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1 This Historic Colt 1911 Pistol Carried at Iwo Jima Is About to Go Up for Auction
2 Colt 1911 pistol carried by Marine on Iwo Jima going up for auction
3 The Chicago Typewriter Wasn't a Typewriter | by Antony Terence | History of Yesterday | Aug, 2020
4 March 29, 1911, The US Army Adopts the M1911 Pistol
5 Colt is offering vintage 'Black Army' M1911 pistols to a handful of lucky buyers
6 High Standard: Gone But Not Forgotten
7 Ceska Zbrojovka CZ 75
8 America's Top General In Afghanistan Packs An Old School 1911 Pistol
9 Own a piece of military history: M1911s available for purchase
10 How to get your hands on a historic M1911 pistol from the US Army stockpile
11 M1911 pistol is exclusively for high speeds
12 The American pistol that's served the US military in battle for more than 100 years
13 1911 Pistol: The History Behind One of Today's Most Popular Handgun
14 Delta Force General prefer 1911 instead of Glock as his sidearm
15 Why the M1911 Pistol Is Over 100-Years Old and People Still Love Them
16 Savage Model 1907: The Gun That Could Have Replaced the Army's 1911 9mm
17 Milestone's Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction nears $1M; rare Colt guns sell above estimate
18 Video—First Look: Colt 1911 Classic Pistol
19 NRA Gun of the Week: Tisas 1911A1 US Army
20 This Old Gun: Remington Rand M1911A1
21 This Gun Is Over 100 Years Old (And Keeps Getting Better and Better)
22 Getting Up Close with some Rarely Seen Military M1911s
23 Lost Treasure: Magic, Mystery and a Colt 1911
24 Want a genuine US military surplus 1911? Here's (finally) how you can get one
25 Morphy's to unleash 2100 high-powered lots during Aug. 11-13 Field & Range Firearms Auction
26 Shootout: The Glock 17 Handgun Takes On Colt's M1911A1 (Who Wins?)
27 Historic Precursors To The 1911 | RECOIL
28 Springfield Armory’s 1911 Vickers Tactical Handgun: Just Another 1911 Pistol?
29 Why Colt Might Just Be the Best Gun Maker Of All-Time
30 History Of The First Semi-Automatic Pistols
31 CZ-Colt Z40
32 Perfectly Balanced: The Reason Why the Glock 21 Is a Classic Firearm
33 History of the 1917 Revolver and .45 Auto Rim
34 You can now score your very own version of the US military's compact new M18 pistol
35 Forget Glock: This 100 Year Old Gun Somehow Keeps Getting Better
36 Savage Arms – This Gun Maker Made Some Serious History
37 This is as close as you can get to a Delta Force-spec 1911
38 1911: A Delta Force workhorse
39 Smith & Wesson's Rebooted the 100-Year Old 1911 Semi-Automatic (It's Amazing)
40 This is how Beretta ended up as the US military's sidearm for three decades
41 Former Delta Force operator: Why the 1911 is still my favorite sidearm
42 1911 Pistols For Every Budget
43 Escape From Tarkov Brings Surprise Additions Inspired by World War 2
44 Cleaning the 1911: Tips for the Care & Feeding of John Browning's Icon
45 When the Singer Sewing Machine Company Built the Best .45 Pistol Ever Made
46 Great Looking US Made GI 45: Auto-Ordnance M1911A1
47 Colt is back (sort of) — This time with an updated version of the US military M4 rifle
48 5 Great 1911s Seen at SHOT Show 2020
49 These rare 1911 pistols literally came from outer space
50 The Air Force Is Getting a Replacement for Its Cold War-Era Pistols
51 The history and function of one of world's greatest pistols: the 1911
52 Meet the 5 Best .45 Caliber and 9mm Handguns On the Planet
53 These Are the Top 1911 9mm Guns You Could Ever Want
54 Check Out the 100-Year Old Gun That Keeps Beating Glock
55 Jeff Cooper: The Man Behind the 'Modern Technique'
56 Colt to halt production of AR-15 for civilian market
57 Ruby Pistol — .32 ACP WWI Semiautomatic
58 An Old Friend: My 1911
59 These historical sidearms of the US military perfectly show its evolution
60 The Doughboy's M1911 Pistol in World War I
61 Here’s How You Can Snag One Of The Army’s Surplus M1911 Pistols
62 Colt Model 1911 collection on display at Billings Gun Show this weekend
63 Last Of The Breed: Marine Corps M45A1
64 This pilot shot down an enemy fighter with his 1911
65 Civilian Marksmanship Program Reveals Plan For Sale Of Surplus M1911 Pistols
66 This Old Gun: Colt Official Police Revolver
67 The Colt .38 Commando Revolver Has A Long History (It Helped Win World War II)
68 New for 2020: Nighthawk Custom Colt Series 70 1911
69 Peer into the History of the 1911 Pistol at the NRA National Firearms Museum
70 It turns out the demand for surplus Army 1911 handguns outstrips supply (by a lot)
71 Building a custom 1911 with Caspian, KKM, Cammer, Wilson and Brownells
72 Review: Taurus 1911 Commander
73 Review: Colt Gold Cup Trophy 9mm
74 Escape from Tarkov adds PPSh and Colt 1911 to celebrate end of WW2
75 Cottonwood police: Bust involves 5 pounds of fentanyl, worth $600K
76 Solid Tools: The Les Baer Gunsite & Black Baer 1911s
77 John Wayne's Revolvers And An Arsenal Of Historic Firearms Are Up For Auction
78 Glock 21 Gun: The Weapon Every Military Would Love to Have?
79 New bill allows civilians to buy old WWII-era U.S. Army handguns
80 The Civilian Marksmanship Program Is One Step Closer To Selling Colt 1911s
81 The 240-Year Evolution of the Army Sidearm
82 6 Affordable 1911s Under $500
83 Producing A Prop Gun That Actually Ejects Cases
84 This Day in History: Browning Improves the 1911
85 Civilians can buy historic M1911 pistol from US Army
86 Review: Nighthawk Custom DTS (Drop-In Trigger System)
87 New for 2020: Nighthawk Custom Colt Series 70
88 Used 1911 Handguns For Sale
89 Handguns from Outer Space: Rare Pistols Made from Meteorite Are Headed for Auction
90 UK police to auction bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worth over $600K
91 Loading the venerable .38 Special wadcutter
92 Prove Me Wrong: Why the M1911 Gun Might Be the Best Ever to Fire a Shot
93 10 American Gun Companies Proving the U.S. Makes the Best Firearms
94 ARTV Preview: SIG Sauer P Series Pistols; Colt King Cobra Target; Colt U.S. M1917 Revolver
95 The 5 most beloved sidearms in U.S. military history
96 I Carry: Colt Combat Unit CCO in a Galco Ironhide Holster
97 Uberti Wild Bill 1851 Navy Conversion Revolver Review
98 Behold: The Five Greatest Firearms Innovators of the 20th Century
99 The List: Here are the weapons identified as prohibited in Canada
100 An Original Colt 1911: A hundred years old and still living up to the hype