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1 New Yahoo News/YouGov July 4 poll: A staggering 62 percent of Americans no longer see America as Ronald Reagan's 'shining city on a hill'
2 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows profound disagreements between younger and older Americans on racial issues, police
3 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds support for Black Lives Matter has doubled among Americans
4 New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: Two-thirds of Americans say masks should be mandatory, siding with Biden over Trump
5 Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Majority of Americans now support NFL players' right to protest
6 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Support for Black Lives Matter doubles as most Americans reject Trump's protest response
7 Yahoo News/YouGov Poll: The greatest president in America
8 More support for redirecting police funds to community resources than defunding police
9 Biden’s Polling Lead Is Big — And Steady
10 Poll finds most Americans OK with players kneeling
11 Yahoo News/YouGov: When America believes the country will be ready to reopen
12 Yahoo News/YouGov: Most Americans heard a lot about President Trump last week, but not Joe Biden
13 New Yahoo News/YouGov Poll: Most Americans say Trump is a ‘racist’ and want him to stop tweeting
14 Joe Biden VP pick: Here’s who voters want as Biden’s running mate, according to polls
15 Yahoo News/YouGov: America wants impeachment witnesses
16 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows coronavirus conspiracy theories spreading on the right may hamper vaccine efforts
17 Donald Trump would 'absolutely' support Colin Kaepernick's NFL return
18 New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: Almost 1 in 5 say they won't get vaccinated
19 The YouGov share price has recently soared 90%, is this quality growth stock a bargain buy?
20 The difference between what Republicans and Democrats believe to be true about COVID-19
21 Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Most Americans say race was a 'major factor' in George Floyd's death, but opinions on protests are split
22 Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Sanders's strength going head-to-head with rivals
23 New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: Most Americans deny Trump’s response is a ‘success story’
24 New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll shows Americans turning against Trump
25 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Sanders's strength going head-to-head with rivals
26 Court lifts restriction on Mary Trump's tell-all book
27 New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: 59 percent of Americans say Trump's Easter timeline is 'too soon' to restart economy
28 Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Trump voters more likely than Clinton voters to 'cheat' on social distancing
29 Yahoo News/YouGov: Families in lower income brackets hit the hardest by COVID-19
30 Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Two-thirds of voters want Senate to call new impeachment witnesses
31 Yahoo News/YouGov: Biden leads Sanders ahead of Michigan primary
32 Polls show strong support for the protests — and also for how police handled them
33 'Majority no longer regard US as shining city on the hill'
34 Yahoo News/YouGov: Most Americans are worried about COVID-19—but not Republicans
35 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows GOP largely dismisses threat of coronavirus
36 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows coronavirus hitting the working class much harder than the wealthy
37 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Trump voters worry less about coronavirus — and take fewer precautions — than Clinton voters
38 New Yahoo News/YouGov Poll: Trump’s Easter timeline ‘too soon’
39 Yahoo News/YouGov: Americans believe Trump is less effective than Obama on Iran
40 Trump's tax returns may be shielded during 2020 election — will voters care?
41 The Anthem Debate Is Back. But Now It’s Standing That’s Polarizing.
42 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Americans view Obama as 'more effective' than Trump on Iran
43 Yougov share price hits a one-year high
44 In new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, most voters think Trump committed abuses; split on impeachment
45 Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows two-thirds of voters want the Senate to call new impeachment witnesses
46 Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Americans view Obama as 'more effective' than Trump on Iran
47 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows voters believe Bolton over Trump — and they want Bolton to testify
48 In new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, most voters agree with Trump's impeachment — but support for his removal falls just short of 50%
49 Who will get a COVID-19 vaccine when it arrives
50 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that Democrats have so far failed to seal the deal on impeachment
51 Defund the police? Stop abusing the language
52 Column: Defund police? Let's start with reform
53 How black Americans really feel about the police, explained
54 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Who is strongest against Trump? Must-win states and swing voters show Biden holds edge over Sanders
55 Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows women, black voters support impeachment
56 Yahoo News/YouGov poll: against Trump, Biden does better than Sanders in battleground states and with swing voters
57 For some Americans, July 4 is a time not to celebrate, but reflect
58 Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows where key voting blocs stand on Trump impeachment, removal
59 More registered voters have seen Bloomberg advertisements than Trump advertisements
60 Quarantine rules for people entering UK to be relaxed
61 Our Superpower
62 Americans more certain of how the impeachment inquiry will end for President Trump
63 Newsy/YouGov Poll Finds Strong Support For Protests
64 A Progressive Perspective: 2020 is the New 1968
65 Coronavirus: The 17 major developments that happened on Tuesday
66 Lauren Boebert and other QAnon supporters are winning congressional primaries
67 The most notorious anti-vax groups use Facebook to lay the groundwork against the novel coronavirus vaccine
68 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Mixed views on Biden’s sexual assault allegation response
69 Toss-up states trust Joe Biden and governors more than President Trump on COVID-19
70 Trump Is Foolish to Pick a Fight Over the Confederate Flag
71 Third of Britons say they may not take coronavirus vaccine as anti-vax misinformation spreads online
72 'It is different': Tide is turning when it comes to national anthem protests
73 New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows mixed reactions to Biden's handling of Tara Reade assault claim
74 On coronavirus social distancing, Americans not so divided
75 'Consensus' that Notre-Dame spire should be rebuilt in original form
76 Opinion: NFL's gestures in confronting racism are meaningless so long as Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned
77 Hearing What Black Voices Really Say About Police
78 Education gaps and partisan splits evident on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached
79 ‘They Want To Put Chips Inside Us’: Kanye West Cites Debunked Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories
80 In lockdown with a conspiracy theorist
81 Virus reaches into the lives of Congress
82 New polls show trouble for Trump and Republicans in GOP strongholds
83 Coronavirus may give Trump a long-sought chance to privatize the Postal Service
84 Joe Biden holds the largest lead over President Donald Trump in battleground states
85 Fauci impresses Republicans and Democrats
86 Coronavirus: New York reports 779 deaths — most in one day
87 GOP wins closely watched Texas special election
88 Pelosi: Trump coronavirus missteps 'caused unnecessary death and economic disaster'
89 Joe Biden wins Michigan, further knocking Bernie Sanders off course
90 Gen. Mattis says he’s 'angry and appalled' at Trump's response to protests
91 Biden wins Virginia, North Carolina, continuing streak of wins in South
92 Biden wins Massachusetts primary in Super Tuesday upset
93 'No way I was staying home': Trump's response leads more protesters to White House
94 With Climate Change Intensifying, Can At-Risk Minority Communities Rely on the Police to Keep Them Safe?
95 Storms rage across South, killing dozens
96 Democrats' strategy to stop Sanders could be fatally flawed
97 Americans Are Largely Unimpressed With Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Pandemic
98 Do Americans Even Need A Second Stimulus Check?
99 Are lockdowns unconstitutional? Most Americans say no
100 Polls bring good news to Bernie Sanders in 2 key states