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1 A dad with Tourette syndrome is using TikTok to show how he parents with the condition
2 Laval teenager with Tourette syndrome struggles to get driver’s permit
3 Dad with Tourette's becomes a Tiktok hit after he shows the reality of living with the condition
4 Tourette Syndrome Market: COVID 19 Pandemic Results Vigorous Expansion by 2019-2026
5 Did NXIVM Find a Cure for Tourette's? Keith Raniere Claims to Have It
6 'It's like Tourette's, but in my head': how George Ezra highlighted the poorly-understood 'Pure O'
7 Tourette Syndrome Treatment Market Dynamic Revenue 2020, Business Forecast, Global Analysis by Size, Key Trends, Comprehensive Analysis by Top Leader And Industry Forecast by 2026
8 Electric current helps dampen tics in people with Tourette's syndrome
9 A teenager on TikTok said her Tourette Syndrome makes her shout anti-police slogans like 'ACAB'
10 Community calendar: Sept. 27-28
11 Tourette Syndrome: What You Need To Know To Be An Ally At Work
12 Students with special needs face virtual learning challenges
13 Carolyn Hax: How can I stop my stepchild’s constant humming? Hmm . . .
14 Guest column: Important to restore funding for Tourette's Syndrome support
15 Impact of Italian lockdown on Tourette's syndrome patients at the time of the COVID‐19 pandemic
16 Smoking Weed When You Have Tourette Syndrome
17 Tourette syndrome influencers use platform to educate, face backlash
18 An updated overview of the complex clinical spectrum of Tourette syndrome
19 Meadowlark student with Tourette syndrome turns to sports, creative arts and thrives
20 Teva's Austedo Fails a Pair of Tourette Syndrome Trials
21 'Oliver Sacks: His Own Life' review: A moving portrait
22 “I woke up with Tourettes”: What is it and what causes it?
23 Promising New Treatment for Tourette Syndrome
24 Awakenings and amphetamines: Moving Oliver Sacks documentary looks back
25 MMA fighter Amir Khan wanted to run away from Singapore and never come back
26 TikTok User With Tourette's Reveals How Adopting a Dog Changed His Life
27 Self-Help Group NXIVM Once Claimed It Could Cure Tourette's — How?
28 Dollars 4 Tic Scholars: Money for college students with Tourettes
29 Young New Zealander Uncle Tics opens up about life with Tourette's syndrome
30 Local teen to raise national awareness for Tourette Syndrome
31 Golf has come easily to high-schooler Griff McCrary. Controlling his Tourette’s, and being accepted, has not
32 Advocates rally in DC for the Tourette Association of America
33 Is my 7-year-old too young to be dealing with depression, in this week's Care and Feeding for Slate Plus members.
34 People with Tourette syndrome call for compassion as coronavirus pandemic panic exacerbates their condition
35 Tourette's poses no setback for EOD Airman
36 Britain's only teacher with Tourette's branded 'inspirational''
37 ADA suit of fired worker with Tourette's syndrome reinstated
38 Child finds relief from tourette’s using medical marijuana
39 Petrolia family trekking for Tourette syndrome awareness
40 An oral splint that can reduce Tourette syndrome tics: Oral device effectively reduces motor and vocal tics in patients with Tourette syndrome
41 'Tourette's is my superpower – I've used it to forge a TV career'
42 O'Reilly Auto Manager to Get New Tourette's-Accommodation Trial
43 Banner Sun Health partnership earns Tourette 'Center of Excellence'
44 Teenager, 19, reveals challenges she faces baking with Tourette's syndrome
45 [Digital Simplicity] What Cartman missed when he faked Tourette syndrome
46 Tourette Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment, and Diagnosis
47 Youth Advocate Speaks to Law Enforcement about Tourette Syndrome
48 Common genetic link between autism and Tourette's impairs brain communication
49 I Have Tourette's and He's on the Autism Spectrum. Here's How We Have Sex
50 'It's just something I have': Police officer with Tourette Syndrome hopes to inspire others
51 Teva Drug Fails to Beat Placebo in Pediatric Tourette Patient Trials
52 Teen with Tourette's shares eye-opening video of her struggles
53 Uncle Tics: Hamilton man with Tourette Syndrome becomes an accidental star
54 Billie Eilish and Tourette's: our new study reveals what it's really like to live with the condition
55 Watch as tiny shocks 'turn off' Tourette tics
56 13-year-old aspiring sportscaster interviews soccer star Tim Howard about similar experiences with Tourette Syndrome
57 The very odd couple and a defining Hebridean odyssey
58 Rental Opportunity of the Week: Not a Living Space, But a Big Weird Shelf
59 This Girl With Tourette Syndrome Shared A Video Of What Eating Dinner Is Like For Her
60 TV presenter diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome after he started sniffing loudly
61 Mother, 47, who developed adult Tourette's admits she is reduced to tears
62 Trek for Tourette's goes virtual with the #UntraditionalTrek
63 BHS sophomore receiving training to be an ambassador for Tourette Syndrome
64 The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'
65 Wallace State golfer’s battle with Tourette’s featured at
66 Kevin Wilson's Novel 'Nothing To See Here' Offers Insight Into Tourette's : Shots
67 Student speaks on living with Tourette syndrome | News
68 Tourette campaign shows syndrome's younger face
69 The Mum Who Got Tourette's review — I swear this family should have their own series
70 Teva's Austedo flunks in late-stage paediatric Tourette study
71 PHS student selected as ambassador for Tourette Association of America
72 Teacher with Tourette's who screams foul-mouthed abuse 'bullied' to leave by adults
73 Researchers uncover genetic gains and losses in Tourette syndrome
74 New AAN Guideline: Treating Tourette Syndrome and Other Chronic Tic Disorders
75 TV presenter AIDY SMITH reveals mental tricks used to beat the tics of Tourette's
76 Pittsburg teen to advocate for people with Tourette Syndrome at nation's capital
77 Yale study uses real-time fMRI to treat Tourette Syndrome
78 South Jersey teen shares how Tourette Syndrome gave her self-advocacy 'superpower'
79 Tourette's Syndrome presents unique challenges during coronavirus
80 Denison teen injured in horse riding accident out of surgery, in a coma
81 Tourette's, Tics Tied to Cardiometabolic Risks
82 'My child has Tourette Syndrome': A mum's story of resilience
83 Teacher with Tourette's who shouts 'Billy ball bag' at pupils stars in new documentary
84 I refused to let Tourette's syndrome stop me from becoming a TV star
85 TikTok Teen With Tourette’s Fights Accusations of Faking It
86 World Series Champ Jim Eisenreich Didn’t Let His Tourette Syndrome Stop Him From Playing Baseball
87 Jefferson Sophomore Doesn't Let Tourette's Keep Her Down
88 Policeman with Tourette's takes virtual bike ride to help kids with the condition
89 Ketamine may hold potential as treatment for autism and Tourette's
90 Tourette's: Behavioral Tx Before Drugs, Says AAN
91 Jamie Grace On Her Uplifting Song "Marching On," Life With Tourette's Syndrome And The Transformative Power Of Gospel And Contemporary Christian Music
92 This teen created a superhero with Tourette syndrome named Twitcha to help young people embrace their differen
93 Teen with Tourette syndrome tics triggered by mom uses CBIT
94 Stark teen embraces role as Tourette Association ambassador
95 Tourette syndrome: Finally, something to shout about
96 Tic Disorders in Kids Are Often Overlooked: How to Spot the Signs
97 The Mum Who Got Tourette's leaves viewers divided
98 A note from Ed: Taking leave due to Tourette's
99 Mum who got Tourette's at 40 makes anti-Semitic slurs and can't help saying 'c***'
100 Queensland woman with world's worst Tourettes embraced her condition and fulfilled dreams