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1 China Has a Huge Replica of Paris – Can You Spot the Difference?
2 These photographs capture a little slice of Paris in Chinese surburbia
3 Pictures of Paris Replica in China
4 A photographer's side-by-side pictures compare China's fake Paris to the real one
5 Tianducheng – Hangzhou, China
6 Duplitecture: why does China keep building fake European cities?
7 Paris or China: Can you tell real thing from replica?
8 Chinese town built to look just like Paris
9 You Won't Believe How Much This Chinese City Looks Like Paris
10 Banning knockoff buildings might bring a renaissance in Chinese architecture
11 China's 'Fake' Cities Are Eerie Replicas of Paris, London and Jackson Hole, Wyoming
12 China's growth breathes new life into old ghost towns
13 China’s obsession with copying French landmarks captured by photographer – who compares them to real ones in P
14 10 places in Asia that look exactly like Europe and beyond
15 See the most famous French architecture replicated in China
16 "Paris Syndrome": Inside Tianducheng, China's fake Paris-themed neighborhood
17 4 replies on “China Imposes Ban on “Copycat” Architecture”
18 How fake Paris in China captured imagination of French photographer
19 China Is Banning Copycat Architecture
20 Inside China's Incredible 'Fake Cities'
21 Architecture was built on copies – China wants it built on nationalism
22 Side-By-Side Photos of Paris and Its Chinese Knockoff
23 Eiffel Tower to Versailles: There is Paris in China and everything is eerily similar
24 As we celebrate its 130th birthday, we look at the copycats inspired by the Eiffel Tower
25 Eiffel Tower Replicas Located Outside of Paris
26 Largest abandoned cities around the world
27 Discovering 'duplitecture': China's fascination with imitating tourist destinations
28 As Cuba gets its own Eiffel Tower, here are 10 more replicas from around the world
29 Want to sell property in China? Put Paris or Venice in the name
30 In Pictures: See how China has created impressive replica's of world famous monuments
31 Video: Inside a Chinese, Parisian Ghost Town
32 We'll always have Paris? Farmers reclaim deserted Chinese replica of the city of love
33 ICYMI, There's an Entire Fake Paris (Eiffel Tower and All) in China
34 China's Replica of Paris Is Now an Eerily Depressing Ghost Town
35 No taller than 500M, no plagiarism: China signals 'new era' for architecture
36 China's extreme "duplitecture" photographed next to its Paris equivalent
37 There's A Chinese City Designed Exactly Like Paris...
38 ‘Gosh:’ Ghost City in China Spooks Viewers of Jamie xx Music Video
39 Paris in Macau and a mini London in Shanghai
40 Welcome to Paris, China
41 China's Largest Base Has Replicas Of Taiwan's Presidential Building, Eiffel Tower
42 Chinese town creates vegetable garden below Eiffel Tower replica
43 We’ll Always Have Sky City
44 China desperately needs low-income migrant workers to buy homes and save the economy
45 Inside the extraordinary deserted replica of Paris in China
46 Romain Gavras breaks down his astounding Jamie xx video
47 Weird or wonderful? Quirky holiday experiences in Asia
48 30 Stunning Abandoned Towns Around the World
49 Can you spot the difference between ‘fake’ Eiffel Tower and the real one?
50 Developers In China Combat Real Estate Oversupply With Wacky Deals And Deep Discounts
51 Disappointing photos show what can happen to billion-dollar mega-developments
52 China's top mayors locked in bizarre battle developing extravagant vanity projects
53 Top 5: China's bizarre copycat cities
54 Photos Capture China's Copycat Architecture Phenomenon – That's Shanghai
55 11 cities that China ripped off from the rest of the world
56 China to lower annual property tax as part of effort to boost housing sales
57 "Gosh" – Jamie xx [Official Music Video Directed by Romain Gavras]
58 French nightclubs by day, suburban housing and a replica Paris in China
59 A new music video takes you inside China's bizarre, empty replica of Paris
60 Little Paris recreated in China
61 Chinese developer building a $100 billion 'dream paradise for all mankind'
62 45 Abandoned Places Around the World That Are Eerily Beautiful
63 Watch Jamie xx’s Mesmerizing ‘Gosh’ Video
64 The Gorgeous Video for Jamie xx's 'Gosh' Will Have You Booking a One-Way Ticket to China (Or Is It France?)
65 Photos: The Eiffel Tower's many imitators
66 Photos: A replica Eiffel Tower and other huge Chinese knock-offs
67 China's looming great wall of debt may have 'major global implications'
68 18 photos of the most bizarre real estate projects that were left in ruins
69 China didn’t just copy Tower Bridge, they also have an Austrian town, an Eiffel Tower and a Colosseum
70 Pyongyang Architecture: Bizarre and Beautiful Buildings of North Korea
71 11 famous places and their lesser-known lookalikes
72 American travel magazine lists an Estonian prison as an eerily beautiful abandoned place
73 15 incredibly eerie photos of abandoned cities around the world
74 China's twin towers? Hangzhou skyscrapers look strangely familiar
75 China Unknown: Double Take
76 Best Music Videos Of 2016: Jamie xx, 'Gosh'
77 China builds bizarre replica of Tower Bridge and gloats about their version being twice the size of London’s
78 The art of copying: How China claimed the world's greatest architectural hits
79 Fascinating ghost towns around the world
80 Urban planning: Monumental knock-offs
81 Jamie xx: Gosh (dir. by Romain Gavras)
82 Revisiting China's Ghost Cities
83 What has become of China's ghost cities?
84 China's Olympic Stadium Transformed Into Water Park (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel
85 The Mysterious Sunken Ruins of Nan Madol (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel
86 The world's most fascinating ghost towns
87 The 25 Best Music Videos of the 2010s
88 Inside the World's Eeriest Ghost Towns
89 Sphinx, Eiffel Tower among China's monumental reproductions
90 50,000 Chinese Jobs Vs India’s 450? Where Rahul Gandhi Misleads In Job Creation Argument
91 China facing fresh 'ghost town' crisis after developer collapse
92 China has built replica versions of these 17 landmarks
93 The Artificial Sun And 19 Other Innovative (Yet Awkward) Inventions To Come From China
94 Work from home-town, anyone?
95 Go Behind the Scenes of Jamie xx's New 'Gosh' Video
96 The 9 best photo essays of cities in 2018
97 The best edible French souvenirs, according to American chef David Lebovitz
98 11 examples of China making large-scale knock-offs of world-famous buildings
99 Fake tourist destinations around the world – in pictures
100 15 eerie abandoned cities around the world that are real-life ghost towns