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1 Meron Benvenisti Dies at 86; Urged One State for Jews and Palestinians
2 Food trucks provide rare bright spot in hard-hit West Bank
3 Israeli aid to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the COVID-19 pandemic
4 The famed ‘Jericho banana’ is vanishing. Under Israeli occupation, there’s not enough water.
5 Annexation without declaration: The Israeli case | Daily Sabah
6 Palestinians Rejected Tax Money to Slap Israel. It’s Not Israel That’s Hurting.
7 Israel imposes full closure on West Bank, Gaza amid Jewish holiday
8 Dozens protest at General Mills HQ over company's plant on West Bank
9 Stop or suspend West Bank annexation? Devil in the detail for Israel-UAE deal
10 IDF soldiers apprehend suspects with Molotov cocktails in the West Bank
11 Halting West Bank annexation resurrects the ‘67 line: 10 things to know
12 Private gun ownership soars in West Bank
13 Call for Bids: Promoting Societal Links between Gaza & West Bank
14 Jalal Abukhater | This sea is mine · LRB 28 September 2020
15 PA issues 'strict' directions for West Bank Dahlan supporters
16 Palestinian school year opens amid worsening pandemic in West Bank
17 Israel's home demolitions in West Bank spiked during pandemic: UN
18 West Bank's markets suffer from recession ahead of new school year
19 Security Council briefing on the situation in the Middle East report of the Secretary-General on the Implementation of UNSCR 2334 (2016), 29 September 2020
20 Mountain West Bank promotes three staffers – Idaho Business Review
21 Thousand without power on the westbank of Orleans, Jefferson Parishes
22 What is the West Bank and why is it important?
23 Delay Appears Likely In Israel's Plans To Annex Parts Of West Bank
24 Israel's West Bank annexation plan condemned by UN experts
25 Israel suspends formal annexation of the West Bank, but its controversial settlements continue
26 Israel may move to annex a big chunk of the West Bank soon, derailing hopes for a Palestinian state
27 Israel annexation: New border plans leave Palestinians in despair
28 What is the West Bank?
29 EU 'to rally against Israel's West Bank annexation proposal'
30 Israel To Clarify Its Plans For Annexing Occupied West Bank Lands
31 For Palestinian Police, Much to Lose if Israel Annexes West Bank Land
32 Annexing the West Bank Would Hurt Israel
33 Israel Presses Ahead With Plan to Annex Parts of West Bank
34 Why does Israel want to annex the West Bank? | Start Here
35 Why Israel hasn’t annexed the West Bank
36 Israel’s West Bank annexation plan and why it’s stalled, explained by an expert
37 Israel postpones move to annex large parts of West Bank
38 The Palestinian Plan to Stop Annexation: Remind Israel What Occupation Means
39 State of Palestine: Annexation plan of the West Bank – Anticipatory briefing note – 18 August 2020
40 Palestinians In The West Bank Improvise Checkpoints To Help Fight Coronavirus
41 Israel’s West Bank annexation stalls, for now, amid pandemic and political distractions
42 4 nations reject Israel's West Bank annexation plans
43 Palestinians Fear a Coming Coronavirus Storm
44 Western banks provide billions in backing for firms driving tuna species to collapse
45 Are West Bank Settlements Illegal? Who Decides?
46 Netanyahu says West Bank annexation plans still 'on the table'
47 West Bank and Gaza Home
48 West Bank settlers say Netanyahu duped them with annexation backtrack
49 Abbas Declares Palestinians’ West Bank Security Commitments Null and Void
50 Israel's annexation of the West Bank will be yet another tragedy for Palestinians
51 Analysis | Israel Annex the West Bank? How a Taboo Idea Got Real: QuickTake
52 Israel’s West Bank settlements: 4 questions answered
53 US to recognise annexation of occupied West Bank, Jordan Valley
54 Watchdog says Israel's West Bank settlements surged in 2019
55 Coronavirus cases surge in occupied West Bank
56 Israel Is Eager To Annex West Bank Lands, But U.S. Says To Wait
57 What would annexation of parts of the West Bank mean for Palestinians? – podcast
58 UN, EU warn Israel against West Bank annexation
59 Israel's top court orders removal of settler homes in West Bank
60 Jordanian Prime Minister On The Future Of The West Bank
61 Israel's West Bank Settlements Surged in 2019, Watchdog Says
62 Jordan ends historic arrangement with Israel as West Bank annexation tensions rise
63 Israel's Netanyahu says he won't miss West Bank annexation opportunity
64 Trump stopped West Bank annexation: Ex-Knesset speaker
65 In West Bank, Trump's peace plan surprises Israeli settlers, dismays Palestinian villagers
66 Pompeo says Israeli West Bank settlements aren’t illegal. What does this mean in practice?
67 Despite virus, Pompeo talks West Bank annexation in Israel
68 Israel/West Bank: Grant Palestinians Equal Rights
69 Israel is about to reveal its West Bank annexation plans. How will Congress respond?
70 Israeli annexation may give Palestinians the push they need
71 Annexation of the West Bank will have catastrophic consequences
72 As West Bank coronavirus cases rise, the Palestinian Authority renews restrictions
73 In the West Bank, coronavirus is bad, but the economy is worse
74 West Bank Property Prices Rise as Israel Pledges Annexation
75 West Bank settlements report rapid growth in 2019
76 Palestinian woman killed by Israeli fire during West Bank clash
77 Arab League slams Israeli plan to annex occupied West Bank
78 US Democrats, rights groups warn against West Bank annexation
79 Troops, Palestinians clash as Israel prepares to annex in West Bank
80 Israeli settlers torch West Bank mosque in 'price tag' attack
81 Israel could clash with international court on settlements
82 Israeli annexation explained: What is Netanyahu planning for the West Bank and what does it mean
83 Google Maps and Palestine: What the Annexation Means for the West Bank
84 Palestinians slam Israeli road plan that would cut off West Bank
85 During the Coronavirus crisis, Israel confiscates tents designated for clinic in the Northern West Bank
86 Feature: Palestinian villagers in West Bank struggle to protect lands from Israeli seizure
87 In West Bank, Eid sacrifices plummet as Palestinian virus cases soar
88 West Bank Settlers Exert Pressure
89 PA easing coronavirus restrictions in occupied West Bank
90 West Bank and Gaza: US$5.8 million from the World Bank to Help Palestinians Fight Coronavirus Outbreak
91 West Bank: Israel to halt demolition in area C
92 West Bank annexation to cause 'new wave of extremism'
93 Israel must abandon plans to annex the West Bank. Delaying it isn’t enough. (Commentary)
94 West Bank annexation remains top priority for Israel | Daily Sabah
95 Set for new term, Netanyahu eyes risky West Bank annexation
96 Palestinian Authority loses control of the West Bank
97 On West Bank, No One Rests Easy, No Matter What U.S. Says About Settlements
98 Israel to build 7,000 settlement units in West Bank
99 Trump Administration Says It's Up To Israel To Annex Parts Of West Bank
100 France pushing for tough EU response to any West Bank annexation: diplomats