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1 Russian Spy Unit Paid Taliban to Attack Americans, U.S. Intelligence Says
2 Bounties or not, Russia has worked to expand its clout in Afghanistan as the U.S. eyes an exit
3 Generation Jihad Ep. 15 – Don't Call It Nation-Building
4 US Used Missile With Long Blades to Kill Qaeda Leader in Syria
5 Thomas Joscelyn
6 Turkey Convicts 4 Human Rights Activists on Terror Charges
7 Generation Jihad Ep. 17 – The CIA in Libya
8 Pentagon says ‘no corroborating’ evidence to stand up NYT report on Russian bounties
9 The Deadly Combination of Coronavirus and Terrorism
10 Our Best Stuff From the Week We Started Going Back Uphill
11 Taliban falsely claims al Qaeda doesn't exist in Afghanistan
12 US reportedly targets 2 senior al Qaeda figures in airstrike in Syria
13 US says ‘there must be justice’ for murdered Daniel Pearl as Pakistan considers releasing kidnapper
14 Violating Doha deal with US, Taliban maintains close links with Al-Qaeda
15 What the New York Times Never Told Readers About Sirajuddin Haqqani
16 Testimony: The Trump Administration's Afghanistan Policy | FDD's Long War Journal
17 Islamic State claims two recent attacks in Kabul | FDD's Long War Journal
18 U.S. Intelligence Undercuts Trump's Case on Iran-al Qaeda Links
19 Analysis: Taliban leader declares victory after US agrees to withdrawal deal
20 Taliban 'reluctant to publicly break with al Qaeda,' Inspector General reports
21 U.S. Operation Kills Qasim al-Raymi, Leader of al Qaeda in Yemen
22 AQAP claims "full responsibility" for shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola
23 Al-Qaeda lauds Taliban's great 'victory' over America and allies
24 Taliban has kept close ties with al Qaeda despite promises to Trump admin, U.N. report says
25 The Naval Air Station Pensacola Shooter Shows That Al-Qaeda Is Still a Significant Threat
26 Generation Jihad: Ep. 3 – AQAP Names A New Emir | FDD's Long War Journal
27 Analysis: Islamic State claims Al Qaeda started a war in West Africa
28 Pushed to the Brink Again, Islamic State’s Afghan Affiliate Claims Deadly Attacks
29 A Bad Taliban Deal
30 How China's Repressive Policies Could Fuel the Jihad
31 Understanding China's Latest Move Against Hong Kong
32 The Trump Administration Seeks a Balance With New China Strategy
33 Pensacola shooter had 'significant ties' to AQAP, FBI finds | FDD's Long War Journal
34 Trump’s Bad Deal with the Taliban
35 Analysis: The Islamic State's ideological campaign against al-Qaeda
36 Germany Disrupts ISIS Plot Targeting US Military
37 Henry Kissinger's Illusory World Order
38 Son of Qaeda Founder Is Dead
39 After ISIS leader’s death, who is the world’s most wanted terrorist?
40 Generation Jihad Ep. 7 – Jihad in the Time of Coronavirus | FDD's Long War Journal
41 Who Was The Iraqi Commander Also Killed In The Baghdad Drone Strike?
42 UN finds 'disturbing increase in violence' following US-Taliban deal
43 Why China Sunk a Vietnamese Fishing Boat During the COVID-19 Pandemic
44 Canadian aid to Syria stolen by Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group, documents show
45 Islamic State claims assault on Sikh temple in Afghan capital | FDD's Long War Journal
46 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed himself during raid, US says | FDD's Long War Journal
47 Islamic State's Rivalry with al-Qaeda Runs Deep
48 Analysis: Taliban continues to lie about presence of foreign fighters in Afghanistan
49 Pompeo is Trump attack dog on China, COVID-19 | TheHill
50 State Department Report Highlights World's Deadliest Weapons
51 Northern Michigan University announces Dean's List for Winter 2020 semester
52 US unseals indictment against American serving as top Shabaab figure
53 US suffers casualties during Shabaab raid on Kenyan airfield
54 Joe Biden's Super Tuesday sweep changes the Jewish 2020 campaign
55 Analysis: Islamic State claims attack in London by al Qaeda-inspired terrorist
56 Deadly raid in Kenya carried out under 'direction' of al-Qaeda leadership, Shabaab says
57 AQIM emir reportedly killed by French forces in Mali
58 Pakistani Taliban says leading ideologue and comrade killed in clash
59 An Afghan wedding attack adds a tragic twist to peace talks
60 U.S. Fights an Islamic State Rise in Afghanistan
61 The Week That Will Be
62 Islamic State confirms Baghdadi's death, names new 'Emir of the Faithful'
63 What you won't learn from the NYT op-ed by the Taliban's deputy leader
64 Missionary pilot dies carrying COVID-19 supplies
65 China's Policies of Repression May Be Fueling Jihadism
66 Al Qaeda growing stronger under Taliban's umbrella, UN finds
67 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi praises the Islamic State's global operations
68 U.S. Military Calls ISIS in Afghanistan a Threat to the West. Intelligence Officials Disagree.
69 Trump Meets With Advisers to Consider Deal With Taliban
70 Key questions concerning Hamza bin Laden's life remain unanswered
71 Are We Losing Afghanistan Again?
72 Mike Pompeo: Secretary of Hypocrisy
73 White Supremacist Threat Has 'Striking Resemblance' to Jihadism, Experts Tell Congress
74 Opinion | Trump now faces Obama’s dilemma in Afghanistan
75 What Exactly Is in the Details of the Taliban Truce?
76 Analysis: Jihadists in Syria react to Sochi agreement
77 Former Egyptian officer turned al Qaeda loyalist reportedly captured in Libya
78 Pompeo Echoes Obama-Era Line on al-Qaeda and Afghanistan Amid Uncertainty
79 US offers $1 million reward for information on Hamza bin Laden
80 Analysis: The costs of withdrawal from Afghanistan
81 Fox News Dredges Up 8 Year Old Story to Say Osama Bin Laden Wanted Obama Dead So Biden Would be President
82 Trump Chatted With Taliban Leaders on Secret US Kill-or-Capture List
83 In video message, Al Qaeda chief threatens India over Kashmir
84 Airstrike targeted Al Qaeda leadership in Syria, US military says
85 US designates ISIS-supporting brothers based in Turkey
86 Ayman al-Zawahiri defends 9/11 hijackings in anniversary address
87 Mullah Omar's Death Is a Big Blow to al Qaeda—and a Win for ISIS
88 Analysis: Victory over Islamic State may be short-lived
89 Analysis: US military ends reporting on security situation in Afghanistan's districts
90 New head of al Qaeda group in Kashmir calls for independent jihadist council
91 Taliban continues to host foreign terrorist groups, despite assurances to the contrary
92 Pakistani Court's Decision to Release Convicted Murderer of Daniel Pearl Meets With Fury Around World
93 Analysis: CIA releases massive trove of Osama bin Laden's files
94 US military targets al Qaeda operatives in Syria
95 Hamza bin Laden, Osama's son & heir, dead: US officials
96 Senior al Qaeda strategist part of so-called 'Khorasan group'
97 Libya's Terrorist Descent: Causes and Solutions
98 Islamic State wages desert-based insurgency in Iraq and Syria
99 Senior AQAP leader added to US terror list by State Department
100 Taliban calls for attacks to disrupt Afghan elections | FDD's Long War Journal