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1 Trump campaign tweets doctored image of Washington Monument being demolished
2 Answer Man: What is the inscription on the east face of the Washington Monument?
3 Silver Spring teen shares stunning photos at DC monuments after COVID cancels prom
4 WWI Memorial monument: Sculptors from New Jersey creating the next great tribute in Washington DC
5 A new monument to native veterans shows how we can push the statue debate ahead
6 Photo of the day: Through the looking glass
7 Vandals hit Minneapolis statues of George Washington and pioneers
8 Photos of Trump supporters in Washington D.C.
9 George Washington Carver Monument to host holiday experience
10 Impromptu celebrations pop up in Washington following Biden victory announcement
11 An 18-Year-Old's Prom Photoshoot Has Gone Viral After The Dance Was Canceled Due To The Pandemic
12 On July Fourth, 40,000 Americans cheered a new landmark: the Washington Monument
13 Historians: No, to removing Jefferson, Washington monuments. Yes, to contextualizing them.
14 Baltimore's monument lighting is still happening, but you'll have to watch it on TV
15 Baltimore’s ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ lights up, but visitors are discouraged
16 LIVE ON WUN | Meet The Author: Dr. Barbara Roberts (Dec. 4 at 1:30 pm)
17 Ivanka Trump shares photos of her three children visiting D.C.'s memorials and monuments
18 Washington Monument reopens for visitors. Here's how you can visit
19 Fact check: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial aren't at risk of removal
20 Why yes, Olalla has a 55-foot replica of the Washington Monument
21 How often does lightning strike the Washington Monument?
22 Lightning in D.C. area struck Washington Monument, injured National Guardsmen in Lafayette Square on Thursday night
23 Court dubious of Trump's plan to exclude immigrants in census
24 Washington Monument benefactor Rubenstein says he doubts proposed changes 'will be taken seriously'
25 Watch Lightning Strike the Washington Monument, Then Watch It Again
26 Save the Washington Monument. But How?
27 The Protesters Would Tear Down The Washington Monument If They Could
28 They can't move the Washington Monument
29 2 injured after car crashes into Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park
30 Did you read the D.C. mayor called for removal of Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial? That’s inaccurate
31 Trump wrongly accuses DC mayor of calling for removal of Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial
32 Biden’s Inauguration: Expect Smaller Crowds and More Social Distancing
33 Washington Monument and Smithsonian sites reopen, with limit on visitors
34 D.C. Mayor Did Not Propose Removal of Federal Monuments
35 Washington Monument Reopens to the Public
36 George Washington monument in Druid Hill Park spray-painted with ‘destroy racists,’ anti-police sentiment
37 The Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument, symbols of freedom, shuttered due to coronavirus
38 20,000 American Flags Placed at Washington Monument to Honor COVID Victims
39 Tickets to visit Washington Monument run out two hours after reopening
40 Confederate monuments are coming down. Now, what do we do about memorials to slaveholders like Washington and Jefferson?
41 Iconic Washington, DC, monuments defaced in night of protests | TheHill
42 Washington Monument Reopens After 3-Year Renovation
43 WATCH: Washington Monument Struck By Lightning in Spectacular Video Footage
44 Washington Monument to close starting Saturday
45 Brief History of Elevator Fails at the Washington Monument
46 'Obelisk of Wokeness': Sen. Tom Cotton Fears the Washington Monument Will Be Renamed
47 The Washington Monument reopens. Here's what you need to know
48 Republicans plan a fireworks show at the Washington Monument on night of Trump’s speech
49 Fireworks show at the Washington Monument approved for RNC Convention
50 Bowser: D.C. had no intention of proposing removal of major federal monuments
51 Army activates 400 Guard troops to protect monuments in Washington, D.C.
52 Deadly crash into Buffalo monument under investigation
53 Far-right protesters, counterdemonstrators plan to gather Saturday in D.C. amid pro-Trump rallies
54 CBS AR Washington Monument graphic was cool to look at — but confusing
55 We Don’t Need to Cancel George Washington. But We Should Be Honest About Who He Was.
56 Washington Monument to Reopen After Three Years
57 Sarah Parcak: Did She Discuss Pulling Down Washington Monument?
58 History of the 1963 March on Washington
59 WEB EXTRA: Lightning Over Washington Monument
60 Teen wears prom dress to tourist spot and goes viral for photoshoot
61 Washington Monument will reopen to the public after years of repairs
62 Which way is the air blowing? We explain the Washington Monument’s bewildering wind currents.
63 Without Tourists, The National Mall Is Weirdly Quiet And Unusually Green
64 George Washington memorial statue spray painted with graffiti in Chicago's Washington Park; Christopher Columbus statue vandalized in Little Italy
65 Behind the Design of the New Washington Monument Entrance and Visitor Facility
66 The True Meaning of Thanksgiving | American Center for Law and Justice
67 Washington Monument struck by lightning as some claim it's a sign 'Even God is angry'
68 It’s clear most Americans see the Founders for what they were: Noble and courageous
69 How many buildings in DC were built by slaves? | The Q&A
70 8 Crazy Facts About the Washington Monument | HowStuffWorks
71 Washington Monument reopens
72 Ahead of the Washington Monument's reopening, a tour of its elusive staircase
73 The Washington Monument was still being built when the Know-Nothings attacked it
74 The Washington Monument Will Reopen in September | Smart News
75 Washington Prayer March draws crowds in call for healing
76 George Floyd Protests: Fake Photo of Fire Next to Washington Monument Actually From 'Designated Survivor'
77 DC Releases Long List of Facilities to Be Renamed, Relocated, or Contextualized
78 Faulty sensor to blame for elevator stopping at Washington Monument
79 RNC requests fireworks at Washington Monument for convention finale
80 Anti-Thanksgiving protests erupt in several US states overnight
81 David Rubenstein spent $10 million on the Washington Monument, which reopens Thursday. He can climb any ladder inside he wants.
82 RNC applies for permit to host fireworks show at Washington Monument
83 The View From the Top: Washington Monument Reopens After 3-Year-Closure
84 Elevator down: Visitors stuck atop newly reopened Washington Monument
85 Visitation Was Declining at the Washington Monument Before It Closed—We Have Some Theories Why
86 PHOTOS: Crowds gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza on election night
87 The Washington Monument reopens with a new visitor center
88 How Hard Can it be to Catch a Baseball from the Top of the Washington Monument?
89 Lightning bolt strikes the Washington Monument
90 2 charged with defacing George Washington monument in Trenton
91 Washington Monument to be canvas for 363-foot rocket display: Apollo 11
92 The Washington Monument's Stairwell Is A 19th Century Time Capsule, But The Public Can't See It
93 "Some random tourist tackled him on the grass by the Washington monument"
94 Washington Monument ready to reopen after 3 years
95 You Can Finally Visit The Washington Monument Again. Here's What To Expect
96 What will a COVID-era 'Salute to America' look like? For starters, Trump will be at home.
97 Closed for 3 years, newly reopened Washington Monument elevator still has problems
98 Checking Out of Hotel COVID
99 The View From 1982: The Washington Monument Standoff
100 VERIFY: No, this photo of a vandalized Lincoln Memorial is not real