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1 Preview: Conquer the Outdoors in Open Country this Summer
2 Review: Base One is a Compelling but Flawed Space Station Builder
3 Review: Deiland: Pocket Planet is Tedious and Poorly Paced
4 Preview: Mind Scanners is an Intriguing Retro Style Dystopian Nightmare
5 Preview: Compelling Hand Drawn Out of Line Is Delightfully Surreal
6 Review: A Young Black Man's Life on Trial in Overly Polished but Moving Monster
7 Review: Skate City Fails to Impress
8 Review: At a Marathon Three Hours, the Latest Adaptation of Berlin Alexanderplatz Is More Exhausting than Exhaustive
9 Third Coast Review Curates Entertainment Options In Chicago This Weekend
10 Review: Buildings Have Feelings Too! Is Charming, Not Fun
11 Your #StaytheFHome Curated Weekend: 5/6 and Beyond
12 Review: A Gorgeous Cast Isn't Enough to Keep Underwhelming Crime Drama Above Suspicion Interesting
13 Review: Hitchhiker Is an Evocative, Mysterious Journey
14 Review: A Family Drama with Flashes of Magic, The Water Man Marks David Oyelowo's Directorial Debut
15 GALLERY: Garfield Park's Saturation Is a Colorful Stunner
16 Review: Steer Clear of Drive Buy
17 Review: Classic Indie Darling Fez Is Great on Nintendo Switch
18 Review: Tools Up! Garden Party DLC Is About Lawn Care and Dodging Pesky Raccoons
19 Review: Guy Ritchie's Wrath of Man Delivers Brutal, Explosive Action with Mainstay Jason Statham in the Driver's Seat
20 Review: Ashwalkers Is a Bleak Walk with Hard Choices
21 Review: A Crowded, Muddled Separation Frustratingly Buries its Potential for Scares
22 Review: Legend of Keepers Doesn't Stand Out
23 Feature: Chicago Embraces a Major Talent: Clarice Assad
24 It Takes Two Is a Fantastic Adventure for Couples
25 Review: Boss Rush Godstrike Delivers Twin Stick Action
26 Review: Clever Arena Shooter Quantum League Incorporates Unique Time Loops
27 Preview: First Class Trouble Is a Familiar Concept, but It's a Whole Lot of Fun
28 Movie Review: At A Marathon Three Hours, 'Berlin Alexanderplatz' Is More Exhausting Than Exhaustive
29 Dialogs: Louis Menand Commingles Art, Ideas and the Cold War in CHF Discussion
30 Review: Voodoo Noir Shadow Man: Remastered Is a Nostalgia Trip
31 Interview: Getting Back to the Thrills (Safely) at Six Flags Great America
32 Split Single Returns and Announces New Album Amplificado
33 Review: A Star-Crossed Romance Nearly Becomes Something to Fall for in The Violent Heart
34 Report: The Work of Chicago Artist Theaster Gates on Exhibit in New York Gallery
35 Review: Uneven Sci-Fi Thriller Synchronic Earns Points for Originality
36 Interview: Third Coast Review Writer Patrick T. Reardon Keeps Us in the Loop with New Book
37 Review: Festive Musical Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Packs in the Holiday Cheer
38 Review: A Modern Western, Cowboys Puts Family Dynamics to the Test
39 Dispatch: A Saturday Filled with Films at Day 3 of Sundance Film Festival
40 Review: The Brutality and Vulnerability of Conscripted Service in 1980s-Set Moffie
41 The Foons' New Single “Shapes” Delivers Gripping Synth Heavy Sounds
42 Review: A Cliché-Ridden Chemical Hearts Can't Capture the Magic of Young Love
43 Review: Mank Delves into the Process, Memories and Later Years of a Classic Hollywood Screenwriter
44 Review: Video Game Documentary Insert Coin Is a Fun Look at an Interesting Time in the Industry
45 Third Coast Review Ranks Best Documentary Films Of 2020
46 Mosquito Coast review: Apple TV+ drama slows to a satisfying simmer
47 Interview: Luke Ray Debuts EP, "Thank You, Anyone"
48 Review: Featuring Shimmering Performances, Love Endures in Tender Supernova
49 Review: Off-Beat, Dry Comedy The Planters Marks Filmmaking Duo as Ones to Watch
50 Review: Third Installment of Skylines Gets Throwback Alien Action Just Right
51 Review: A Long-Ago Blaze That Echoes the Pandemic, Chicago's Great Fire, by Carl Smith
52 Review: Pixar Brings Characteristic Wit, Wisdom to Warmhearted, Tender Soul
53 Review: A Suffocating, Chaotic, Awkward and Hilarious Shiva Baby Marks a New Filmmaker's Impressive Debut
54 Review: Humanity Takes Center Stage in British Spy Drama The Courier
55 ‘The Mosquito Coast’ Review: Justin Theroux Is in Total Command of Apple’s Ragged Crime Drama
56 Review: Another Round Deftly Explores the Fine, Slightly Drunk Line Between Youth and Aging, Meaning and Irrelevance
57 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: Altbier
58 Review:Bugsnax Is a Heartfelt, Fun, and Tasty Treat
59 Review: Only Margot Robbie Completists Need Invest in Forgettable Depression-Era Dreamland
60 Review: Vengeance Is Fast and Brutal in Bloodroots
61 Review: The Loop: The 'L' Tracks That Shaped and Saved Chicago, by Patrick T. Reardon
62 Review: Ella Fitzgerald's Perfect Voice in the Spotlight in Just One of Those Things
63 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: California Common
64 Review: Tohu's Weird Whimsical World Is a Mysterious Delight
65 Preview: Per Aspera Aims to Put Players Among the Stars
66 Review: A Good—Not Great—Horror Debut in Effectively Scary Come Play
67 Comic-Con@Home Comes to Chicago (And Everywhere Else) Starting Today!
68 Winter Museum Update March 2021
69 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: Kölsch
70 Review: The Vigil Features a Night of Scares During a Sacred Ritual
71 Review:Narita Boy Places Style Over Substance and Nails It
72 Review: The Red Lantern Shines
73 About Us
74 Review: The Very Near Future—Midwest Futures, by Phil Christman
75 Noteworthy Art Books of 2020 for Adults and Kids
76 Review: Cedille Records Continues Excellence With New Releases
77 Review: Encodya Squanders its Gorgeous Setting
78 Review: The Devil All the Time Sees Deeply Southern Storylines Converge in Bursts of Brutality
79 Review: As President in Suzerain You Make the Tough Choices
80 Review: Despite a Promising Start, Murder Mystery The Silencing Fizzles Out
81 Review: Dirt 5--Way Beyond Rally
82 Third Coast Streamer Spotlight: Spark Tabor
83 Preview: Cartel Tycoon: Get a Taste of the High Life by Mastering the Drug Trade
84 Thanksgiving: Will You Be Serving the Traditional Turkey Dinner This Year?
85 Review: Amnesia: Rebirth Delivers Spectacular Horror
86 Review: Wind Peaks Is a Competent, Campy Hidden Object Romp
87 Review: A Film About Assisted Suicide, Exit Plan Is Surprisingly Uplifting
88 Review: Tenderfoot Tactics Features Unique Art, Great Tactical Gameplay
89 Preview: Despite Initial Reviews Torchlight III is Not That Bad
90 Review: A Sense of Place and History in Deeply Affecting Luxor
91 Review: Worthy Feminism but Barely a Revolution in Predictable Misbehaviour
92 Review: A Worthy Chronicle of Female Spies in WWII, A Call to Spy Tries to Do Too Much
93 Preview: Hauma Is a Stylish Noir With Serious Potential
94 Review: Olija Is Uniquely Beautiful, Mechanically Engaging
95 Review: Waking is a Nightmare
96 [PRESS RELEASE] 43 Chicago-area media host joint fundraiser May 12-June 11
97 Cyberattack Shuts Down U.S. Pipeline That Transports 45 Percent of East Coast Fuel
98 Third Coast Streaming Spotlight: Super GG Radio
99 Review: Neo Noir Chicken Police Is a Delight
100 Review: The Survivalists Throws Monkeys into the Survival Mix