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Result Content Idea Research
1 Capital in the Twenty-First Century review – Piketty in a pop culture package
2 Arthur Goldhammer on the art of translation
3 Book review: 'Having and Being Had' an 'enthralling' look at capitalism
4 The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That's Made the U.S. Less Secure
5 Thomas Piketty Turns Marx on His Head
6 Piketty Says Wealth Tax Can Help Reduce Debt and Inequality
7 Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital and Ideology’: scholarship without solutions
8 Thomas Piketty's New Book Is About a Lot More Than Capitalism
9 Thomas Piketty on going from data-crunching to documentary
10 Review: A writer reflects on contradictions of capitalism
11 Thomas Piketty: why we need a radical new wealth tax
12 Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty review — Karl Marx for our century
13 Thomas Piketty on Inequality, Trump, Wealth Redistribution
14 Post-pandemic economic overhaul will take more than tweaks
15 India has to come to terms with inequality: Thomas Piketty
16 Now’s the time to spread the wealth, says Thomas Piketty
17 Film reviews: Miss Juneteenth; Monsoon; 23 Walks; Little Girl; Capital in the 21st Century; Schemers
18 Thomas Piketty's Capital and Ideology offers a stark choice for humanity
19 Film Adaptation 'Capital In The Twenty-First Century' Is An Autopsy Of A Broken System
20 ‘Capital and Ideology’ review: Inequality and redistribution
21 Leonid Bershidsky: Wealth taxes don't reduce inequality
22 The Hindu In Focus Podcast | Economist Thomas Piketty on nationalism, and the inequality in India
23 Thomas Piketty and the roots of global inequality
24 Piketty's Latest Charge by Willem H. Buiter
25 Thomas Piketty’s latest book ‘Capital and Ideology’ making waves worldwide
26 ‘Capital and Ideology’ review: Plotting the trajectory of inequality
27 Thomas Piketty on How a Crisis Can Redefine the Economy
28 Thomas Piketty, the Economist Behind ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ Is the Latest Overnight Intellectual Sensation
29 India needs basic income scheme to make coronavirus lockdown work: French economist
30 Economists Care Too Much About Inequality
31 COVID-19 Exposes World's 'Virulent Inequality,' Famed Economist Thomas Piketty Says
32 Thomas Piketty takes aim at wealth inequality
33 Wealth tax of 90pc? Thomas Piketty’s second coming gets its timing all wrong
34 The Discrete Ideology of Thomas Piketty: Successes and Failures of 'Capital and Ideology'
35 Paschal Donohoe on Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Ideology: Weighed down by detail
36 Thomas Piketty Is Back With a 1200-Page Guide to Abolishing Billionaires
37 Angrynomics: charting a new course to redress imbalance between capital and labour
38 Thomas Piketty’s Last Book Made Inequality a Major Issue. His New One Is a 1,200-Page Guide to Abolishing Billionaires
39 Influential Thomas Piketty is back
40 The 'Brahmin left' vs the 'Merchant right': A comment on Thomas Piketty's new book
41 Thomas Piketty: 'Inequality and the rise of Trump and Brexit are closely related' | Business Post
42 Coronavirus pandemic reinforces an economist’s warnings about inequality from the United States to Italy to West Africa
43 Socialism or Feudalism
44 Bernie Sanders may be just what U.S. capitalism needs, says top economist: Don Pittis
45 Review: ‘The Economics of Inequality,’ by Thomas Piketty
46 Breakingviews
47 Property Damage
48 Humans are not resources. Coronavirus shows why we must democratise work
49 Exclusive: Thomas Piketty discusses his new book, Capital and Ideology, with Forbes India
50 Piketty jumps the shark with new book, attempts to set out a manifesto for modern Left
51 Why Thomas Piketty Thinks We Should Not Naturalize Inequality
52 Wealth Taxes Don’t Reduce Inequality
53 Is Piketty's 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' really the most unread bestseller?
54 Ratios, Not People: The Wrong Approach to Inequality
55 Everything You Need to Know About Thomas Piketty vs. The Financial Times
56 Understanding Thomas Piketty and His Critics
57 Book of the Week: economic salvation is at hand, possibly
58 France Tried Soaking the Rich. It Didn’t Go Well.
59 Anyone Who Doesn’t Know The Following Facts About Capitalism Should Learn Them
60 Exploring Wealth Inequality
61 Thomas Piketty and His Critics
62 Tax elite to reduce inequality: Thomas Piketty
63 "Capital in the Twenty-First Century": an economics lecture that's actually fun
64 Lunch with the FT: Thomas Piketty
65 ‘Capitalism, Alone’ Review: Inclined Toward Inequality
66 Summer books of 2020: Economics
67 Thomas Piketty Has a Point About India's Inequality
68 Thomas Piketty to India’s Elite: ‘Learn From History’
69 ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’, by Thomas Piketty
70 Did Thomas Piketty Get His Math Wrong?
71 Letter: It is time for Brussels to launch a eurobond
72 Thomas Piketty Says Labor’s Share of Income Is Declining, But Is It?
73 ‘Capital’ doc paints grim portrait of global economy
74 Celebrity economists on the same page over tax justice
75 Why Thomas Piketty is wrong about inequality in India
76 ‘No Empirical Evidence’ for Thomas Piketty’s Inequality Theory, IMF Economist Argues
77 Fellow Economists Express Skepticism About Thomas Piketty
78 If Most Of The Rich Are Newly Rich Then Thomas Piketty Is Wrong, Isn't He?
79 The Liberal Economists Behind the Wealth Tax Debate
80 Thomas Piketty can spare us the lecture: Australia a land of opportunity
81 Thomas Piketty is a rock-star economist – can he re-write the American dream?
82 Have Economists Actually Read Thomas Piketty? They Say They Have
83 French economist Thomas Piketty lectures on income, education inequality
84 Opinion | Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart
85 The Best Books to Read this March
86 Q&A: Thomas Piketty on the Wealth Divide
87 What Thomas Piketty Got Wrong
88 President Obama finally has his Piketty moment
89 Thomas Piketty: We don't know enough about inequality
90 13 New Books to Watch For in March
91 Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital’ wins Business Book of the Year
92 Capital in the 21st Century: Kiwi-created Thomas Piketty doco a thing well made
93 "Having and Being Had," Eula Biss' scathing essays on money
94 A Bigger Economic Pie, but a Smaller Slice for Half of the U.S.
95 US election may turn on voters’ view of inequality
96 Thomas Piketty Gets The Numbers Wrong
97 For Two Economists, the Buffett Rule Is Just a Start
98 Why Is It So Hard for Democracy to Deal With Inequality?
99 The Billionaires Are Getting Nervous
100 Nine New Findings About Inequality in the United States