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1 MP fights for renters at risk of losing their home
2 UK could see rise in illegal evictions
3 Tim Farron calls tourism support plan 'step in the right direction'
4 More than 1000 miss out on pension credit says South Lakes MP Tim Farron and 'choosing heating over eating'
5 How Sir Ed can kick-start a Lib Dem revival
6 Government urged to listen to teachers when it comes to education
7 MP urges government intervention to prevent home losses this winter | The Westmorland Gazette
8 Parliament bars no longer exempt from 10pm curfew following backlash
9 South Lakes MP slams proposals to overhaul councils during pandemic
10 South Cumbria MPs react to controversial Brexit bill
11 MP votes against disputed Bill | News and Star
12 MP secures commitment from Health Secretary to meet with #CatchUpWithCancer campaigners
13 MP votes to extend furlough scheme for hospitality and tourism industry
14 MP secures backing from Health Secretary to meet with campaigners
15 New restrictions heap further pressure on area's struggling tourism sector
16 Tory peers vote down last-minute bid to block 'up to 55,000 evictions'
17 Mental health, speeding and tourism dominated the discussion on an MP's summer surgery tour
18 Hardline BBC critics reportedly offered top media roles
19 Tim Farron accepts £75,000 from evangelical group despite director’s gay conversion tweet
20 MP welcomes plans for Furness Line electrification and lobbies for the Lakes Line not to be overlooked
21 MP secures meeting with minister on supporting tourism and hospitality jobs and businesses this winter
22 Tim Farron says it's the job of liberals to defend JK Rowling's explosive views on trans rights and trans bodies
23 Tim Farron accepted £75,000 from pro-conversion therapy Christian donor
24 Pensions campaign battle continues following court defeat
25 Tories postpone pledge to ban no-fault evictions for renters until economy recovers
26 MPs back charity's call for day of reflection to remember coronavirus deaths
27 MP under fire over director's gay conversion article tweet
28 Tim Farron: Why I'm backing Ed Davey for Lib Dem leader
29 Former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron turns on fellow Remainers ‘Stop it!’
30 The next Liberal Democrat leader must not turn left
31 Leadsom calls on government to look to Big Issue solutions over housing
32 Tim Farron: I will always defend real liberalism
33 MPs back extension of government support for county's tourism and hospitality sectors
34 District community hub welcoming residents and other visitors back to its centre
35 'Winning is everything', former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron says as he endorses Ed Davey
36 Liberal Democrats re-elected to Westmorland and Lonsdale seat as Tim Farron gains increased majority
37 MP thanks public for staying away from Lake District
38 Cumbrian MP self-isolates as family member shows coronavirus symptoms
39 Tim Farron self-isolates after family member shows Coronavirus symptoms
40 MP responds after coming under-fire for director's conversion therapy tweet
41 Farron quits as Lib Dem leader over clash between faith and politics
42 Dominic Cummings 'has to go'
43 Tim Farron slams government for 'absolutely appalling priorities'
44 Farmers urged to "plan for any eventuality" amid Brexit uncertainty | ITV News
45 Tim Farron hijacked Lib Dems with his beliefs, book claims
46 Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron recovers from 'coronavirus'
47 Tim Farron opens up on the trauma of being a Christian politician and life in the Lib Dems
48 MP Tim Farron in self-isolation over coronavirus fears
49 Coronavirus: Former LibDem Tim Farron leader self-isolating
50 Who is Tim Farron? A profile of the ex-Liberal Democrat leader
51 'Don't rush to visit us in Cumbria' urges MP
52 Tim Farron: Christian politician compared sexuality to slavery
53 Greatest threat to liberalism is conformity, says TIM FARRON
54 MP urges Government to 'stop lives being unnecessarily lost'
55 MP congratulates Ed Davey on Lib Dem leadership win
56 James Airey blasts Lib Dems for appointing vegetarian Tim Farron as farming spokesman
57 Tim Farron MP: The Lib Dems can work constructively with Labour
58 Don't mistake the fresh-faced enthusiasm that Jeremy Corbyn has inspired for a 'new politics'
59 Tim Farron: I regret 'gay sex no sin' statement
60 MP begins annual advice surgery tour of constituency
61 Tim Farron compares Boris Johnson to Celtic in bizarre Twitter rant
62 Tim Farron: We must vote tactically to beat the Tories and tackle child poverty
63 Tim Farron apologises after he and Vince Cable miss Brexit vote
64 Tim Farron: why I have no regrets choosing my faith over political ambition
65 Tim Farron to kick-start summer surgery tour next week
66 South Lakes MP praises Marcus Rashford after school meals U-turn
67 Confessions of a faithful liberal: Tim Farron speaks about his autobiography | ITV News
68 Interview: Tim Farron
69 Tim Farron: it was my decision to bet the farm on Brexit
70 NATO, Britain Must Stand With Montenegro's Christians | Opinion
71 The three things progressives must do to defeat the Tories in the next election
72 Christians are deemed to be dangerous, says Tim Farron
73 Tim Farron says he's pro-choice after 2007 interview emerges
74 MP fights for GP practice to stay following closure concerns
75 Coronavirus: Second-home owners 'claiming £10,000 in virus support'
76 Tim Farron showed religion could have a place in British politics
77 MP begins 16th annual summer surgery constituency tour
78 MP urges government to help self-employed in South Lakes
79 MP Tim Farron volunteers to help CancerCare
80 Tim Farron says he doesn't believe gay sex is a sin
81 24 things you didn't know about Tim Farron
82 MP: Suggestion that we don't need farmers is "outrageously stupid"
83 Tim Farron admits he had Thatcher poster in his childhood bedroom
84 MP demands the government take action to protect the Lake District
85 Tim Farron interview: ‘Maybe God’s plan is for me to lose a bunch of elections and be humbled’
86 Tim Farron again refuses to say whether homosexuality is a sin
87 Key Lib Dems warned party not to back December election
88 SPCK to publish 'gripping' Tim Farron memoir on politics and faith
89 Tim Farron and Nick Clegg face losing their seats in Lib Dem election humiliation
90 Tim Farron calls for Coronavirus testing centre in Cumbria
91 James Airey and Tim Farron angry over farming comments leaked to national paper
92 We don't need to choose between between lives and livelihoods
93 That's thumb kind of clapping! Ex-Lib Dem leader Tim Farron's bizarre single-digit applause
94 MP clarifies cross-party calls for 'non-essential' construction sites to close
95 VAT cuts welcomed as a 'step in the right direction'
96 Tim Farron MP gains insight into issues facing South Lakes business people
97 Farron calls on PM to ban sales of riot gear to US | ITV News
98 Stamp duty cut criticised by South Lakes MP
99 Tim Farron confronted by angry Brexit voter – video
100 MP wants to make sure cancer patients are not forgotten