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1 Wetzel County Hospital becomes full member of the West Virginia University Health System
2 Digital platform can predict symptoms of coronavirus | Community |
3 Researchers eye tech wearables as virus early warning system
4 This is how wearables could catch early coronavirus symptoms
5 AI model detects COVID-19 related symptoms in advance
6 The Oura Ring Could Detect Coronavirus Before You Have Symptoms
7 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute announces capability to predict COVID-19 related symptoms up to three days in advance
8 US Cities with Pro Sports See More Flu Deaths
9 COVID-19: Can Oura Rings That NBA Players May Wear Benefit College Athletes?
10 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and Oura Health unveil study to predict the outbreak of COVID-19 in healthcare professionals
11 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute first in US to use deep brain stimulation to fight opioid addiction
12 Researcher says Oura 'smart ring' can accurately predict COVID-19 symptoms days before you feel sick
13 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute first in the world to open hippocampal blood brain barrier in Alzheimer's patients
14 First Look: West Virginia University's Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute
15 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute makes impact on Alzheimer's treatment
16 LOOK: NBA players can wear Oura ring to track potential COVID-19 symptoms when season resumes in Orlando
17 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute announces it can predict coronavirus symptoms three days in advance
18 Oura Ring: Here’s the Device the NBA is Offering Players to Fight Coronavirus
19 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute first in the state to use deep brain stimulation to treat epilepsy
20 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute opens new Innovation Center
21 WVU is using smart rings, apps and algorithms to identify COVID-19 infections before symptoms occur
22 West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute Pioneers Promising New Alzheimer's Therapy
23 The quest for a COVID-19 digital warning system taps smartwatches, rings and more
24 Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to conduct study using smart rings, to diagnose COVID-19 before symptoms appear
25 NBA offering players ‘smart’ rings that could detect coronavirus symptoms early: Report
26 Scientists say your fitness tracker could help diagnose, predict coronavirus
27 PR agency health podcast brings 'the public back into public health'
28 NBA to Offer 'Smart Ring' to Players as COVID-19 Safeguard
29 Oura CEO Explains Why NBA Bought 2,000 Of Its $300 Smart Rings
30 Historic breakthrough, Part 2: WVU Medicine seeks additional patients for Alzheimer’s trials
31 Apple Watch, Fitbit May Help Spot Emerging Coronavirus Outbreaks
32 Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute helps establish treatment relationship between West Virginia and Ohio
33 Hotline newsletter: Pac-12 should consider following the NBA’s blueprint for containing coronavirus
34 Clay Marsh, Gordon Gee, Jim Justice talk about Marsh's role as COVID-19 czar
35 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute Launches Life-Changing Treatment For Essential Tremors
36 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute now offering new, non-invasive treatment for movement disorders
37 NBA to Use High-Tech Rings to Help Detect COVID-19
38 Uptake of health wearables likely to increase due to Covid-19
39 Doctors At West Virginia University Trying To Change How Addiction Is Treated By Using Deep Brain Stimulation
40 Can your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect coronavirus infection early?
41 West Virginia University selected as first site to launch an innovative clinical trial for Alzheimer's
42 WVU Medicine and Rockefeller family announce new neuroscience institute
43 Covid-detecting 'smart rings' to be trialled by staff at Las Vegas resort
44 The One Thing You're Wearing That Can Tell You If You Have Coronavirus
45 ‘I Can Change What May Be In The Future’: Woman With Alzheimer’s Gives Update 1 Year After Experimental Procedure
46 West Virginia University Health System receives Certificate of Need, signs long-term lease for Wetzel County Hospital
47 West Virginia woman participates in trial therapy for Alzheimer's disease: One year later
48 Wetzel County Hospital to join the West Virginia University Health System
49 Researchers use Oura smart rings to predict onset of COVID-19 symptoms
50 Focused ultrasound may open door to Alzheimer's treatment
51 Wearable tech can spot coronavirus symptoms before you even realize you're sick. Here's how.
52 WVU Medicine uses cellphone-sized device to prevent and treat migraines
53 Magnetic Stimulation Is Helping Treat Addiction
54 Historic breakthrough: WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience team first to use ultrasound to treat Alzheimer's
55 WVU Hospitals receives CON approval for Fairmont operations
56 Fighting the pandemic: The advancing role of technology
57 Researchers say Oura rings can predict COVID-19 symptoms three days early
58 Researchers want to use a smart ring to predict coronavirus symptoms
59 Scientist appointed to lead brain health and performance program at WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute
60 Uniontown Hospital announces intent to join WVU Medicine
61 WVU Medicine to take ownership of Wetzel County Hospital
62 WVU Medicine Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute hopes to move forward on addiction clinical trials this summer
63 WVU Health System, Highland-Clarksburg Hospital enter into management agreement and clinical affiliation agreement
64 Can brain implants fight addiction?
65 First patient receives implant in WVU's deep-brain stimulation trial to cure addiction
66 Put a Ring on It: Digital PPE Pick Up Coronavirus Symptoms
67 Deep brain stimulation is being tested to treat opioid addiction
68 WVU Medicine CEO: state's largest health system continues growth
69 Further testing continues of a WVU Medicine smart ring that can predict COVID-19
70 Breastfeeding may boost babies' brains | Living
71 West Virginia University first site to launch clinical trial utilizing non-opioid micropellet implant for chronic pain
72 WVU performs promising new Alzheimer’s Therapy
73 WVU Medicine expert promotes compassion meditation as a means of easing anxiety stemming from the Coronavirus
74 Heart transplant marks most recent breakthrough for WVU Medicine
75 Weirton Medical Center enters into clinical program collaboration agreement with WVU Medicine
76 Viewpoint: WVU Health raises profile in region
77 WVU Medicine hopes deep brain stimulation will help fight opioid addiction
78 WMC enters collaboration agreement with WVU Medicine
79 Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to hold summit following renovations
80 WVU Medicine sees groundbreaking year across fields of medicine, plans to continue growth and innovation
81 WVU Medicine becomes first in state to use deep brain stimulation device to combat epilepsy
82 Brain Implants to Treat Addiction Are Dangerous and Promising
83 Compassion meditation may ease anxieties related to coronavirus, says WVU meditation expert
84 Ultrasound's Role in Alzheimer's Treatment Research
85 If you believe it, you can achieve it: WVU Medicine shows it can be all things to the people of West Virginia
86 WVU Researchers Working On Treatment To Help Reverse Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease
87 WVU's Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute leads breakthrough on Alzheimer's treatment
88 WVU Medicine now offers advanced treatment options for patients with movement disorders
89 Artificial Intelligence Helps Detect Early COVID-19 Symptoms
90 Exploring Brain in New Way: WVU Researcher Records Neurons to Understand Cognition
91 West Virginia University Researchers Study Effects of New Opioid Law
92 Summersville Regional Medical Center becomes full member of the WVU Health System
93 Could new WVU study lead to Alzheimer's cure?
94 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute continues to expand
95 The Health Plan and West Virginia University Health System to form new, fully integrated healthcare network
96 John Campo, MD, and Rhonda Campo, MBA, join WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute
97 Does opioid legislation help fight the crisis? WVU researchers aim to find out
98 Doctors Are Using Human Brain Implants to Fight Drug Addiction
99 Clinical trials at WVU Medicine help establish new treatment protocols
100 Wheeling Hospital enters into management agreement with the WVU Health System, names new CEO