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1 Anthony Fauci says he's accepted job as Joe Biden's chief medical adviser
2 Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Widespread Vaccine Use Could Reopen Broadway By Fall 2021
3 Does Anthony Fauci Believe We'll End AIDS in His Lifetime?
4 In coronavirus war, hang on, help is on the way with COVID-19 vaccine: Anthony Fauci Q&A
5 Fauci says he should've been 'more vocal' about Covid-19 testing early on
6 Fauci Says U.S. May Soon See 'Surge Upon Surge' of COVID-19
7 Anthony Fauci to serve as 2021 YSPH Commencement speaker
8 Dr. Fauci says ‘help is on the way’ with vaccines, but doubts Covid can ever be eradicated
9 'This Week' Transcript 11-29-20: Dr. Anthony Fauci and Adm. William McRaven
10 Fauci to serve as chief medical adviser to Biden
11 Dr. Fauci reacts to Pfizer's vaccine announcement
12 Dr. Fauci says masks, social distancing will still be needed after a Covid-19 vaccine—here's why
13 Fauci says vaccine could be available to all by April
14 Dr. Fauci offers 2021 forecast on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments
15 Dr Anthony Fauci apologises for suggesting UK ‘rushed’ vaccine approval
16 Fauci and Biden team steer clear of each other — for now
17 U.K. trash talk aimed at Dr. Anthony Fauci
18 As nation awaits transition of power, Fauci issues timely warning to his fellow scientists
19 Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘We have not yet seen the post-Thanksgiving peak’
20 When Will We Throw Our Masks Away? I Asked Dr. Fauci
21 Meet Joe Biden's crisis manager, Ron Klain, who will be in the trenches with Dr. Anthony Fauci fighting COVID-19
22 Steve Bannon Suggests Beheading Fauci, What To Do About Threats To Health Experts
23 Kim Kardashian West arranged a private Zoom call with Fauci and dozens of other celebrities
24 Tucker Carlson: Fauci admits what we all knew months ago -- schools must stay open
25 Dr. Fauci Sees ‘Terribly Painful Months’ Ahead
26 N.J. hospitals preparing for first doses of Pfizer vaccine; Fauci says to expect Christmas season case surge;
27 Fauci says he would 'absolutely' serve on a Biden coronavirus task force | TheHill
28 Dr. Fauci: When Biden asked me to join his team, I said yes ‘right on the spot’
29 David Ho Receives National Leadership Award from National AIDS Memorial
30 People magazine reveals its '2020 People of the Year' | Entertainment
31 Dr. Fauci (Basically) Admits Rand Paul Was Right 6 Months Ago on Schools and COVID-19 | Hannah Cox
32 Dr. Anthony Fauci says he and his family have been receiving 'serious threats'
33 Straight-talking Anthony Fauci has been the nation's voice on the coronavirus. Who is he?
34 What we learned from Dr. Anthony Fauci audiobook about life, 'apolitical' work of 'America's doctor'
35 Dr Anthony Fauci Tackles the Issue of Antiscience Sentiments
36 Dr. Fauci built a truce. Trump is destroying it.
37 Anthony Fauci discusses challenges of COVID-19, reasons for hope during Stanford Medicine event
38 How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor
39 Treacherous Times for Dr. Fauci in the Sacred Cow Business
40 What Fauci says the U.S. really needs to reopen safely
41 Anthony Fauci says Americans should trust the COVID-19 vaccine process
42 Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Runs
43 Long Before COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Changed Medicine In America Forever'
44 Before He Became Dr. Anthony Fauci, 'Fauch' Led His H.S. Basketball Team
45 Not His First Epidemic: Dr. Anthony Fauci Sticks to the Facts
46 Ryan Tubridy suggests Dr Tony Holohan should take COVID vaccine live on Late Late Show
47 Dr Anthony Fauci on Health Disparities Affecting People of Color
48 Meet Anthony Fauci, the epidemic expert trying to shape the White House's coronavirus response
49 White House advisor Dr. Fauci works 20-hour days and his wife reminds him to eat, sleep and drink water
50 Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained
51 Dr. Fauci uses this line from 'The Godfather' to help deal with stress and politicians
52 Dr Anthony Fauci Discusses the Systemic Effects of COVID-19
53 Dr Anthony Fauci Speaks to the Likelihood of Vaccines for HIV and COVID-19
54 Fauci: No scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab
55 Three decades before coronavirus, Anthony Fauci took heat from AIDS protesters
56 Dr. Fauci Makes Thanksgiving Plea to Stop Large Gatherings As Millions Ignore CDC Advice to Stay Home
57 Dr. Anthony Fauci says he won't walk away from 'this outbreak no matter who's the president'
58 White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci on burnout: 'I am running a bit on fumes' but 'doing fine'
59 Anthony Fauci was ready for this. America was not.
60 Dr. Anthony Fauci On U.S Efforts To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine
61 Straight-talking Fauci explains outbreak to a worried nation
62 The BMJ interview: Anthony Fauci on covid-19
63 Dr. Anthony Fauci closes distance with social media generation
64 White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recovering from vocal-cord surgery
65 Coronavirus hero: Anthony Fauci is a great public servant in a time of great public need
66 U.S. coronavirus data is 'disturbing,' Dr. Fauci says, disputing Trump's claim that U.S. is 'rounding the corner'
67 Explaining the cult of Anthony Fauci
68 How Dr. Anthony Fauci became Trump's coronavirus truth teller
69 America Is Thirsty for Anthony Fauci
70 Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn't spoken with Trump in two weeks
71 Fauci says US should double its testing over next several weeks
72 Dr. Anthony Fauci isn't 'particularly concerned' about the safety of Moderna coronavirus vaccine
73 Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks to Healthline About COVID-19 Vaccines
74 US Can Stop Surge, Says Fauci: 'It Does Not Have To Be 100,000 Cases A Day' : Shots
75 President Trump says, without evidence, that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a 'democrat'
76 Fauci says he's not surprised Trump got COVID, admits administration has restricted his media appearances
77 Dr. Anthony Fauci says coronavirus turned 'out to be my worst nightmare' and it 'isn't over'
78 Anthony Fauci Explains Why the US Still Hasn’t Beaten Covid
79 Targeting Tony Fauci
80 Attacking Anthony Fauci is Donald Trump's dumbest closing message
81 In order to save Dr. Fauci, we must destroy him
82 Dr. Anthony Fauci undergoes surgery for vocal cord polyp
83 Dr. Anthony Fauci says it's time to think about reopening schools in the fall
84 Dr. Anthony Fauci Discusses The Latest Coronavirus Facts
85 Fauci warns of 'anti-science bias' being a problem in US
86 Fact-checking Judy Mikovits, the controversial virologist attacking Anthony Fauci in a viral conspiracy video
87 Anthony Fauci, Lightning Rod
88 Anthony Fauci denies Trump claim that he misled US public about coronavirus
89 'I'm going to keep pushing.' Anthony Fauci tries to make the White House listen to facts of the pandemic
90 Why Is Dr. Fauci Suddenly Off the Air?
91 5 things you may not know about ‘America’s doctor,’ Dr. Anthony Fauci
92 2020 election results may influence Trump's treatment of Dr. Fauci. That matters.
93 Dr. Anthony Fauci says chance of coronavirus vaccine being highly effective is 'not great'
94 Dr. Anthony Fauci warns the coronavirus won't ever be eradicated
95 Anthony Fauci Receives Lienhard Award From National Academy of Medicine for Decades of Work Improving Public Health and Leadership in Shaping COVID-19 Pandemic Response
96 Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right
97 Fauci to begin 'modified quarantine'
98 White House health advisor Anthony Fauci: These are the biggest misconceptions about coronavirus
99 Dr. Anthony Fauci says U.S. coronavirus outbreak is 'going to be very disturbing,' could top 100,000 new cases a day
100 Who is Dr. Anthony Fauci? Get to know the man who has become an American hero in the eyes of many