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1 Tim Murtaugh: Trump has Constitutional duty to nominate justice
2 Tim Murtaugh on polls tightening in some swing state races
3 Obama to virtually fundraise with Kamala Harris: report | TheHill
4 Erin Burnett Confronts Trump Campaign Aide To His Face: 'You Don't Have A Plan'
5 Bret Baier challenges Trump 2020 official over explanation of Trump coronavirus comments to Woodward
6 One-on-one with Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh
7 Trump and Biden Trade Barbs on Social Security but Avoid Substance
8 CNN Host Grills Trump Spox on Antifa Plane Claims: 'You've Got No Proof!'
9 Trump to address Kenosha 'unrest' in RNC acceptance speech: Campaign
10 Trump's use of false content is often defended as humor. But his supporters aren't always in on the joke
11 Trump lays out long-awaited "vision" for health care
12 Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden
13 Vice President Pence to speak Wednesday in Zanesville
14 Trump to attack Biden as 'extreme' in RNC speech
15 Trump campaign plays up Biden's skills ahead of Cleveland debate: 'He's actually quite good' | TheHill
16 Doctor warns Trump's Nevada rally is 'negligent homicide': 'People will die' | TheHill
17 Ginsburg once thought Kaepernick's national anthem protest was 'really dumb,' compared it to flag burning
18 Trump campaign dismisses Democrats' SCOTUS outrage: A president is elected for four years, not 'three years...
19 Here's what Trump's payroll tax plan may mean for the future of Social Security
20 Trump still visiting Nevada despite virus limits on rallies
21 Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system
22 Trump 2020 campaign spokesman blasts report Trump disparaged American war dead as 'fake'
23 Trump, struggling to define Biden, steps up Harris attacks
24 Trump Allies Weigh Which Supreme Court Pick Would Help Him Win The Election
25 Scientific American backs Biden for its first presidential endorsement in 175 years
26 Walz urges Trump and Biden to follow Minnesota's COVID-19 rules
27 Dress code for tonight’s Michigan rally: the only acceptable campaign gear is Trump’s.
28 Trump mocks MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi for getting shot with rubber bullet
29 How Kanye West's 2020 Presidential Campaign Fell Apart in Less Than Three Months: 'Too Many Chiefs'
30 Trump spurns traditional debate prep with first faceoff less than 3 weeks away
31 Trump campaign pretends he didn't say QAnon supporters 'love our country' a week ago
32 Commission on Presidential Debates announces moderators
33 The latest on Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake
34 Opinion/Editorial: Trump's 'alternate universe' puts Americans in danger
35 Neo-Confederate group members yell 'white power' during pro-Trump parade through college campus | TheHill
36 POLITICO Playbook: Inside the court fight
37 Jimmy Kimmel hits Trump for rallies while hosting Emmy Awards | TheHill
38 Biden campaign blasts Trump over withheld Homeland Security report on Russians denigrating the Democrat's mental health
39 SCOTUS vacancy adds new twist to first Trump-Biden debate
40 How Trump’s creation of an alternate universe endangers the American people
41 Eric Trump held skeet shooting fundraiser for Trump in New Paltz
42 Joe Biden says he talked to Jacob Blake's family, condemns 'needless violence' in Kenosha
43 Luxury cars, MAGA flags and Facebook invites: How an unknown Idaho family organized the Portland rally that turned deadly
44 Trump uses bin Laden raid to attack Biden | TheHill
45 Biden blames Trump for coronavirus-related school closures, calls education gap a ‘national emergency’
46 Trump campaign goes all in on Pennsylvania
47 Two Trump Rallies in Nevada This Weekend Canceled, Trump Will Still Travel to the State
48 Kenosha shooting suspect attended Trump rally in January: report | TheHill
49 Biden slams Trump handling of coronavirus school reopenings
50 Reno-Tahoe Airport says Trump campaign rally violates state directive
51 Trump holds campaign rally indoors despite coronavirus concerns
52 Trump's new strategy against Biden faces signs of trouble, polls show
53 Amid images of violence, Trump sees an opportunity
54 Trump campaign, RNC raise $76M during GOP convention | TheHill
55 CAMPAIGN 2020: Biden: Fracking 'has to continue' for now
56 CNN's Jeffery Toobin: Democrats 'wimps,' might not have 'guts' to battle GOP over Supreme Court vacancy
57 Top White House officials dismiss significance of NBA boycotts
58 TikTok Lobbyists Took Case Against Ban to Trump Campaign
59 Loyalty points: Ducey heads to White House for Trump acceptance speech
60 Trump praises right-wing supporters, rails against protesters after unrest in Portland
61 Chief Justice John Roberts eulogizes the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg
62 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 9.22.20
63 Trump Features Steel Plant That Laid Off Hundreds in New Ad About 'the Best' Economy
64 Video Manipulated to Show Biden Asleep
65 John Steigerwald: Ex-Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh belongs in Hall of Fame
66 Schumer and AOC call on voters to pressure GOP senators into delaying Trump's Supreme Court nominee
67 Russian hackers targeting US campaigns, Microsoft says
68 Injuries Mounting For 0-2 Eagles
69 Tim Murtaugh: RNC will offer sharp contrast to Democrats' grim view of America
70 Tim Murtaugh
71 Tim Murtaugh weighs in on Trump’s upcoming Tulsa rally
72 ONE-ON-ONE with Trump Campaign's Tim Murtaugh: COVID-19 and Trump's message at rally
73 Tim Murtaugh on Trump 2020 campaign strategy
74 Trump 2020 communications director says campaign must 'define' Biden 'and his record of failure'
75 Trump aides ask conservatives for trust on Supreme Court
76 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 9.24.20
77 Tim Murtaugh: Joe Biden's energy plan will destroy Pa.'s economy
78 Tim Murtaugh praises Kellyanne Conway's advocacy for President Trump, previews Republican National Convention
79 Tim Murtaugh on media bashing Trump 'regardless of the fact pattern'
80 Kanye West's strange presidential bid unravels thanks to a messy ballot access operation
81 CNN Anchor Corners Trump Campaign Spox: Are Dead Americans 'Funny to You?'
82 Trump Can Handle Multiple Tasks At One Time, Campaign Official Says
83 Fox News Host Confronts Trump Spokesperson On Murder Conspiracy Theory
84 Tim Murtaugh on Trump's Request For 4th Debate
85 6 staffers setting up for Trump rally positive for COVID-19
86 Six Trump campaign staffers working on Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus
87 Keilar fires back at Trump campaign official: It is 2020, sir!
88 Trump 2020 official claims Biden would have been ‘utter disaster’ as president during pandemic
89 Trump Rally Likely Fueled Virus Cases, Tulsa Official Says
90 Keilar confronts Trump campaign official: Is this funny to you?
91 Trump campaign official accuses Biden of 'rooting against Americans and their prosperity'
92 Keilar grills Trump campaign official over disappointing rally
93 Trump 2020 communications director talks coronavirus response and Super Tuesday
94 Trump campaign vows 'never fear' rallies will return; experts warn large events should return 'later part of 2021'
95 Trump campaign says fire marshal's count for Tulsa rally attendance was 'wrong'
96 Bloomberg
97 Tim Murtaugh on SpaceX launch impact on US relationship with China
98 Trump Campaign's Tim Murtaugh: "The Issues Are The Same Whether It Is Bernie Or Joe Biden On The Ballot"
99 Joe Biden: If Trump Loses and Refuses to Leave, Military ‘Will Escort Him From the White House’
100 Top Trump campaign spokesman says Biden is on the 'defund police' train 'whether he knows it or not'