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1 Planet's life-support systems need care to avert 'the next Wuhan'
2 Football in hijab: Thai Muslim lesbians tackle stereotypes
3 Family farmers struggle to keep up with fast-warming world
4 Black Friday: How can the ad industry help tackle climate change?
5 EU criticised for funding surveillance abroad with aid money
6 Up to 100 of Johnson's lawmakers are unhappy with COVID ...
7 Pandemic, funding gaps seen fueling gender-based violence in Yemen
8 U.S. lands lost in severe wildfires rising over decades
9 INTERVIEW-Amazon ancestral land not up for sale, says 'Green...
10 Low-income parents lonelier in pandemic, says British royal Kate
11 New York City public schools will begin to reopen with ...
12 UK to rule on trans clinic giving teens puberty-blocking drugs
13 The real Queen's Gambit: A female chess champion in a man's world
14 Taiwan's Indigenous Tao way of life under threat on Orchid Island
15 Costa Rica eyes billions in savings with net-zero emissions
16 "Something to be Proud of": UK Graphic Novel Highlights Homeless
17 Trash for cash: South Africans fight hunger with digital currency
18 Elton John calls for wider HIV testing to end new cases in England
19 Are there greener alternatives to medical gloves?
20 Lesflicks, the lesbian streaming service thriving under lockdown
21 Scarce pastures put Kashmir nomads' migration in peril
22 Afghans fleeing upsurge in violence face cold welcome in Kabul
23 Kenyan farmers, young guides enlisted to protect city forests
24 Brazil to face major security threats as climate impacts surge, military experts warn
25 Indian teen's solar iron smooths a pressing problem: forest loss
26 Pandemic fills ranks of extreme poverty worldwide
27 UK companies seen missing sustainability targets due to COVID-19
28 Global views of women leaders lagging as Harris makes history
29 Face for sale: Leaks and lawsuits blight Russia facial recognition
30 India's Dalit women raped to keep them 'in their place'
31 'Algorithms of oppression': Big tech urged to combat inequality
32 Public banks urged to fund fairly, as climate batters poor farmers
33 Botswana sets up gender violence courts to tackle pandemic backlog
34 Inclusive economies editor (1 year FTC) | Media jobs
35 Sweden's nursing home COVID failures haunt relatives left ...
36 Ethiopian girls in sex trade as COVID-19 deepens desperation
37 'No democracy without women': Priced out of politics in El Salvador
38 'Aragorn' actor Viggo Mortensen defends decision to play gay role
39 Thailand Allows Thousands of Migrants to Extend Work Permits
40 Norway outlaws hate speech against trans people
41 Which COVID-19 Vaccine Could Reach Developing Countries First?
42 OPINION: We cannot let COVID-19 undo gains in fight to end child labor
43 India sex workers dealt blow by watchdog U-turn on labour rights
44 Biden urged to protect US digital rights
45 UK to big brands: do more to avoid forced labour in Xinjiang
46 "Even survival is difficult": Afghans fleeing upsurge in violence face cold welcome in Kabul
47 Beer maker backs India solar desalination plant to boost water, jobs for women
48 Can solar fridges help deliver a COVID-19 vaccine to Africans?
49 U.S. food banks short of holiday volunteers due to coronavirus
50 Gambian film to feature women raped under ex-President Jammeh
51 How will five mega-trends affecting forests impact on communities?
52 In a first, Bangladesh seeks Interpol's help to arrest trafficking kingpins
53 Fears Asia-Pacific trade deal could spark conflicts, hurt farmers
54 Jewellery brands urged to do more to fight gold, diamond mining abuses
55 UK's Climate Leadership Weakened by Aid Cuts Ahead of COP26
56 Swiss firms avoid liability for rights, environmental abuse abroad
57 How accepting are people of female leaders?
58 Somalia: 'I'm Looking for God to Help'
59 Biden win seen as green light for women's reproductive rights
60 Gritty Lebanese film challenges marital rape impunity in Arab world
61 Black Friday 99%-off sale sparks fears over garment workers' pay in UK
62 UN says global goals to protect nature need women to succeed
63 Africa: Family Farmers Struggle to Keep Up With Fast-Warming World
64 Community oven serves up meals, and dignity, in blast-hit Beirut
65 Use COVID-19 to build back better, cities told
66 Not personal enough: Why climate change is not yet a top priority
67 Top brands compensate garment workers in Thailand after wages expose
68 FACTBOX-New Zealand parties clash over COVID-19, economy, ...
69 World leaders warn coronavirus could roll back progress for women
70 US author Naomi Wolf condemns UK's 'moral panic' on trans issues
71 Women must be kept safe online to meet global goals, says activist
72 Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich top list of world's smartest cities
73 Japan Airlines ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings
74 Beyond COVID-19, Africa needs integrated approach to development
75 Taking on the Traffickers
76 EU tech ban seen putting children worldwide at risk of online sex abuse
77 Carter Quinley, The Freedom Story, via Thomson Reuters Foundation
78 Author Archives: Christine Murray, Thomson Reuters Foundation
79 'Astro-stays' bring tourists and solar power to Himalayan villages
80 'Energy cafes' help Londoners cut bills and care for climate
81 NZ leader Ardern urged to apply crisis skills to climate change
82 'I feel I belong': India's first trans-run dairy farm brings jobs and respect
83 Wildlife populations in free fall as forests cut to grow food
84 Global investors warn Indonesia jobs bill puts forests at risk
85 Clock ticks on greener homes as UK seeks jobs and emissions cuts
86 Somali women demand 30% of parliamentary seats in 2021 election
87 Egypt jails five women influencers over TikTok posts
88 Africa: Jewellery Brands Urged to Do More to Fight Gold, Diamond Mining Abuses
89 Global HIV response found to neglect gay and bisexual men, trans women
90 Rugby saves school girls from child marriage in rural Zimbabwe
91 Look beyond forests for cost-effective nature restoration: study
92 OPINION: Why consumers' data is more compromised than they think
93 Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger in poorest economies
94 Pandemic threatens world's biggest jobs programme in rural India
95 In Zimbabwe, app matches farmers with vacant land
96 Heatwave Harry? As temps soar, naming the threat may save lives
97 Afghan women demand right to be named on children's documents
98 Can global brands avoid 'greenwash' with new forest-saving plan?
99 India's new transgender council gets to work tackling stigma
100 Portuguese youth sue European states over climate change threat