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1 Mongolian President Takes Emergency Action to Protect
2 Ahead of virtual meeting with VP Harris, Mexico’s president accuses U.S. of violating country’s sovereignty
3 Election results 2021: PM calls Covid recovery summit after SNP victory
4 The EU must be bold and defend its digital sovereignty
5 SubscriberWrites: ‘Democracy 2.0’ — A new definition of democracy is needed in changing times
6 US viewed as fading 'beacon of democracy'
7 Blinken Visits Ukraine Amid Tensions with Russia
8 Twisted Democracies by Andrés Velasco
9 US- Japan Joint Leaders' Statement: “US
10 Is differentiated integration democratic? Taking stock of the views of political party actors
11 Ethiopia: Sovereignty Never Be Bargained for Inappropriate Preconditions
12 Foreign Minister Wu takes part in Sedona Forum, vows to defend Taiwan's freedom, democracy
13 Will sovereignty break up Britain?
14 China condemns G7 criticism of Beijings presence in East, South China seas
15 Next Post: Remarks by President Biden on Russia
16 EU and India to revive stalled trade talks, draft statement says
17 Scotland elects minority government, dealing setback to independence hopes
18 Expert researchers back campaign to bring back power to local government
19 Aboriginal deaths in custody reflect the poor health of Australia's democracy
20 US Issues New Guidelines for Government Interactions with Taiwanese Counterparts
21 Democracies unite in face of world’s challenges
22 As Biden's emissaries go to Taiwan, China terms exercises 'combat drills'
23 Tucker Carlson’s defense of his ‘replacement’ rant gives away the game
24 Civics Education Initiative Implicitly Rejects American Founding
25 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on May 6, 2021
26 Beyond the 'Brussels bubble' – Luke Cooper, Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz and Niccolò Milanese
27 President Tsai wins John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service
28 U.S. and Britain tell China and Russia: the West is not over yet
29 A prize for Taiwan’s president is nice, but Canada should show more support
30 G-7 Nations Vow to End Syrian War, Top US Diplomat Says
31 Judith Collins
32 Vaccine Waiver Proposal: As India Asks for Support, EU Says Move Won't Address Immediate Need
33 Op-ed: China, Russia deepen cooperation in what could be Biden's defining challenge as president
34 The Port City Bill: Legislative Carving Out from a Constitutional Democracy?
35 What the Belfast Agreement says about a Border poll
36 Opinion: Ardern in the gun over 'covert' Māori sovereignty plan
37 Can China Create a New World Order?
38 Wendy Sherman on the Iran nuclear talks, multilateral cooperation, and transatlantic data flows
39 What Threatens Press Freedom Today? by Jan-Werner Mueller
40 Cuba Has a New Language of Dissent
41 India-EU summit: Key focus on global cooperation
42 How the Biden Administration Can Support Taiwan
43 India, EU decide to resume negotiations on Free Trade Agreement after 8 yrs
44 Why A Peaceful Indo-Pacific Needs A U.S.-Taiwan Trade Deal
45 Book Review: How Violence Took Centre Stage in Indian Politics
46 Politics of the people
47 A false choice between state sovereignty and multi-racial democracy
48 China and Russia’s Dangerous Convergence
49 Press Gaggle by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Aboard Air Force One En Route Lake Charles, LA
50 Activists, experts and policy makers speak out on Chinese state influence in Canada
51 Admit Taiwan to World Health Assembly, let it help
52 Democracy and the US-India relationship
53 It's easier to oppose the 'erasing of history', the toppling of statues, when history has not erased you
54 Tory victory in Hartlepool by-election signals death throes of UK Labour Party
55 What the Belfast Agreement actually says about a Border poll
56 The Digital Technology Agenda at the Summit for Democracy
57 The US-Japan Summit: Uneventful And Indecisive – Analysis
58 Transatlantic Relations After Biden's First 100 Days
59 Clock ticks on B.C.-China ‘Belt and Road’ MOU; Australia punts their own
60 Municipal actions for building energy democracy and energy sovereignty
61 How Middle-Power Democracies Can Help Renovate Global Democracy Support
62 Hong Kong's Freedoms: What China Promised and How It's Cracking Down
63 Briefing with Senior State Department Officials With Traveling Press May 6, 2021 En Route to Joint Base Andrews
64 Finance, democracy, and sovereignty: How Europe should respond to the FinCEN Files
65 Self-determination for Puerto Rico: A win for democracy, not Democrats
66 China and Pakistan: good brothers and true friends
67 Ivory Coast gears for crucial parliamentary elections
68 U.S. interference is the biggest threat to sovereignty and democracy
69 G7 Foreign and Development Ministers' Meeting Communiqué (London, 5 May 2021)
70 Next Post: Remarks by President Biden on America's Place in the World
71 'Personal sovereignty' in pandemics: or, why do today's 'sovereignists' reject state sovereignty?
72 Taiwan 'Will Defend Its Sovereignty' Against China's Ambitions
73 National Parks Should Belong to Native Americans
74 Smith statement as House debates Belarus Democracy, Human Rights and Sovereignty Act of 2020
75 Global politics from the view of the political-economy trilemma | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
76 The US will continue to support democracy in Armenia and its sovereignty – Department of State – Public Radio of Armenia
77 Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act of 2020 to head to White House
78 Kreps: Social media helping to undermine democracy | Cornell Chronicle
79 Philip Cross: It is a cliché to say that democracy is under attack. It has always been imperfect
80 A Plot Against an Embattled Governor? Militias Disrupting Elections? It Happened in the 1850s—And Holds a Lesson for Today
81 Deep City: Climate Crisis, Democracy and the Digital
82 Is Armenia's Democracy on Borrowed Time?
83 How Will the Coronavirus Reshape Democracy and Governance Globally?
84 The Crisis of American Democracy Is Not Over
85 Biden’s Summit for Democracy Is More Needed Than Ever
86 THABO MBEKI: Our constitution gives us a framework of rules that is being threatened
87 Gracious losers protect our democracy. Sore ones undermine it.
88 OPINION: Wasn't parliamentary sovereignty and democracy what Brexit was supposed to be about?
89 Mike Lee Opposes Democracy — But Supports Rule by ‘The People’
90 Why the events in Jaffa of May 1, 1921 are important today
91 US White House: Remarks by President Biden at the 2021 Virtual Munich Security Conference
92 Threats to democracy in Africa: The rise of the constitutional coup
94 Democracy on the Defense
95 China's Challenges to Global Democracy – The Diplomat
96 Conquering the cyber sphere: How the EU can build digital sovereignty
97 Tunisia's revolution under siege: When the IMF calls the shots
98 Bolstering democracies in a changing international order: The case for democratic multilateralism
99 It's Time for an International Human Rights Alliance to Defend Democracy
100 Breaking the sovereign power of big tech