Urban Institute President on How Cities Can Manage Rapid Growth
58 10M people likely to drop out of employer coverage this year due to COVID-19: report
59 REPORT: Opportunity Zones Are Not Generating The Benefits That Underfunded Communities Were Promised
60 One-third of poor, immigrant families forgo public benefits
61 Study: 'Medicare for All' the most costly of all healthcare proposals
62 Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids closed due to coronavirus
63 COVID-19 insurance crisis may not be as drastic as initially feared: study
64 Democratic candidates divided on health care will soon be drowning in data
65 Urban Institute: Premiums for cheapest ACA silver plan fell across 31 states in 2020
66 Students at California’s top-tier universities don’t reflect state’s racial and ethnic diversity, says Urban Institute study
67 Urban Institute Report Shows Creative Ways to Fund Community Supports For Youth
68 For Many Black Washingtonians, Homeownership Remains Out Of Reach
69 White and higher-income households got coronavirus stimulus checks faster than Black and lower-income households
70 The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Straining Families' Abilities to Afford Basic Needs
71 A New Report Highlights What Binds People to Their Cities
72 How the Urban Institute's Estimates of 'Medicare for All' Costs Stack Up Against Mine
73 IA Apprenticeship Program Touted as Career Launching Point
74 High-speed internet access is unevenly distributed across DC, data show
75 State policies to promote shared prosperity in cities
76 How Urban Planning Helped Create a Divided and Very Unequal Minneapolis
77 Ferris State moving UICA out of current building, selling it
78 Canadian Urban Institute Examines Role of Libraries in Light of COVID-19
79 Urban Institute Releases Digital Dashboard Revealing Roots of Food Insecurity
80 DU, Urban Institute launch 5-year study of Sterling Correctional Facility
81 There’s a plan to fix the DMV’s affordable housing crisis. But a key player’s not on board.
82 Hispanic enrollment report names UCR No. 1 | News
83 9 Early Conclusions of Opportunity Zones for Equitable Development, with Brett Theodos
84 D.C. region’s leaders face big challenges as they tackle affordable-housing shortage
85 UI: Five strategies recommended to address food insecurity
86 A Response To A Critique Of The Urban Institute Model Of Financing Long-Term Services And Supports
87 Millions of Americans Could Soon Become Homeless as Protections Expire
88 The Urban Institute Model Of Financing Long-Term Services And Supports: A Critical Review
89 Council Challenges Executive Branch, Urban Institute at Contentious Education Research Collaborative Hearing
90 Urban Institute Digs at Roots of Food Insecurity in Fort Smith
91 FACT CHECK: Homeownership gap between white and black Americans is higher now than in 1960s
92 Urban Institute to get 10 years of tax rebates after move to L'Enfant Plaza
93 Pop Quiz With Mary Cunningham| Housing Finance Magazine
94 UVM scholars provide key research support for policy solutions in Vermont prisons
95 Quickly Expanding Medicaid Eligibility as an Urgent Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
96 The Education Data Portal: Making federal data accessible to study ‘small’ student populations
97 Minority, low-income Floridians hit hard financially by coronavirus, housing data show
98 SNAP Recipients Could Lose Benefits Under New Rule
99 Mayor Keller, city officials discuss report findings on housing, homelessness in Albuquerque
100 States face economic death spiral from coronavirus