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1 130 Billion Pirate Site Visits in 2020: It’s Marketing Treasure
2 Pirate Streamers Save UFC 257 After ESPN+ Collapses Under The Load
3 Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2021
4 ‘The Mandalorian’ Is The Most Pirated TV-Show of 2020
5 Pirate Site Search Traffic Tanked Following Google Updates
6 Legal Battle Over Rightscorp’s ‘Fraudulent’ Piracy Notices Heats Up
7 ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is a Massive Hit on Pirate Sites After Early HBO Premiere
8 MPA Takes Down NYAA GitHub Repository But Copies Swiftly Appear (Updated)
9 Pirate IPTV Community Raises The Alarm Over Hacks and Extortion
10 Nintendo Mass DMCA Takedown Removes Hundreds of Fangames from Game Jolt
11 TikTok Using DMCA to Take Down Reverse-Engineered Source Code
12 YouTube-DL Fallout: Google Rejects RIAA MP3 Ripper Takedown Notices
13 Former RapidShare Operators & Lawyer Acquitted of Copyright Infringement
14 Sci-Hub Founder Criticises Sudden Twitter Ban Over Over “Counterfeit” Content
15 Russia Adds 1,768 Pirate Site Domains to WIPO Advertising Blacklist
16 GitHub Restores NYAA Repository As It Isn’t Clearly ‘Preconfigured to Infringe’
17 Nintendo Manually Targets Game & Watch Hacker’s YouTube Video Using Content ID
18 The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, The Boys to WestWorld, these are the Most PIRATED Shows of 2020
19 Thousands of Pirates Tricked into Downloading Fake ‘Tenet’ Torrents
20 Movie Company Sues Pirates Who Used an Anonymous VPN
21 YTS Torrent Giant is ‘Part’ of a Bizarre & Brand New Anti-Piracy Scheme
22 Top 10 Most Torrented Movies of The Week – 01/18/2021
23 Torrent Site 1337x Bans ‘YTS’ For Handing User Data to Movie Companies (Updated)
24 US Indictments and Raids of Piracy Group Members in ‘The Scene’ Throw Top-Tier Piracy World In ...
25 Popular Pirate Sites Slowly ‘Disappear’ From Google’s Top Search Results
26 EU Adds Telegram to ‘Piracy Watch List’ and Removes Cloudflare
27 Top 10 Most Torrented Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 05/04/20
28 uTorrent is the Most Used BitTorrent Client By Far
29 RIAA Takes Down Popular Open Source YouTube-DL Software
30 Amazon Patents Technology to Track Down Streaming Pirates
31 US Passes Spending Bill With CASE Act and Felony Streaming Proposal
32 There’s a Hidden ‘Proxy War’ Between YouTube and Stream Rippers
33 Disney Obtains New ‘Dynamic’ Court Order to Block 118 ‘Pirate’ Domains
34 Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 04/27/20
35 Pirated Copies of Tenet Leak Online, For Real
36 Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Interest in Pirate Sites and Services
37 FBI and Europol Shut Down ‘Bulletproof’ VPN Service That Helped Criminals
38 Police “Seize” Pirate IPTV Platform, Prepare to Identify 50,000 Users
39 ‘Academic’ Torrent Client Offers a Safe Haven for Pirate Sites
40 Police Shut Down Pirate IPTV Operation With Two Million Subscribers
41 Nintendo ‘Wins’ $2 Million Judgment Against Switch Piracy Hack Store
42 Hollywood Studios & Netflix Target ‘Movies Time’ Piracy App
43 Anti-Piracy Coalition Seeks Powerful New Tools To Tackle IPTV Piracy in the EU
44 Nintendo Conducted Invasive Surveillance Operation Against Homebrew Hacker
45 RIAA Obtains Subpoenas Targeting 40 YouTube-Ripping Platforms & Pirate Sites
46 RIAA’s YouTube-DL Takedown Ticks Off Developers and GitHub’s CEO
47 Anti-Piracy Coalition ACE Takes Down Two More IPTV Providers
48 GitHub Reinstates Youtube-DL and Puts $1M in Takedown Defense Fund
49 Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 04/06/20
50 Dutch ISPs Unblock Pirate Bay Proxies, Because They Can
51 Another Trump Tweet Removed But This One Has a $150,000 Copyright Lawsuit Attached
52 ISPs Are Monitoring IPTV Pirates’ Activities, Court Documents Reveal
53 Apple Targeted By Records Labels For Distributing Music Piracy Apps
54 5,500 Pirate IPTV Servers Shut Down By 700 Police Officers Around Europe
55 Denuvo’s Anti-Piracy Protection Probably Makes Sense For Big-Selling AAA Titles
56 Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Website Linked to Pirate Site Offering Mulan
57 New U.S. Streaming Piracy Bill Focuses on Commercial Services
58 Team-Xecuter Accuses Nintendo of Censorship and Legal Scare Tactics
59 The Pirate Bay: VPN Provider OVPN Hit With Court Injunction, Vows to Fight
60 The Pirate Bay Uses Downtime to ‘Rewrite Some Code’
61 Bulgaria Plans to Take Down Top Torrent Sites, with U.S. Assistance
62 Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited To The United States, Subject to Judicial Review
63 Nintendo’s Lawyers Nuke ‘The Missing Link’ Fangame With Copyright Complaint
64 “Freedom to Share” Launches EU Citizens’ Initiative to Legalize File-Sharing
65 Nintendo Used 'Tactical' Surveillance Against 3DS Hacker, Reveal Documents
66 Logs Seized From F-Secure’s VPN Must Be Destroyed, Court Rules
67 Nintendo Lawyers File Copyright Complaints Against Super Mario 64 PC Port
68 Report: US Pirate IPTV Industry is Worth $1 Billion, So Who’s Making Big Bucks?
69 TVZion Piracy App Ordered to Shut Down By Global Anti-Piracy Group ACE
70 Nintendo Wants Permanent Injunction to Shut Down Switch Piracy Hack Stores
71 Japan Passes New Copyright Law to Criminalize Manga Piracy & Linking Sites
72 Removing “Annoying” Windows 10 Features is a DMCA Violation, Microsoft Says
73 Pirate ‘Treasures’ Continue to Show Up on Google Maps
74 'Pokémon GO' developer wins settlement from hack creators
75 US Case Against KickassTorrents in Trouble as Alleged Operator Flees Poland
76 Hollywood, Netflix & Amazon Sue IPTV Provider Crystal Clear Media
77 YTS Releases Pirated Copy of ‘Contagion’ Movie Following Coronavirus Surge
78 Movie & TV Giants Obtain Court Injunction to Shut Down Nitro TV
79 Viral Marketing Firm is Pirating Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video & HBO Go
80 ‘Google Blocked TorrentFreak From Appearing in Search Feature’
81 Massive & Unprecedented Security Breach Takes Usenet Providers Offline
82 Hacker Mods Old Calculator to Access the Internet, CASIO Files DMCA Complaint
83 Plex Slammed By Huge Copyright Coalition For Not Policing Pirates
84 TorrentFreak’s 19 Most Read Articles of 2019
85 Police Arrest Pirate IPTV Operator & ‘Hijack’ Streams With Anti-Piracy Warning
86 The Pirate Bay is Trialing High-Quality Video Streaming Links
87 Operator of Popcorn Time Info Site is Liable for Piracy, Supreme Court Rules
88 Activision Subpoenas Reddit to Identify Call of Duty Warzone ‘Leaker’
89 Starz Apologizes for Taking Down Tweets to Torrentfreak Article Following Security Breach
90 Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020 * Best of TorrentFreak
91 BREIN, MPA, and ACE Shut Down Massive ‘Pirate CDN’
92 SafeKodi: Researchers Help Kodi Users to Spot Malicious Addons
93 The Pirate Bay Moves to a Brand New Onion Domain
94 Game of Thrones is the Most Torrented TV-Show of 2019
95 Pokémon Go creator wins $5M settlement from hack creators
96 ACE Shuts Down UlangoTV ‘Pirate’ IPTV App, Seizes Domain
97 'WandaVision,' 'Bridgerton' Top TV Time Charts – Media Play News
98 US Online Piracy Lawsuits Hit a Record High Last Year
99 Online Piracy Is More Popular Than Ever, Research Suggests
100 Meet the Guy Behind the Libgen Torrent Seeding Movement