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1 Review: Amy Poehler's Moxie Makes Memorable Feminists, Revolutionaries of its Teenage Cast
2 Review: Maquette's Puzzles Are Hit and Miss, but It Nails Its Romantic Indie Film Vibe
3 Review: Anodyne 2 is a Uniquely Enjoyable Mixed Bag
4 Review: Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon Is a Magical, Thrilling Fable Bursting with Impressive Visuals
5 Preview: Glass Cannon Twin Stick Roguelike Revita Enters Early Access Today
6 Winter Museum Update March 2021
7 Review: Storytelling Becomes a Riveting, Visceral Affair in Captivating Night of the Kings
8 Review: Tom Holland Faces PTSD, Addiction and More in Cherry, a Film With More Story than Character
9 Preview: There's a Reason Valheim Is a Phenomenon
10 Review: The Vigil Features a Night of Scares During a Sacred Ritual
11 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: California Common
12 Review: The Battle of Polytopia Is a Fun Micro 4X, Now With a New Tribe
13 Review: An American Icon's Tragic Story Gets Lost in Confused, Messy The United States v. Billie Holiday
14 Review: Judas and the Black Messiah Is an Inspiring, Infuriating Chronicle of Activism and Betrayal
15 Review: Music of the Baroque Offered Four Grand Concertos for Double Trouble
16 Review: In a Promising Debut Feature, Test Pattern Chronicles the Search for Care After Sexual Assault
17 Review: Astrologaster's Shakespearean Pop-Up Book Story Pushes The Medium Forward
18 Review: Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is Meaty Monster Truck Mayhem
19 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: Zwickelbier
20 Review:Nuts: A Surveillance Mystery Suffers From Pacing Issues but Is Otherwise Successful on Switch
21 Dialogs: Bill Gates Brings Tech-Infused Optimism to Climate Change in CHF Panel
22 Previews: Chicago Theaters Schedule New Works and Classics for Streamed Performances
23 Review: Julie Delpy Shines as a Filmmaker and Star of My Zoe, a Bold Film that Poses Intriguing Moral Questions
24 Review: Favorite Pocket Color Game SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium Now on Switch
25 Review: The Room 4: Old Sins Pairs Unrivaled Gameplay with Gorgeous Graphics
26 Review: Caught in a Time Loop, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Asks Us to Appreciate the Little Moments
27 Video Game Review: 'Monster Jam Steel Titans 2' Is Meaty Monster Truck Mayhem
28 Third Coast Review Ranks Best Documentary Films Of 2020
29 Review: An Aging Rocker Recounts His Heavy-Drinking, Hard-Partying Days in Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan
30 Review: A Good—Not Great—Horror Debut in Effectively Scary Come Play
31 Review: A Cliché-Ridden Chemical Hearts Can't Capture the Magic of Young Love
32 Review: Strobophagia Lacks Substance
33 Review: Festive Musical Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Packs in the Holiday Cheer
34 Review: Off-Beat, Dry Comedy The Planters Marks Filmmaking Duo as Ones to Watch
35 Dispatch: Films to Make Time For (at Home, at the Drive-In) in Chicago International Film Festival's First Weekend
36 Review: Ike Holter's 'I Hate It Here' Is A Cathartic, Kinetic And Emotionally Gripping Audio Play
37 Review: Ella Fitzgerald's Perfect Voice in the Spotlight in Just One of Those Things
38 Review: Deepa Mehta Brings Her Eye for Lush Production and Political Statements to Funny Boy
39 Review: Ryan Murphy's Film Version of The Prom Is All Sequins and No Real Heart
40 Interview: Third Coast Review Writer Patrick T. Reardon Keeps Us in the Loop with New Book
41 Review: Pixar Brings Characteristic Wit, Wisdom to Warmhearted, Tender Soul
42 Review: Mank Delves into the Process, Memories and Later Years of a Classic Hollywood Screenwriter
43 Review: Third Installment of Skylines Gets Throwback Alien Action Just Right
44 Review: Video Game Documentary Insert Coin Is a Fun Look at an Interesting Time in the Industry
45 Review: In The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a Boring Small Town, a Sheriff with Anger Management Issues and a Gem of a Movie
46 Review: The Devil All the Time Sees Deeply Southern Storylines Converge in Bursts of Brutality
47 Joins Chicago's Independent Media in Launching Support Campaign | Third Coast Review
48 Review:Bugsnax Is a Heartfelt, Fun, and Tasty Treat
49 Review: The Loop: The 'L' Tracks That Shaped and Saved Chicago, by Patrick T. Reardon
50 Review: A Sharp Sci-Fi Premise Meets Brutal, Gruesome Thrills in Possessor
51 Review: A Worthy Chronicle of Female Spies in WWII, A Call to Spy Tries to Do Too Much
52 Third Coast Streamer Spotlight: Spark Tabor
53 Preview: Per Aspera Aims to Put Players Among the Stars
54 Gold Coast Transit District, CA -- Moody's announces completion of a periodic review of ratings of Gold Coast Transit District, CA
55 Review: As President in Suzerain You Make the Tough Choices
56 Review: Encodya Squanders its Gorgeous Setting
57 Noteworthy Art Books of 2020 for Adults and Kids
58 Review: Eternal Hope's Emotional Tale and Enigmatic World Aim High
59 Review: Worthy Feminism but Barely a Revolution in Predictable Misbehaviour
60 Review: Red Penguins Revisits Post-Cold War US-Russian Relations on Ice
61 Review: The Very Near Future—Midwest Futures, by Phil Christman
62 Review: The Red Lantern Shines
63 Beauty, Horror, and Waraq Dawali: Sahar Mustafah Reinvents the American Dream, Chicago-style, in Debut The Beauty of Your Face
64 Book Review: Relentless, Raw Outrage, Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore
65 Review: Understanding the Woman Who Tries To Understand Murderers in Alex Gibney's Crazy, Not Insane
66 Comic-Con@Home Comes to Chicago (And Everywhere Else) Starting Today!
67 Review: Lucky Grandma is a Heist Film with Heart
68 Review: Third Coast Percussion Premiers Two New Works
69 The Complete (Chicago) Beer Course: Schwarzbier
70 Review: Uneven Sci-Fi Thriller Synchronic Earns Points for Originality
71 Review: Cedille Records Continues Excellence With New Releases
72 Review: Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods Is a Movie for This Moment
73 Preview: Despite Initial Reviews Torchlight III is Not That Bad
74 Review: Pete Davidson Does the Work to Grow Up in The King of Staten Island
75 Interview: Pigeon English: A Talk with Author Kathleen Rooney
76 Essay: Revisiting Stoppard's Magnificent The Coast of Utopia on Its 14th Anniversary
77 Review: Pixar's Latest, Onward Finds Adventure, Humor and Heart in a Fantasy World
78 Review: Prequel Dungeon Crawler Vaporum: Lockdown Is a Solid Follow-Up
79 Review: Waking is a Nightmare
80 Review: Gorgeous Star Renegades Is a Dimension-Hopping Rogue-Lite
81 Review: Tom Hanks Brings Authenticity to World War II Drama Greyhound
82 Review: Ghost of Tsushima Delivers on a Samurai Game in a Gorgeous Setting
83 2020 In Review: Our Favorite Video Games of 2020
84 Review: Capone Chronicles the Final Messy Year of Chicago's Most Infamous Gangster
85 Interview: Actor Mark Rylance on Portraying a Legal Legend, Aaron Sorkin's "Impeccable" Vision and Eddie Redmayne as the Tom Hanks of The Trial of the Chicago 7
86 Review: Point and Click Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure Comes to Switch
87 Review: A Thriller About Cybercrime and Impersonation, Browse Lacks a Sense of Identity
88 About Us
89 Review: Trap Door Crafts Alas, a Stunningly Theatrical Video Montage
90 Review: Suzi Q Is the Little Known, Fascinating Story of '70s Rocker Suzi Quatro
91 Review: Dirt 5--Way Beyond Rally
92 Review: Falcon Age Is Clunky Inside and Outside of VR
93 Review: Endings, Beginnings Wraps Predictable, Frustrating Drama in Poor Decisions
94 Review: 9 Monkeys of Shaolin Is Brawler Bliss
95 Review: The Survivalists Throws Monkeys into the Survival Mix
96 What's Cooking at Third Coast? Tabbouleh, Because It's Tomato Time
97 Review: A Harmless Comic Harnessed for Harassment—and the Fight to Save it—in Feels Good Man
98 Review: Othercide is a Brutally Difficult Post-Apocalyptic Horror Tactics Game
99 Socially Distanced Chicago Christmas Gift Guide 2020
100 Review: Hotshot Racing Is a Fun Throwback to Arcade Racing