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1 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-29-2020
2 COVID-19 Data Review 11-28-2020
3 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-24-2020
4 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-26-2020
5 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-23-2020
6 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-22-2020
7 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-19-2020
8 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-9-2020
9 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-13-2020
10 COVID-19 Data Review Panel 11-14-2020
11 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-18-2020
12 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-10-2020
13 COVID-19 Data Review Panel 11-21-2020
14 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-17-2020
15 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-4-2020
16 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-8-2020
17 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-2-2020
18 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-1-2020
19 COVID-19 Data Review Panel 11-7-2020
20 COVID-19 Data Review Panel 10-31-2020
21 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-3-2020
22 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-27-2020
23 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-5-2020
24 COVID-19 Daily Update 11-16-2020
25 FREE COVID-19 Testing Events Added Across the State for Monday
26 W. Va. Dept. of Health and Human Resources offers virtual cannabis industry training course
27 COVID-19 UPDATE: Gov. Justice urges West Virginians to take advantage of abundant free testing opportunities to help slow the spread
28 West Virginia Week in Review
29 Marshall County moves to a “red” advisory on the West Virginia DHHR County Alert System map
30 DHHR: More than 10000 active COVID-19 cases in West Virginia
31 Free COVID-19 testing offered throughout W.Va. following holiday weekend
32 West Virginia DHHR reports 7 new COVID-19 related deaths; nearly 900 new cases found since Tuesday
33 WV DHHR sets up free COVID-19 testing sites after Thanksgiving
34 COVID-19 claims West Virginia high school football championship games
35 Coronavirus deaths reported in Wood, Ritchie counties Sunday
36 WVDHHR COVID-19 update – Nov. 6
37 Harrison County (West Virginia) Schools report 4 new COVID-19 cases among students
38 Wyoming County enters red on West Virginia DHHR County Alert System map
39 Amjad: Surge continues, 866 COVID-19 cases added Friday
40 West Virginia Week in Review
41 West Virginia reports 1 COVID-19 death, but major virus spread with record daily, active cases and hospitalizations
42 West Virginia Dept. of Edu. issues Saturday education map
43 Berkeley and Hardy enter red on West Virginia DHHR County Alert System
44 Low energy assistance program available
45 Harrison-Clarksburg (West Virginia) Health Department alerts residents to increasing COVID-19 cases
46 Free COVID-19 testing sites announced for today by West Virginia DHHR
47 W.Va. adds nearly 800 COVID-19 cases, six deaths Saturday
48 Northern Panhandle Remains 'Orange' on the Daily COVID-19 Map
49 WV DHHR releases holiday guidelines
50 DHHR lays out guidance for holidays as Thanksgiving approaches
51 WV Department of Education releases Nov. 14 Saturday Education Map
52 West Virginia Week in Review
53 COVID-19 UPDATE: Gov. Justice announces color-coded county map system will continue to determine status of athletic competitions
54 Governor Justice announces when COVID-19 vaccine is expected in W.Va.
55 Reports show West Virginia's struggle to meet health needs
56 Mid-Ohio Valley health officials set times for more COVID-19 tests
57 Help for people lonely or depressed during the holidays
58 No new COVID-19 related deaths in W.Va. reported Friday
59 Robin Pollini, Norman Montalto: Charleston is in crisis; the SOAR program will help (Opinion)
60 COVID-19 numbers worsening in Harrison, Barbour, West Virginia; contact tracers, other officials fighting to keep up
61 WV DHHR COVID-19 update
62 West Virginia children spend more time separated from family than any other children
63 Free COVID-19 testing offered in multiple counties Wednesday
64 Active coronavirus cases surpass 5400
65 15 more West Virginians die from Covid-19 as hospitalizations hit record high
66 DHHR: Raleigh has 45 new Covid-19 cases | Health |
67 COVID-19 testing after Thanksgiving
68 Video, updates: Justice plans 11 am briefing
69 W.Va. sees 15 more virus deaths; 3 in Wood, Ritchie counties
70 Ohio County 'orange' on latest COVID-19 map; Marshall County nears 'red'
71 Mason joins Meigs with 'red' designations on respective state maps
72 Projections show West Virginia COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths increasing through December
73 WV DHHR confirms 394 new COVID-19 cases, 3 additional deaths on Wednesday
74 Marshall County Announces 7 New COVID-Related Deaths | News, Sports, Jobs
75 Upshur, Barbour, Lewis and Randolph counties all report new COVID-19 cases Tuesday
76 COVID-19 Daily Update 8-20-2020
77 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-7-2020
78 COVID-19 Data Review Panel 10-17-2020
79 Wheeling-Ohio County Health Dept. Reports 28 New COVID-19 Cases
80 COVID-19 Daily Update 8-19-2020
81 Eastern Panhandle continues addressing rising coronavirus numbers
82 Brooke County joins Marshall County as 'Red' on state's COVID-19 map
83 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-26-2020
84 Brooke County 'Red' on Monday's COVID-19 Map | News, Sports, Jobs
85 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-13-2020
86 State reports six new COVID-19 deaths in Washington County
87 COVID-19 Daily Update 8-30-2020
88 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-8-2020
89 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-25-2020
90 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-6-2020
91 COVID-19 Data Review Panel Examines State's Data
92 West Virginia conducts more than 1 million COVID-19 tests
93 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-18-2020
94 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-12-2020
95 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-29-2020
96 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-7-2020
97 COVID-19 Daily Update 10-27-2020
98 COVID-19 Daily Update 8-18-2020
99 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-5-2020
100 COVID-19 Daily Update 9-9-2020