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1 'A real problem': Devin Nunes says Russian bounty leakers 'investigating themselves'
2 Brett Kavanaugh declines request from Illinois Republicans to permit large political rallies amid coronavirus
3 On the Redskins' name, it's corporate America and the liberal media against Native Americans
4 'Must be presumed innocent': Alan Dershowitz reacts to Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest
5 EXCLUSIVE: Southern Command rebuilds intelligence relationship with Brazil years after Snowden damage
6 CIA filed 'crimes report' with Justice Department over Russia-Taliban bounty leak
7 Barr's team startled in 'first chance' to assess Mueller investigation: Book
8 White House Report Card: Fourth of July reboots Trump campaign with war on ‘cancel culture’
9 WATCH: Trump attends Independence Day fireworks celebration at Mount Rushmore
10 Mountainside Fitness manager charged with misdemeanor for staying open
11 FBI: Record-shattering surge in gun checks as BLM, 2020 election, virus boost sales
12 Jared Kushner ally joins with Pentagon to move critical industries out of China
13 WHO admits China never reported the existence of coronavirus outbreak
14 Activists prepare to storm DC in Independence Day weekend protests
15 Southern border deployment extended into 2021 with National Guard taking the lead
16 'There's literally no downside': Reagan-founded PAC pushes Trump to preserve Alaska's Tongass Forest
17 Tucker Carlson all the rage in Republican circles talking up 2024
18 Bolton: Trump told Treasury secretary to 'go after' Bitcoin
19 Congressional Black Caucus pushes for reparations commission in wake of civil unrest
20 As coach, Tommy Tuberville handed a one-game suspension to player charged with rape of 15-year-old
21 Obama encourages people to ignore 'folks trying to divide us' on Independence Day
22 Amid a pandemic, the woke-ist media are experiencing a psychotic break
23 Hugh Hewitt: Rumor has it Samuel Alito will retire from Supreme Court
24 Poll: 20% of Democrats ‘think Biden has dementia,’ 38% among all voters
25 Top House Republicans rally behind conservative youth climate plan
26 Republican nightmare: Trump vote-by-mail demonizing driving down GOP participation
27 Father of teenager killed in CHOP says he received call from Trump but not Seattle mayor
28 Open the summer camps now
29 Pentagon cites ‘no corroborating evidence’ to support Russian bounty payments to Taliban
30 July Fourth poll: College spoils patriotism in high schoolers
31 The 50-star flag turns 60 years old
32 McConnell likens Democrats to 'far-left mobs attacking statues of our Founding Fathers'
33 Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of Soleimani
34 Marcellus Wiley: NBA plan to paint 'Black Lives Matter' on courts 'not a good idea'
35 Chuck Schumer’s plan to keep the economy in a welfare state coma
36 'Audacious, repugnant behavior': Tim Scott claims liberals racially attacked him after police reform speech
37 NBA agrees to list of social justice messages on jerseys: Report
38 Trump to establish National Garden of American Heroes
39 Conservatives fed up with 'censorship' on Twitter jump to Parler
40 You've got the wrong 'Karen'
41 Activists set up guillotine outside DC home of Jeff Bezos during protest of Amazon
42 On the Fourth of July, give me liberty
43 Iowa’s Joni Ernst blocks Trump EPA nominee in scuffle over biofuels mandate
44 Toppling attempt led by Harvard student ends after confrontation with statue defenders
45 'They're afraid': Jim Jordan says Democrats want to impeach Barr because John Durham will find 'spying'
46 Trump to renew effort to end legal protections for DACA recipients
47 ‘No official confirmation’: If Trump is withdrawing troops, nobody has told Germany
48 Steve Bannon sounds alarm over faltering Trump campaign
49 John Kerry: Trump victory could provoke a revolution
50 A message for Independence Day: Heroes working toward a more perfect union
51 House Republicans have a plan to punish Putin
52 Hillary Clinton: 'I would have done a better job' than Trump handling coronavirus pandemic
53 Russian interference in Libya ‘morass’ concerns US Africa Command
54 As US negotiates with Iraq on troop presence, a Trump campaign promise lingers
55 Dean of Massachusetts nursing school fired after saying 'everyone's life matters'
56 Tulsa heath director wants Trump to postpone rally amid 'significant increase' in coronavirus case trends
57 Adam Schiff: Republicans 'boycotting' House Intelligence Committee briefings
58 House Democrats pass $1.5 trillion 'green' infrastructure bill filled with climate policies
59 Seattle mayor slams protesters for showing no 'regard for' her 'safety' as demonstrators circle her home
60 Republicans prepare for energy ‘cold war’ with China
61 California developer of 'micro' nuclear reactor aims to prove environmentalist doubters wrong
62 US attorney: 150 federal cases tied to rioting
63 Marco Rubio bolsters 2024 profile with sympathetic approach to racial 'inequities'
64 States fail to get ready as coronavirus outbreaks rise
65 Lessons from Lincoln: Protecting history from the mobocratic spirit
66 Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for coronavirus
67 Biden signals willingness to use 'unfettered discretion' to reject pipelines
68 Trump global media chief says he acted legally in 'Wednesday night massacre'
69 Republicans encourage masks as virus spreads in Sun Belt
70 How scarce US taxpayer money could wind up in China's coffers
71 Wall Street Journal: Trump careening toward 2020 loss without second-term vision
72 Trump meets like-minded Polish president as he weighs moving US troops out of Germany to other NATO nations
73 Ivanka Trump to Salena Zito: 'I think healing needs to happen in the country'
74 Supreme Court to take up dispute over secret Mueller grand jury materials
75 If you want more accountability, rein in police unions
76 'Pay!': Protesters demand reparations after claiming church near White House as 'Black House Autonomous Zone'
77 Isolation is deadly: Stay-at-home orders are causing a spike in overdoses
78 Biden raised 'Logan Act' in Oval Office discussion about Flynn, Peter Strzok notes show
79 Sen. Rick Scott: Fund the police
80 French prime minister resigns as Macron seeks 'new path'
81 Louisiana's COVID-19 spike draws federal attention again
82 In the debate between family and career, the choice should be obvious
83 A Texas-sized misunderstanding about hospital capacity in Houston
84 Biden outmaneuvers Trump campaign with Obama fundraiser numbers
85 Chinese ambassador secretly recruited scientists, FBI says
86 Lawyer for US citizen jailed in Russia demands sanctions if client not released
87 John Roberts proves he's nothing more than an empty robe
88 Black Lives Matter fundraising handled by group with convicted terrorist on its board
89 'This is not Seattle': Oklahoma protesters hit with terrorism charges
90 Democracy imperiled in Africa by 'reformers' turned dictators
91 How presidential generations define and redefine American history
92 Herman Cain hospitalized with coronavirus after attending Trump rally
93 'Absurd': Kayleigh McEnany chides reporter for questioning if Trump is glad South lost Civil War
94 Fifty-three countries support China's new Hong Kong 'national security' law, with 27 opposing
95 China develops weapons to fry US electric grid, eyes high-tech ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack
96 'Social tipping point': Greta Thunberg believes protests signal a global 'awakening'
97 Democrats hope public pressure and civil unrest will force GOP to accept more drastic police reforms
98 Barr: DOJ has 500 investigations into rioters and destruction of statues
99 Trump predicts former acting spy chief Richard Grenell will take on new 'high-level' position
100 Joe Rogan: 'Media on the Left' has 'completely ignored' evidence of Biden cognitive decline