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1 Apple’s new iPad Air fingerprint sensor would be ideal for the iPhone 12
2 iPhone 12 should steal iPad Air's new Touch ID, which is perfect for COVID-19 times
3 This is the new iPad Air, with Touch ID built into the power button
4 Apple wins fresh patent for under-display Touch ID
5 All-screen iPad Air to skip Face ID, Apple Watch could be redesigned in 2021
6 Unexpected New iPad Air Touch ID Upgrade Rumored For September 10
7 Apple rumored to add biometric Touch ID to next iPad Air
8 Hands-on videos showcase colorful new iPad Air design, Touch ID in the top button, more
9 Apple granted patents for under-display fingerprint biometrics and Face ID upgrades
10 Every iPhone owner should change these 8 settings right now
11 Apple iPhone 12 release may be coming soon: 3 features we want to see
12 Grab a Fully Unlocked iPhone X with Face ID, A11 Bionic, 4K Video Recording for Just $400
13 Apple is bringing Face ID and Touch ID to the web with Safari 14
14 Man Bypasses iPhone 11 FACE ID With 3D-Printed Mask
15 The eighth-generation iPad is a fine choice for casual users
16 Should you buy the new iPad Air? Here’s how the iPad lineup compares
17 How will Apple replace FaceID now we’re wearing masks?
18 What Apple's next iPad could bring
19 Your guide to all the security settings in iOS 14
20 iPad Air 4: Release date, price, and everything you need to know
21 Safari gaining Face ID and Touch ID support to bypass usernames and passwords with new API
22 Google Drive adds Face ID and Touch ID protection on iPhone and iPad
23 How to quickly disable Face ID and Touch ID on iPhone and iPad
24 iPhone: How to improve Face ID with a mask
25 Apple’s Macs might get Face ID, as potentially revealed by code in macOS Big Sur
26 Facebook's Rolling Out Touch ID and Face ID Lock Options for Messenger
27 iPhone: 5 Reasons Face ID Is Better Than Touch ID (& 5 It's Not)
28 Apple iPhone 12 Report Reveals Feature That Could Solve The Face Mask Problem
29 Safari’s new update can tell which websites have tracked you in the past
30 Facebook testing Face ID and Touch ID lock for Messenger app on iOS
31 iOS 14 Problems: 5 Things You Need to Know
32 How to set up Touch ID on the iPhone SE
33 Apple to make unlocking with a face mask easier in iOS 13.5 — but I just want Touch ID back
34 Facebook Messenger adds another chat feature that iOS needs for Messages
35 Face ID With a Mask? Here's How to Unlock Your iPhone in the Age of COVID-19
36 How to Temporarily Disable Face ID or Touch ID on Your iPhone
37 Rumor: Apple developing Touch ID fingerprint biometrics for Apple Watch, Series 2 will not support watchOS 7
38 iPhone antithesis gets glowing reviews
39 Cisco: How Real is a Passwordless Future?
40 How to quickly disable Touch and Face ID on your phone
41 Which iPhones have Touch ID and the Home Button
42 iPhone: How to change passcode, skip Face ID to enter passcode, more
43 iPhone Face ID doesn't work with masks. Here's a solution.
44 Apple can solve our Face ID mask woes by stealing one of Android’s best features
45 How to lock Facebook Messenger on iPhone using FaceID or Touch ID
46 Samsung copied Apple's Face ID and Touch ID icons in its CES keynote
47 New York’s MTA wants safer COVID-19 iPhone unlocking, and so should you
48 Forget iPhone 12: The iPhone 13 could bring back Touch ID with a huge upgrade
49 When will Android phones finally catch up with Apple's Face ID?
50 Apple could eliminate iPhone's notch and Face ID for 2020 flagship
51 Apple finally reveals Face ID 'fix' so you can keep your face mask on
52 Apple’s Killer Feature Returns To New iPhone 12
53 Protect Scotland app: Here's how to check how many people you've come into contact with
54 Samsung's less expensive Galaxy S20 FE is 'very much a response' to the pandemic
55 Apple wins patent for under-display Touch ID, already uses tech in MBP 16
56 Kuo: Apple to release iPhone with both Face ID and under-screen Touch ID in 2021
57 Apple iPhone 12 Could Come With Turbo-Charged Touch ID
58 Comment: In-screen Touch ID potentially signals a backward step ahead
59 This Is the Quickest Way to Disable Face ID or Touch ID in a Pinch
60 How to Enable Google Drive Face ID, Touch ID Security on iPhone or iPad
61 Does The 2020 iPhone SE Have Face ID? Here's How To Unlock The Device
62 Touch ID Will Return in 2021 iPhone Power Button: Report
63 Apple's Web Authentication API will bring Face ID and Touch ID to websites
64 How to add HomeKit items to Control Center in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14
65 How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on iPhone
66 Apple patent describes both Face ID and Touch ID on the same iPhone; Face ID on an Apple Watch
67 New Apple Patents Herald The Return Of A Much-Loved iPhone Feature
68 Apple announces biometric upgrades for MacBook Pro, Face ID mask bypass
69 Apple Face ID updated in iOS 13.5 for face-mask wearers
70 Apple Touch ID Flaw Could Have Let Attackers Hijack iCloud Accounts
71 Touch ID returns for new iPhone SE as OnePlus fingerprint biometric vulnerability found and patched
72 Apple Reveals How Touch ID Can Return To The iPhone
73 How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone With Face ID or Touch ID
74 Donald Trump is not a fan of Face ID on iPhone
75 Apple Silicon iMac — Imagining the ultimate all-in-one
76 Does the new iPhone SE 2020 come with Face ID?
77 How to set up Face ID on your iPhone for better security
78 Apple rumored to be considering Face ID biometrics for next macOS
79 Notchless iPhone with in-screen Touch ID could be top-end 2020 model – report
80 Supply chain reports say Apple developing in-screen Touch ID, will ditch Face ID by 2021
81 Apple says Face ID is coming to more devices, but Touch ID continues
82 When will Face ID come to Mac?
83 Apple 'iPhone 12' Rumoured To Have 'Ultrasonic Touch ID'
84 C’mon Apple, stop making me choose between avoiding Coronavirus and easily unlocking my iPhone in China
85 Face ID, Touch ID unlocks can't be compelled by law enforcement, rules federal judge
86 iPhone 12 rumored to include enhanced Face ID biometrics, AR goggles expected in 2022
87 How Secure Are Face ID and Touch ID?
88 How to use Face ID on an iPhone
89 Face ID Not Working? This Setting Could Fix It
90 Apple working on biometric identification beyond Touch ID and Face ID
91 Apple patents potential new Face ID biometrics system, to launch face recognition to iMac
92 iPhone X Face ID versus Touch ID — which is faster?
93 How to secure Google Drive using Face ID or Touch ID
94 The Unicorn Visa? The X1 Card? A New Breed of Futuristic Credit Cards Is Vying for Your Wallet
95 Rumors claiming iPhone 12 will have a Touch ID sensor under the screen suddenly make a lot of sense
96 2021 iPhone to Have Capacitive Touch ID-Enabled Power Button
97 Keep WhatsApp chats secure with Face ID or Touch ID [Pro tip]
98 How to unlock iPhone with Face ID while wearing a face mask
99 Apple Promotes Face ID as Even Easier and More Secure Than Touch ID in Humorous New iPhone Ad
100 Latest Apple Rumor Hints Face ID Coming to New iPad Air