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1 WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin: The State of Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere Based on Global Observations through 2019 (No. 15 | 23 November 2020)
2 La Niña to bring above average rainfall to SE Asia until 2021: World Meteorological Organization
3 UN: COVID-19 lockdowns slashed pollutants, not CO2 levels
4 Greenhouse gas levels at new high, despite COVID-19 measures
5 Climate Change Tracker: Global emissions rise despite pandemic lockdowns
6 La Niña Weather Expected to Continue into 2021
7 2020 on track to be one of the warmest years on record, despite La Niña
8 Weather forecasts lack data due to COVID-19 | Airlines.
9 The World Meteorological Organization Reports the Consequences of Anthropogenic Climate Change
10 Atmosphere's greenhouse gas concentrations at record high in 2019: WMO
11 Professor Laban Ayieko Ogallo
12 Earth’s average temperature to rise each year for next 5 years, World Meteorological Organization says
13 Talking the Tropics With Mike: Last weekend of the hurricane season!
14 Lessons learned from COVID-19 can help us fight climate change
15 Unprecedented Wildfires Ravage California – The Organization for World Peace
16 Hurricanes Eta and Iota brought disaster to Central America. Officials can’t retire their names.
17 How the hottest, most extreme temperatures in the world are verified
18 After nearly a decade away, La Niña weather system is back…
19 New cyclone forecasts: why impacts should be the focus of hazardous weather warnings
20 World Meteorological Organization warns efforts to curb climate change are falling short | TheHill
21 Talking the Tropics With Mike: Low pressure systems over the open Atlantic
22 World's Annual Temperature Could Hit 2.7-Degree-Rise Threshold Within Next Five Years, WMO Says | The Weather Channel
23 UN Weather Organization: Climate Change May Pose Bigger Danger Than COVID
24 Lorde urges climate action ahead of new book on Antarctica trip
25 World Meteorological Organization: 2010s a decade of ‘exceptional’ heat
26 First female US Treasury secretary, Dow at 30,000 and bad toys
27 Methane Hits Record High in Atmosphere as Fossil Fuel Companies Diverge
28 Coronavirus pandemic threatens climate monitoring, WMO warns
29 The US Likes the UN Again; Warnings to Ethiopia; Biden’s Pick for UN Envoy
30 Daily on Energy: John Kerry’s real role in Biden’s climate plans
31 World Meteorological Organization Predicts "Above Normal" Hurricane Season
32 'Count every drop, every drop counts': UN weather agency calls for better water data on World Meteorological Day
33 World Meteorological Organization will verify if new Antarctic peninsula temperature is a record
34 UN Report Warns Climate Change Could Boost Demand for Humanitarian Aid
35 Virus has big impact on aircraft observing system: WMO
36 This Week In IFLScience! – November 22-28
37 How Do You Name A Hurricane?
38 South West Indian Ocean Countries Strengthen Early Warning Systems
39 Exceptional Siberian heat fueling Arctic fires: WMO
40 WMO: COVID-19 impacts global observing system
41 Extreme weather 'record' likely in Arctic Circle, says UN weather agency WMO
42 Climate Change Reaches New Heights: WMO
44 UN verifies lowest temperature in northern hemisphere
45 WMO Updates Guidelines on Multi-Hazard Impact-Based Forecast and Warning Services
46 La Nina Seen Continuing Into 2021, Affecting Temperature, Weather Patterns
47 World Meteorological Organization warns of weather anomalies in summer 2020
48 2019 was second-hottest year ever, more extreme weather ahead: WMO
49 Talking the Tropics With Mike: Two areas to track over the Atlantic Basin
50 WMO Reports on 2019's High-Impact Climate Events | News
51 Antarctic ozone hole one of largest, say scientists
52 Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Atmosphere Hit Record High, World Meteorological Organization Says
53 Two UT Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows for Eco-Friendly Research
54 8 Croatian Photos in Calendar of 70 from World Meteorological Organisation
55 WMO is concerned about impact of COVID-19 on observing system [EN/AR/RU]
56 World Meteorological Organization confirms world’s longest lightning strike
57 Coronavirus: The Hill and the Headlines, November 23 2020
58 2 lightning 'megaflashes' broke previous records for distance and time, World Meteorological Organization says
59 Atlantic tropical storm season just hit a record, but did you know how hurricanes are named?
60 World Meteorological Organization appreciates India's highly-accurate cyclone forecasting system
61 We Need to Fight Climate Change Like The Coronavirus Pandemic, Warns UN
62 Carbon dioxide levels hit new record despite COVID-19 lockdowns
63 Crop Certification: Going green unlocks global markets for farmers
64 Coronavirus may impact weather forecasts as aircraft measurements have 'plummeted' due to pandemic
65 UN: Ozone depletion briefly spiked over Arctic in March
66 Coronavirus Pandemic To Bring Carbon Emissions Down By 6%, Biggest Drop Since WW II!
67 So 2020: New Storm Forms, Named Alpha Because We've Run Out Of Letters
68 Climate crisis continues unabated: United in science, but are we united in action?
69 WMO greatly saddened by tragic loss of Konrad Steffen
70 United In Science 2020 Report: Climate Change Has Not Stopped For COVID19
71 'Moderate to strong' La Niña weather event develops in the Pacific
72 Climate change: Record northern heat, fuels concerns over US wildfire destruction
73 The 2019 WMO State of the Global Climate Report: Key Takeaways from the Worrying Report
74 United in Science report: Climate change has not stopped for COVID19
75 Why 2019's Hurricane Dorian Wasn't Retired by the World Meteorological Organization | The Weather Channel
76 WMO and IATA agree to improve aircraft meteorological reporting
77 Australian Bushfire Smoke Drifts to South America
78 Biden's trans-Atlantic truce?
79 La Niña warning: Above normal rain, 4 more cyclones till May 2021
80 Earth is set for a hot Spring with 'above-average' temperatures due to climate change
81 US should follow EU and China in setting carbon-neutral target: UN's WMO
82 The Latest: Singer Bad Bunny tests positive for COVID-19
83 World Meteorological Organization releases new global warming report
84 Without action, WMO chief sees temperatures rising 3-5C this century
85 German Foreign Minister visits WMO
86 La Nina event 60pc likely, says World Meteorological Organisation
87 Why isn’t there a 'Q' hurricane name?
88 UN Weather Agency to Investigate Reported Record Arctic Heat
89 What's The WMO And Why Does The U.S. National Weather Service Director Want To Lead It?
90 Switzerland announces funding for WMO humanitarian support mechanism
91 GHG Concentrations Hit Record Highs Despite COVID-19, Leading Science Organizations Warn | News
92 Columbia Basin Herald
93 Global Seasonal Climate Update provides guidance on temperatures, rainfall
94 How COVID-19 Interferes With Weather Forecasts and Climate Research
95 WMO urges drastic action as global average temperature set to rise again
96 Temperature records tumble in world's searing heat
97 WMO updating guidelines on impact-based forecasting, incorporating humanitarian input
98 UN agency laments summer's 'deep wound' to Earth's ice cover
99 Climate chief: How coronavirus shows us we can beat global warming
100 Meteorologists seek to confirm hottest Death Valley temperature in 107 years