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1 Winnebago County Health Department expects COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in next few weeks
2 Winnebago County Health Department give stiffer penalties for COVID-19 non-compliance
3 Winnebago County Health Department advises against travel to 11 states
4 Winnebago Co. Health Department states support for RPS 205 remote instruction
5 More local businesses given closure orders by Winnebago County Health Department
6 Winnebago County health experts fear COVID-19 surge tied to holidays
7 Winnebago County restaurants take different paths in pandemic, face same challenges
8 Winnebago County issues disaster declaration in response to skyrocketing COVID-19 infections
9 Winnebago Co. hits 15K COVID-19 cases, adds 5 deaths over weekend
10 COVID-19 vaccine on its way to Winnebago County
11 Winnebago County Board votes to approve ordinance to give health officer enforcement powers to fight spread of COVID-19
12 Winnebago Co. adds 263 COVID-19 cases, positivity rate drops to 18.4%
13 10 local businesses ordered to 'close until further notice' for violating COVID-19 mitigations
14 Winnebago Co. adds 302 COVID-19 cases, 15.7% positivity rate
15 9 of 10 Rockford Bars/Restaurants Ordered To Close Remain Open
16 Winnebago County businesses face growing number of COVID-19 restriction violations
17 Winnebago Co. adds 224 COVID-19 cases, 3 deaths
18 Winnebago Co. hits 14K COVID-19 cases, positivity rate up to 19.1%
19 Rock County reports three more COVID-19 deaths | Covid-19
20 Winnebago Co. hits 13K COVID-19 cases, 201 total deaths, 17.9% positivity rate
21 Winnebago County May Receive COVID Vaccine As Early As Next Week
22 Winnebago Co. adds 228 COVID-19 cases, 2 new deaths, 18.5% positivity rate
23 Winnebago Co. adds 381 COVID-19 cases, 18.9% positivity rate
24 Winnebago Co. adds 132 COVID-19 cases, 3 more deaths
25 Winnebago County will continue their daily COVID-19 reports
26 Winnebago County Announces 7 Deaths And 234 New Cases In Wake Of COVID-19 Spike
27 Winnebago Co. adds 883 COVID-19 cases over weekend, new death
28 Winnebago Co. adds 146 COVID-19 cases, 5 more deaths
29 Illinois reports highest one-day death toll from COVID-19
30 Winnebago County passed a COVID-19 ordinance giving its health officer more enforcement powers. What happens now?
31 Winnebago County hospitals at ‘critical point’ as coronavirus cases surge
32 Winnebago Co. hits 12K COVID-19 cases, positivity rate 15.9%
33 Ten local businesses ordered to close ‘until further notice’ for violating COVID-19 restrictions
34 Then and Now: Rockford health care systems detail COVID-19 progression
35 Winnebago County sheriff's office beats back COVID-19 outbreak
36 Village of Roscoe faces off with two restaurants over coronavirus mitigations
37 WCHD: 18K total COVID-19 cases, county adds 625 over weekend
38 State's Attorney reviews 43 failure to comply notices against local businesses
39 Restaurants in the region close dining rooms to meet Tier 3 COVID-19 restrictions
40 Deadly November draws to a close as Beloit's COVID-19 mortality rate climbs
41 Oshkosh Area School District officials decline request for in-person meeting to address virtual learning concerns
42 Five more COVID-19 deaths reported in Rock County
43 How Oshkosh mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic
44 Winnebago County Health Department allows bars and restaurants to have 25 people inside
45 Over 200 COVID-19 cases reported in Rock County | Covid-19
46 Rockford region requests more hospital beds for COVID-19 surge
47 ‘This isn't a joke’: Rockford health care workers warn about COVID-19
48 Winnebago Co. Health Department announces COVID-19 guideline enforcement plan
49 Winnebago County Sheriff: COVID-19 affecting some inmates
50 Local COVID-19 hospitalizations drop a bit | Covid-19
51 Winnebago County Health Department orders 13 more businesses to close
52 10 Winnebago Co. businesses ordered closed until further notice
53 Local business owners hold onto hope as health officials brace for post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 spike
54 Surging COVID-19 cases put Rockford hospitals at ’critical point’
55 Record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations reported in Rock County
56 Shop With A Hero events look different this year due to COVID-19
57 8 local businesses issued 2nd closure order by Winnebago County Health Department
58 Rockford Education Association responds to comments made by Winnebago County Health Department leaders
59 Over 3000 COVID-19 cases reported in Rock County since Nov. 1
60 Winnebago County Health Department releases Halloween guidelines
61 Winnebago County Health Department calls for self-quarantine of travelers from certain states
62 Rockford teachers say schools are in staffing crisis over COVID-19
63 Winnebago County Health Department announces more COVID-19 testing sites
64 Winnebago County Health Department suggests residents who travel to Wisconsin self quarantine for 14 days
65 The Winnebago County Health Department creates team to tackle COVID-19 in care facilities
66 Winnebago County Health Department announces COVID-19 testing sites
67 Winnebago County health officials: 225 new cases in 3 days as county hits ‘critical warning level’
68 After Months Of Hybrid Learning, A Staff Outbreak And Rising County Numbers Push RPS Remote
69 Winnebago County Health Department releases guidelines for reopening bars, restaurants, churches
70 Winnebago County Health Department announces new antigen test in region
71 Winnebago County Health Department evaluates mitigation strategies, positivity rate reaches 10.5 percent
72 Your Illinois News Radar » Winnebago County Health Department blesses accelerated reopening
73 Winnebago Co. Health Department issues COVID-19 testing protocols
74 Q&A: Director of Winnebago County Health Department on COVID-19, sports
75 Rockford restaurant owners send ‘cease and desist’ letter to Winnebago County Health Department
76 3 Winnebago County businesses flagged for closure for violating COVID-19 executive order
77 2 more establishments issued closure notices in Winnebago County for not following COVID-19 guidelines
78 Confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Guilford High School
79 Winnebago County Health Department pushes community to drive-thru flu clinic
80 Winnebago Co. Health Department: Avoid situations where COVID-19 guidelines are not being followed
81 Five more teachers unions slam the Winnebago County Health Department, Dr. Martell
82 NIC-10 to delay basketball season indefinitely
83 Wisconsin reports record deaths, hospitalizations due to COVID-19
84 Winnebago County Health Department receives missing COVID-19 test results
85 Winnebago Co. Health Department orders The Filling Station to stop indoor dining
86 Boone County health official: 'COVID-19 is everywhere'
87 Combatting violent crime is new State’s Attorney J Hanley’s top priority
88 Winnebago County Health Department: COVID-19 results come back negative
89 Winnebago County updates COVID-19 travel advisory list
90 Rock County reports over 500 new COVID-19 cases over weekend
91 Winnebago County Health Department to provide update on coronavirus
92 Winnebago County Health Department asking residents to sew, collect masks
93 The Winnebago Health Dept. says COVID-19 cases are doubling every 6-7 days
94 Winnebago Co. Health Department to hire 51 people to conduct contact tracing
95 Winnebago Health Department: ‘Schools have to coexist with COVID’
96 South Beloit teachers get $500 payment for extra duties
97 More local teachers unions slam Winnebago County Health Administrator over COVID-19 comments
98 Winnebago County to hire 51 for COVID-19 contact tracing
99 Winnebago County Health Department issues a face covering advisory
100 Health officials project 59,000 people in Winnebago County will get the coronavirus