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Result Content Idea Research
1 Turning back the Poverty Clock: How will COVID-19 impact the world’s poorest people?
2 The impact of COVID-19 on global extreme poverty
3 How FDA's pause on Johnson & Johnson may affect global rollout
4 Nigeria's has the highest rate of extreme poverty globally — Quartz Africa
5 China Growth Numbers Betray Waning Momentum
6 Global poverty reduction has slowed down—again
7 India is no longer home to the largest number of poor people in the world. Nigeria is.
8 Why we can still end poverty, even after coronavirus made it worse
9 What the World Poverty Clock is Telling Us
10 'Poverty clock' ticks with real-time data
11 The start of a new poverty narrative
12 Ghana As African Twitter Headquarters
13 Massive Government, Miserable Populace
14 Asia’s data frontier—Modeling poverty from space
15 Nigeria: Minimum Wage Mirage
16 Brazil digging graves around the clock as it faces possible worst month yet of COVID crisis
17 Nigeria overtakes India in extreme poverty ranking
18 Rethinking global poverty reduction in 2019
19 FACT CHECK: Does Nigeria have more people living in extreme poverty than India and China combined?
20 United States, China agree to work together to combat climate change
21 The Covid effect: Poverty headcount to rise the most in India. 10 million to be affected
22 US national security adviser warns about consequences if Navalny dies in prison
23 Indian sailors are being caught in a piracy boom off West Africa. One captain held hostage shares his story | NewsChannel 3-12
24 UNECA Clock Tracks Country Progress on Extreme Poverty | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
25 COVID-19 Ticks the Poverty Clock Backwards
26 Coronavirus could turn back the clock 30 years on global poverty
27 Unemployment time bomb
28 Tracking global poverty on a daily basis | D+C
29 More than half of the world’s poor are children
30 Argentina receives AstraZeneca jabs amid anti-lockdown protests
31 Opinion | India is making dramatic strides in addressing extreme poverty
32 Nigerians living in extreme poverty now 105 million
33 How close are we to eradicating extreme poverty?
34 To move the needle on ending extreme poverty, focus on rural areas
35 Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. Many countries may not hit that target this year.
36 Nigeria's inflation rate spikes to 18.17 percent, highest in 4 years
37 World Poverty Clock: 8 Percent of the World’s Population is Still Extremely Poor
38 Medical access is a human right, not a luxury. Here's how HumWell is taking care of that
39 How to volunteer and donate in New Jersey during the coronavirus outbreak (04/18/21)
40 Pandemic added to the woes of the poor, dragged middle class into poverty
41 Many lives were changed by India's lockdown a year ago
42 Year in Review: 2018 in 14 Charts
43 Women surviving by driving in Lagos chaotic transport sector
44 Poverty in Africa is now falling—but not fast enough
45 UN Seeks Investors for Projects to Meet 2030 Sustainable Goals
46 Now Is Our Last Best Chance To Confront The Climate Crisis
47 World poverty clock – pointers for India
48 Stepping virtually from poverty
49 At 60th commemoration, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) launches Africa Poverty Clock to monitor progress against extreme poverty
50 Nigeria: Pandemic to poverty in the post-COVID future
51 The decade of the very poor and the super rich
52 Nigeria set to take extreme-poverty crown in 2018
53 94m Nigerians currently live below poverty line —World Poverty Clock
54 A Male Baboon's Dominance Gives Him Babies, but Costs Him Years
55 Rosendale and Other Officials hold 'Where Are the Jobs' Forum
56 Change and revolutions
57 Viper Networks Signs $150 Million JV Agreement with BIET Group to Launch Renewable Energy Power Generation Projects Using an Innovative Hybrid PV-Thermal Technology
58 Letters to the Editor
59 Nigeria celebrates its democracy but millions remain in poverty
60 Diagnosis of new TB cases in the Americas reduced by 15-20% during 2020 due to the pandemic
61 The Most Valuable Tool for Ending Poverty? Data.
62 Nigeria to become the extreme poverty capital of the world by 2018
63 91 million Nigerians now live in extreme poverty – World Poverty Clock
64 Are 90 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty? | International Centre for Investigative Reporting
65 Why Nigeria can't fix its development agenda: and where the solutions lie
66 Lebanon schools to reopen in cooperation with the Red Cross
67 91.8 Million Nigerians Are Extremely Poor, Says World Poverty Clock
68 Google, 23 others urge round-the-clock clean energy for federal facilities
69 World Bank's measure of poverty is flawed
70 ECA launches Africa Poverty Clock to monitor extreme poverty
71 A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier
73 Alice Neel’s Communism Is Essential to Her Art. You Can See It in the ‘Battlefield’ of Her Paintings, and Her Ruthless Portrait of Her Son
74 India not home to largest number of people in extreme poverty now: Study
75 Are we on track to end global hunger?
76 The role and impact of institutions curse in perpetuating the resource curse
77 'Bolsonaro's politics of hate wants to destroy all that Marielle represents'
78 Two counties still stuck in California's strict purple tier
79 For the First Time Ever, the World Is Mostly Middle Class and Largely Old
80 Biden moves to undo Trump legacy on fair housing
81 Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy
82 Nigerian Authorities to Alleviate Millions From Extreme Poverty
83 Number of poor Nigerians rises to 91 million —World Poverty Clock
84 How cinema and pop culture have made the poor invisible and irrelevant
85 Myanmar's Young Demand Their Future by Achim Steiner
86 Nigeria turns 60: Hope despite anger over corruption, poverty
87 Tech Support: Best software for tax prep
88 #EndSars shows that Muhammadu Buhari is the biggest threat to Nigeria’s democracy
89 A better anti-poverty plan for India
90 Poverty reduction may stall
91 FG: Report on Nigeria’s Poverty Rating Not Based on Recent Survey
92 With 82.9 Million Nigerians Living in Extreme Poverty, Here are 5 Ways Nigeria Could Turn Things Around
93 Nigeria's poverty crisis is worsening, Oxfam, World Bank data — Quartz Africa
94 Massive Reduction in Global Poverty Might Be the Most Important Development in the World
95 Number of poor people in Nigeria to increase by 20 million in next 2 years
96 Nigeria ends 2018 with 90.8 million people living in extreme poverty
97 Dozens of fighters killed in battles near Yemeni city of Marib
98 Daniel Kaluuya on Judas and the Black Messiah: 'I was lost in Chairman Fred and how powerfully he lived' | Channel
99 Scary New Levels Unlocked In Nigeria's Infamous "Sachet Economy"
100 How COVID-19 Is Hitting Employment in Nigeria — and Pushing People Into Poverty