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1 Video: Dr. Theresa Tam says individual actions key to suppressing COVID-19 again
2 Canada is not in a second wave, but coronavirus cases increasing sharply: Tam
3 Video: Dr. Theresa Tam says government seeking rapid testing methods for COVID-19
4 Video: Dr. Theresa Tam says sticking to COVID-19 rules key to keeping schools safe
5 Canada could avoid full lockdown in fall by targeting outbreaks and not taking 'our foot off the pedal': Tam
6 Canada's top doctor: 'consider using a mask' during sexual activity
7 COVID-19 cases in schools 'inevitable,' says Dr. Tam
8 Rising coronavirus case counts a cause for concern, Tam says
9 Today’s coronavirus news: Theresa Tam says rise in Canadian cases ‘a concern’; Quebec police intervene in two bars
10 Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet tests positive for COVID-19
11 COVID Alert app not a flop: Top doc Theresa Tam
12 Health officials looking into whether airport COVID-19 tests can replace quarantine measures
13 More needs to be done to convince reluctant Canadians to get COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Tam says
14 Canadians' confidence in vaccines a key priority heading into fall: Tam
15 Canada's top doc: Wear mask while having sex, avoid kissing
16 COVID-19 Statement from Dr. Theresa Tam
17 Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on August 27, 2020
18 Discussion on decriminalizing drugs should be considered in wake of opioid deaths: Tam
19 Tam urges Canadians to follow health advice to avoid fall lockdowns
20 Canada-US border closure extended again
21 Opinion: Anti-maskers think Dr. Henry 'isn't an expert.' It's ridiculous
22 Dr. Theresa Tam issued warning in wake of 30 percent increase in new COVID cases this week
23 Major Canadian province clamps down on parties to fight coronavirus spread
24 Outcry as super-rich Trump donor given permission to avoid Canada quarantine
25 Coronavirus: Tam says young people comprise a 'majority' of new cases | Watch News Videos Online
26 Coronavirus live updates: As case mount, Quebec targets bars and restaurants
27 Coronavirus: Dr. Tam stresses quarantine period is 14 days as Bloc MPs, leader in isolation after staffer tests positive
28 BALDREY: COVID-19 is not going away any time soon
29 Health Canada aims to speed COVID-19 vaccine approvals: Tam
30 Billionaire critic of COVID-19 restrictions says Ottawa let her skip 14-day quarantine
31 Border agency made a mistake in issuing U.S. billionaire a quarantine exemption: Blair
32 Young Canadians have curtailed vaping during pandemic, survey finds
33 New serological study will analyze samples from pregnant women to track COVID-19 trends
34 75% of Canadians approve of another coronavirus shutdown if second wave hits: Ipsos
35 Canada adds 267 coronavirus cases on Sunday
36 Canada’s top doctor ‘optimistic’ after Canada-China vaccine partnership collapses
37 Federal health officials examining idea of testing arriving travellers at airports for COVID-19
38 B.C. authorizes nurses to prescribe safe alternatives to toxic street drugs
39 Pandemic protocol puts lid on potential pillow talk
40 Here's how people get exempted from quarantine rules in Canada
41 Public health agency president steps down amid rising COVID-19 rates: 'None of us are superhuman'
42 Opioid epidemic: The other public health crisis killing Canadians
43 COVID-19 Immunity Task Force launches serological study using antenatal samples
44 Directive for prosecutors to apply leniency for some drug-possession cases gets nod from Canada's top doc
45 Students anxious for more time as federal loan repayment freeze...
46 WHO warns of 'alarming' transmission across Europe – as it happened
47 Friday was Canada's first day with an unchanged COVID-19 death toll since March
48 Dr. Tam gives COVID-19 update
49 Canada-U.S. border closure will likely be extended until November: sources
50 Stop kissing and wear a mask during sex to prevent COVID-19, says Tam
51 'Stark differences': how Derek Sloan's words could test Erin O'Toole's leadership skills
52 Coronavirus: Canada's top doctor comments on Quebec's decision to reduce isolation period to 10 days | Watch News Videos Online
53 SELICK: Here's Why I Wouldn't Take the Vaccine, Dr. Tam
54 Tam on stricter COVID-19 rules
55 COMMENTARY: Theresa Tam’s critics are wrong on coronavirus border closures
56 Video: Dr. Theresa Tam expresses confidence in Health Canada's approval process for COVID-19 vaccine
57 COVID-19 health measures exacerbated opioid crisis: Canada's top doctor
58 B.C. school trustee apologizes for transgender coronavirus conspiracy theory attacking Theresa Tam
59 The fall will be a 'period of challenge' in coronavirus fight, Canada's top doctor says
60 Canada's top doctor has many fans — but she's also facing a backlash
61 'Was it perfect? No': Theresa Tam discusses Canada's early pandemic response
62 'Don't date if you're sick': Canada's top doctor gives Canadians 'the talk'
63 Ventilator supply starts to increase as Dr. Theresa Tam warns of possible surge of COVID-19
64 Video: Dr. Theresa Tam says New Brunswick shows importance of caution, flexibility in reopening
65 Why Theresa Tam changed her stance on masks
66 What do some Chinese Canadians have against top doctor Theresa Tam?
67 Physical distancing, mask-wearing could be in place for 2-3 years even with vaccine, Tam warns
68 B.C. school trustee blasted for transgender coronavirus conspiracy theory attacking Dr. Theresa Tam
69 David Staples: Dr. Theresa Tam should answer questions about COVID-19 failures or resign
70 Canadians should wear masks as an 'added layer of protection,' says Tam
71 Derek Sloan rejects call to apologize for his attack on Theresa Tam, insisting he didn't question her loyalty
72 Canada's top doctor says non-medical masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19
73 Theresa Tam says reason for 'cautious optimism' as epidemic growth rate slows
74 Tam warns of 'explosive' second COVID-19 wave if reopening mishandled
75 Dr. Theresa Tam: is she a runner?
76 Trudeau, ministers back Dr. Tam and Health Canada after Jason Kenney attacks pandemic response
77 Theresa Tam says vaccine research requires global effort
78 Top doctor expresses concern over Canadians’ mental health amid coronavirus
79 Canada's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says government needs to 'act now' to contain coronavirus epidemic
80 Dr. Tam says 'extreme caution' needed in discussions of reopening the economy
81 Dr. Theresa Tam foresaw her job would mean ‘harnessing the efforts of the many’
82 Tam says feds, experts discussing COVID-19 vaccine orders amid concerns of delay
83 LILLEY: Dr. Theresa Tam owes MPs answers to tough questions
84 A single case could spark a new COVID-19 outbreak, Tam warns
85 WARMINGTON: Tam talked of tracking, bracelets in 2010 epidemic film
86 The Rebel to Rabble Review: Rebel takes aim at Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam
87 New Brunswick setback shows caution needed when reopening, Tam says
88 Chief public health officer warns of pandemic 'fatigue' as COVID cases surge among young people
89 Canada's top doctor warns against relying on herd immunity to reopen economy
90 COVID-19 transmission 'largely under control' but relapses possible: Dr. Tam
91 LILLEY UNLEASHED: Dr. Theresa Tam needs to be fired
92 Does Theresa Tam ever get a day off?
93 Corbella: Kenney's criticism of Dr. Tam is well deserved
94 Chilliwack school trustee issues public apology for Facebook post criticizing Dr. Theresa Tam
95 Craig Kielburger: It’s time to meet Dr. Theresa Tam
96 Conservative MP’s ugly smear against Theresa Tam comes from an infection in Canadian politics
97 Wear masks if you want — but keep up the hand-washing and physical distancing, say Tam and Hajdu
98 Opinion | COVID-19 versus Canada's Dr. Theresa Tam, party politics and the science
99 Canada's Top Doctor Is Taking A Much-Needed Break From Work
100 Dr. Tam says Canadians 'must stay the course'