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Result Content Idea Research
1 In defence of British institutions
2 Letter: PM should let unionist case be made by Scots Tories
3 Damian Green on the PM and one-nation Toryism: Politics Weekly podcast
4 The Times view on Boris Johnson's ban on petrol and diesel cars in 2030: Green Revolution
5 MacKenzie’s unwanted intervention the last thing Stephen Kenny needs
6 It may be premature to declare Keir Starmer ‘one of us’
7 Carrie Symonds’ influence only goes so far – green Toryism is a hollow dream
8 The Genius of Britain's Conservative Party
9 Lessons in Toryism from the past
10 The Irish Times view on Downing Street resignations: a reset in London?
11 Trump was unique. The Republicans will struggle to find another like him
12 A great victory for Red Toryism – but Boris can't take his new voters for granted
13 Toryism, but not as we know it: an interview with Ben Houchen
14 A tidal wave of Toryism
15 The petrol cars ban has torpedoed Boris's hopes of a green agenda that can win over the Red Wall
16 The dream of going 'back to normal' is a huge distraction from the need for change
17 James Butler · Failed Vocation: The Corbyn Project · LRB 3 December 2020
18 What Does MAGA Look Like After Trump? This Weekend’s Protests Offer Clues.
19 Boris Johnson's spectacular win heralds a new form of Toryism
20 Westminster accused of 'disaster Toryism' as UK heads towards No-Deal Brexit
21 The Tories launch a culture war
22 The Test for the Tories | Dan Hitchens
23 The best history books of 2020
24 Victorian budget: Soaring debt and deficit, but no need to panic
25 The Tories must mobilise soon in the culture wars, or they may find themselves outflanked
26 One Nation Toryism rests on patriotism, a concept the Left struggles to understand
27 It's the end for Nick Timothy but will his 'Red Toryism' survive?
28 Andrew Yang and the New American Tories
29 What sort of Toryism will emerge from this fractious upheaval?
30 The Scotland comments are just the latest grenade Johnson has thrown at himself
31 The Tories face a landslide defeat because they still don't understand the Red Wall
32 The curious roots of Boris Johnson's unionism
33 If they expel Corbyn, Labour centrists will open themselves up to the one thing they can’t handle
34 Chasing the flag-wavers may backfire on Labour
35 Rise of the red Tories
36 Events and outbreaks mean Rishi Sunak's flagship budget must wait
37 Mushy One Nation Toryism is already getting a sour reception beyond the Red Wall
38 Boris Johnson, Donald Trump's secret to success: Take best from right, left
39 The economic response to COVID-19 and the Conservative Party's failure to depart from Thatcherite orthodoxy
40 The Tories Are Literally Dying Off
41 Let's face it, Trump got many things right
42 The Guardian view on Theresa May’s manifesto: a new Toryism
43 High Toryism Can Make Britain Great Again
44 Toryism in Camarillo
45 There Will Be No Return to Normality
46 OPINION: Reclaiming the middle ground with the Red Tory
47 Tony Abbott could be a perfect fit for the Tories – or a toxic gamble
48 Today in Feminist History: Final Steps for the Vote in New York (November 5, 1917)
49 The unconventional convention that could bend history
50 The race isn't tightening. It was always close.
51 Britain’s Tories are the world’s most successful party. Here’s why
52 Barricading High Park shows how Toronto’s sledgehammer solutions have failed its people in its approach to public space
53 Rise of the new working-class Tories
54 A brief history of one-nation Conservatism
55 How economic liberals can win the Tory battle on economics
56 Labour's target should be the Tory party, not Johnson's credibility
57 Boris Johnson doesn’t want to be the last prime minister of the United Kingdom
58 Owen Jones: Working-class Toryism is dying and it's taking the party with it
59 Keir Starmer’s 'new management' will cost Labour minority votes. Does he care?
60 Prepare for a radically different Tory party
61 Sixteen reasons to expect just another, 'standard-issue' Tory government
62 COVID-19: A Potential Catalyst for Universal Healthcare in America?
63 Jackson Carlaw: Golf club Tory had no option
64 How metro-mayors and Brexit shaped the Tory party's blue-collar strategy
65 From Covid-19 to a federal, socialist republic of Britain
66 The Prospect debate: red Tory vs blue Labour
67 Scottish nationalism is no more benign than its English equivalent
68 'Polite zeal' at Michelle Ballantyne leadership launch
69 'Conservative' or 'Tory': What's in a name?
70 Colin Kidd · Snobs v. Herbivores: Non-Vanilla One-Nation Conservatism · LRB 7 May 2020
71 One Nation Toryism has died a brutal death
72 The western miracle we cannot take for granted
73 The new Conservatism has begun
74 Independence for Not-England?
75 Kevin McKenna: Has Jacob Rees-Mogg even heard of One Nation Toryism?
76 Liberal, nuanced, cautious: is this the real Boris Johnson?
77 PM's decision to end four-nation approach revealed chasm in Union
78 STEPHEN GLOVER: Rishi Sunak's Budget wasn't just a vast splurge
79 The truth about David Cameron's progressive legacy
80 The Tory party has been hollowed out and filled with Boris Johnson's vanity
81 Brady defending Newry and Armagh seat in order to 'reject Westminster, Toryism and DUP'
82 Pitching at the centre will do the Tories no good
83 What happened to the Conservative Party?
84 Who are the One Nation Tory MPs, and what do they want from the next Conservative party leader?
85 Political bias in media doesn't threaten democracy — other, less visible biases do
86 Grant Shapps' 'beer and bingo' is the final nail in working-class Toryism
87 Rishinomics means centralisation like we've scarcely seen before
88 The Johnson revolution is decidedly un-British
89 Brexit: how to understand the sudden show of unity in the Conservative Party
90 The centre can hold, but only if it challenges the status quo
91 If the union is to survive, the left needs to shape its own bold and hopeful patriotism
92 The Tories have underestimated young voters’ anger. That could be costly
93 The myth of the working class Tory: Just three in ten voted blue
94 Sino-scepticism is becoming a defining trait of the Tory party
95 General Election 2020 – the 'necessity of left unity'
96 BoJo can give the economy back its mojo by ditching Left-wing Toryism
97 By Embracing Its Radical Program Labour Can Win
98 On P.E.I., a 'different breed' of conservative government — are they 'green Tories?'
99 It’s time for John Tory to show Toronto what kind of leader he actually wants to be
100 The radical lessons of William Wordsworth