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1 Veterans column: Newark doctor leads effort to save Hideki Tojo's life after World War II
2 World War II veteran Paul Franklin dies at 98 after COVID-19 complications
3 Takashi Oka, Journalist Who Interpreted Japan for U.S., Dies at 96
4 How the Army and the media broke up a Japanese war criminal’s suicide attempt
5 Mix of cultures helped many in wartime choose life over suicide : The Asahi Shimbun
6 CN&R • The message on Tojo's teeth
7 Trains in Greater Tokyo will stop running earlier from spring 2021
8 GQ Exclusive: A first look at Maison Shantanu & Nikhil’s first ever fragrance
9 Japan's Yasukuni shrine a symbol of haunting wartime legacy
10 How to Be a Rider: Tojo Andrianarivo
11 Cais do Tojo Building / LADO Arquitectura e Design
12 A chance meeting in a dog park turned into an unexpected encounter
13 Dec. 23, 1948: Japan's Wartime Leader Is Executed
14 Saratoga Springs soldier captured the world's most-hated living man
15 Japanese Master Chef Hidekazu Tojo is Seriously Impressed with Vegan Wagyu
16 Tojo was convinced of victory before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, newly unearthed memo shows
17 A COVID-19 relief fund was only for Black residents. Then came the lawsuits.
18 How the California roll was actually invented by a Canadian chef
19 Marine pilot spent 9 months as prisoner of war in Korea
20 Sounds of the Black Lives Matter Movement
21 John Wilpers, Who Captured Tojo, Dies
22 VJ Day: A WW2 hero and a reckoning with Japan's past
23 Op-Ed: Tojo then, terrorists now: How America's idea of justice has changed
24 Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide to Tojo Clan Crests | TheGamer
25 The curious tale of the man who slapped Tojo
26 Trying the Japanese for War Crimes
27 Putting Tojo On the Stand: The Tokyo War Crimes Trials
28 Tojo linked to 'comfort girls'
29 Japanese WWII leader's descendant reaches out for reconciliation
30 On This Day: Japan's ex-PM Hideki Tojo executed
31 Tojo's granddaughter, Yuko, dies at 73
32 Abe visits war-linked Yasukuni Shrine for first time since 2013
33 California Rolls Have a Secret History
34 General spectators barred from NCAA tournaments, including TOJO hoops
35 New memo reveals Japanese leaders' thoughts on eve of Pearl Harbor
36 Howard Garst, guarded Tojo, 'Tokyo Rose' at Tokyo's Sugamo Prison
37 Chinese Store Sells 'Tojo Ice Cream' to Mark WW II Anniversary
38 Hideki Tojo admits war guilt after suicide attempt
39 A Black Venture Capitalist Sees Challenges as an Investing Edge
40 Top Tier Foods: "Chef Toju Thought He Was Eating Real Wagyu Beef, not Something Made of Plants"
41 Twycross Zoo's oldest chimpanzee, Tojo, who once forced closure of venue after escaping, has died.
42 Takeru Tojo's FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
43 Coosa veteran hopes to share history he's collected
44 Vegan “Wagyu” Beef Convinced a Master Chef it Was the Real Thing
45 Roman recalls death of Japanese leader December 23, 1948 | Local News |
46 Yakuza Like a Dragon: Where Kazuma Kiryu Is in the Game
47 Famed Vancouver sushi restaurant to honour Anthony Bourdain with special menu
48 On This Day: Japan's Hideki Tojo sentenced to death after WWII
49 Protests gathering steam in small cities like New Ulm
50 Vegan Wagyu Beef So Close to 'Real' Meat It Fooled a Japanese Master Chef
51 September 11: ON THIS DAY in 1945, Tojo shoots himself
52 Saratoga Hometown Hero : Jack Wilpers and a Journalist Who Helped Tell His Story
53 Chimp who had been at Twycross Zoo for 40 years dies
54 Musicians Face Rebuilding, and Creative Reckoning, After Fire
55 California roll creator Hidekazu Tojo's continuing quest to broaden palates overseas
56 Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Find Tojo Clan Crests & What They Do
57 For the country, against the crown
58 Japanese memo suggests emperor's role in WWII
59 Stephen brothers move companies' headquarters to Clarence building
60 The American Dentist Who Drilled a Secret Message on Tojo's Dentures
61 The remarkable story of 'Tojo'
62 What I learned from the war
63 Imperial Japan's Two Best Military Leaders Could Not Agree On How To Beat America
64 History of the California roll and its possible inventor, Hidekazu Tojo.
65 Abe sends ritual tree offering to war-linked Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo
66 The Wall | News, Sports, Jobs
67 Canadian food DYK: Vancouver's Hidekazu Tojo created the California roll and popularized the "inside-out" sushi technique in North America
68 How Japanese is the sushi you eat?
69 Legendary restaurant reopens just in time for spot prawn season
70 Vancouver chef Tojo honoured by Japanese government
71 Men who shaped the 20th century
72 900 passengers evacuate from Tokyo train via tracks after switch trouble
73 Vancouver eatery offering 'No Reservations' Anthony Bourdain experience | Dished
74 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review
75 Jo's goal to inspire people to good health and fitness after winning her fight against breast cancer
76 Battle of Saipan: beginning of the end
77 Tokyo Trial: how an Australian judge sentenced a Japanese leader to death
78 Newly released 1941 memo says Emperor Hirohito ‘at ease’ with attack on Pearl Harbor
79 Vancouver's Tojo's Restaurant introduces Cocktail Hour for the first time in its 30-year history
80 Diary: Japan's Tojo fought surrender till end
81 Legendary Vancouver sushi spot Tojo's launches new Cocktail Hour
82 Execution hood worn by man behind attack on Pearl Harbor travels from Jackson to National World War II Museum
83 Tofino's 1909 Kitchen to Host Renowned Chef Hidekazu Tojo For Special Feast
84 World's First Vegan Wagyu Beef Surprises Japanese Master Chef
85 Essential but Excluded
86 Reutzel Breaks Through At Bedford
87 MSA passes 3.3% tuition reimbursement bill at forum meeting
88 Oahu mom who fled to Japan with son faces prison time
89 Japan Honors the Creator of the California Roll | Smart News
90 15-year-old girl hit, killed by train in apparent suicide
91 Carter County road closed this week for slide repairs
92 War story: US vet speaks about preventing the suicide of Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo after WWII
93 McKinney, Harold Edward "Hank" (Cleveland)
94 U.S. Marines Made Guadalcanal Into Japan's Island of Death
95 The Indian Jurist Who Tried to Save Japan's WWII Officials
96 Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Get Dojima Daigo Summon (Spoilers)
97 Tojo’s 30 year Anniversary Roll and tuna sashimi salad
98 Japan gets its Tojo back: Will it save the foundering economy?
99 Racism, history and politics: Why South Koreans are flipping out over a US ambassador's mustache
100 VEGAN Wagyu BEEF Fools Master Chef | LIVEKINDLY