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Result Content Idea Research
1 Classification scheme developed for newly identified multiple sclerosis-like disease
2 First 3D-printed proton-conductive membrane paves way for tailored energy storage devices
3 Combining news media and AI to rapidly identify flooded buildings
4 A new material enables the usage of 'calcium' for batteries
5 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY: Robotics in Elderly Care: International Project PADERO Advances Geriatrics
6 The top 10 universities in Japan determined by 2021 World University Rankings
7 Preseismic atmospheric radon anomaly associated with 2018 northern Osaka earthquake
8 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY: Tohoku University Confirms Positive COVID-19 Tests
9 Kuroshio current may be responsible for climatic discomfort in Tokyo, scientists find
10 Historical data offers a glimpse into the mental health of adolescents during COVID-19
11 Faster imaging in rubber x-ray CT imaging helps tires become smarter and more efficient
12 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY: COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures
13 Japan University Rankings 2021
14 Kyushu University: "Crossing Borders: Memory and Material in the Trans-Asian Context"
15 GDF11 and physical activity in COPD | COPD
16 Hideki Matsuyama's Masters win has deeper meaning in Japan
17 Kuroshio Current may Account for Hot and Humid Summers in Tokyo
18 Experts from India & Japan discussed collaborations for innovations on Hydrogen based technologies
19 Secret recipe book found in northern Japan sparks project to brew Edo-period sake
20 How Hideki Matsuyama became Japan's new national hero
21 Demonstrating the world's fastest spintronics p-bit Tohoku University
22 The Health 202: Democrats are torn over how and when to try expanding health coverage
23 OPINION | OTHERS SAY: Matsuyama breaks through
24 Tohoku University, NEC to Accelerate the Development of Composite Materials for Aircraft
25 Toyoda Gosei Invests in Ball Wave, a Startup from Tohoku University
26 The world's smallest high-performance magnetic tunnel junction
27 15 things you need to know about Hideki Matsuyama
28 Monitoring the body's fat burning by breath
29 Protein tells developing cells to stick together
30 Constructing the first version of the Japanese reference genome
31 3D design leads to first stable and strong self-assembling 1D nanographene wires
32 Biobattery-powered microneedle patch can deliver drugs and procure testing samples
33 Echoes of Fukushima discrimination felt amid coronavirus pandemic
34 Pandemic-related anxiety in pregnancy
35 Changing the silkworm's diet to spin stronger silk
36 Eavesdropping on the pH levels inside the brain
37 Researchers develop a new, efficient tin monosulfide solar cell prototype
38 Japanese research team develops COVID-19 breath testing system
39 Fujitsu leverages world's fastest supercomputer and AI to predict tsunami flooding
40 From virtual to reality! Virtual training improves physical and cognitive functions
41 Acute breakdown of the glial network in epilepsy
42 Communal activities boost rehabilitation for older adults in long term care
43 Suga praises Matsuyama's historic win
44 New insights into Fragile X syndrome and the fetal brain
45 "Growing clean tomatoes started after Japanese earthquake and tsunami"
46 Paving the way for tunable graphene plasmonic THz amplifiers
47 New training program enhances disaster preparedness for healthcare personnel
48 Revisiting the Kobe earthquake and the variations of atmospheric radon concentration
49 Reliable, High-speed MTJ Technology for 1X nm STT-MRAM and NV-Logic Has Wide Applications
50 Newly discovered Greenland plume drives thermal activities in the Arctic
51 UW, Tohoku University establish Academic Open Space partnership for innovations in aerospace, clean energy, disaster preparedness
52 Large volcanic eruption caused the largest mass extinction
53 Using VR training to boost our sense of agency and improve motor control
54 Keeping a clean path: Doubling the capacity of solid-state lithium batteries
55 Any nuclear power plant necessarily has risks
56 Accurate and efficient 3D motion tracking using deep learning
57 New hard disk write head analytical technology can increase hard disk capacities
58 The propagation of admixture-derived evolutionary potential
59 Grabbing viruses out of thin air
60 Pre/postnatal lead exposure affects neurodevelopment in Japanese children
61 Signal coupling between neuron-glia super-network may lead to improved memory formation
62 Breath analysis reveals details of body fat metabolism
63 New technology lets quantum bits hold information for 10000 times longer than previous record
64 Reviewing a decade of research on the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake
65 Tohoku University professor receives Yngve Ericsson Prize
66 Tailored hardening of ZrCuAl bulk metallic glass induced by 2D gradient rejuvenation
67 Ancient asteroid impacts created the ingredients of life on Earth and Mars
68 Projects Supported by the 2021 Tohoku University-University College London Matching Fund
69 Using the past to predict the future: The case of Typhoon Hagibis
70 A new ultrafast control scheme of ferromagnet for energy-efficient data storage
71 Tohoku University: All Extracurricular Activities to be Suspended Again
72 Uracil switch in SARS-CoV-2 genome alters innate immune responses
73 Researchers discover a new, young volcano in the Pacific
74 Tests on mice in space uncover protein that may combat aging
75 Rio Tinto and Komatsu scholarship programme at Tohoku University supports more than 330 students over ten years
76 Menopausal Symptoms Tied to Lower Work Performance
77 Prenatal BPA exposure may contribute to the male bias of autism spectrum disorder
78 Coating plastics by porous nanofilm
79 A new species of rare phylum Loricifera discovered in the deep-sea surrounding Japan
80 Fugaku Leverages AI for Tsunami Flood Prediction
81 PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
82 Revealing the reason behind jet formation at the tip of laser optical fiber
83 Young People Spreading Covid a Concern in Rapidly Aging Japan
84 High-speed holographic fluorescence microscopy system with submicron resolution
85 Grabbing Viruses Out of Thin Air: Portable Sensors for Detecting COVID-19 and Other Viruses
86 Daily coronavirus infections hit record highs in 14 Japan prefectures over past month
87 How insects activate muscles to adapt to limbs removed
88 Japan University Rankings 2020
89 Spin, spin, spin: researchers enhance electron spin longevity
90 The smallest galaxies in our universe bring more about dark matter to light
91 This patch developed in Japan could let you vaccinate yourself
92 A superelastic alloy with a nearly limitless temperature window
93 Pregnant women have higher anxiety levels compared to fertility patients
94 Japan Faces Struggle to Contain Virus Spread in Just a Month
95 Japan Corporate News
96 Japan steps up protection of research from espionage
97 Japan braces for aftershocks as M7.3 quake injures over 150
98 Ten years on from 3/11, do you think you're ready for the 'Big One'?
99 Japan considers tougher rules on research interference amid US-China tensions
100 Biobattery-powered microneedle patch enables delivery of large molecules