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1 How COVID-19 has changed the way we give birth
2 Sex ratio gets worse with 2nd, 3rd births: Study
3 Staffer slams hospital, opposes controversial childbirth changes
4 Experts predict baby boom to eclipse postwar era
5 We read books to my daughter from birth, which enriched all our lives
6 Variations in use of childbirth interventions in 13 high-income countries: A multinational cross-sectional study
7 Wednesday, March 3, 2021
8 Harry and Meghan to have a baby girl
9 Review: Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica S. Olson
10 One in four NSW babies now born by elective caesarean
11 Flexible work arrangements help women, but only if they are also offered to men
12 First Edition: March 3, 2021
13 Lucknow zoo’s female hippo’s condition worsens
14 Teen Undergoes One-In-A-Million Surgery At Northwell Health
15 V (formerly Eve Ensler) on Biden, feminism and why she was wrong to cancel her father
16 Sophie White book: 'Drinking was my rotten baby'
17 COVID in Alabama: How mothers struggled, yet thrived, during pandemic
18 Left Occiput Anterior Position in Labor and Birth
19 Kareena Kapoor wishes stepson Ibrahim Ali Khan on birthday, calls him 'handsome'
20 How Is Godaddy's Initiatives And Policies Are Empowering Their Women Employees Across Various Segments?
21 Seven things I'd like my readers to know about me by Jennifer Anton
22 Dozens Protest Ahead of Derek Chauvin's Trial Over George Floyd's Death
23 Why UK midwives stopped the campaign for 'normal birth'
24 The natural birth cultists care little about leaving women in agony
25 1,300 people pack Amsterdam dancefloor for COVID research
26 Failure to cut medical intervention rates in childbirth
27 California lawmaker says school reopening delays 'a big part of' Newsom's recall effort
28 Accountant faces pressure to turn on Trump in criminal probe
29 Surrogate mother can avail maternity leave: HC
30 Charges pending in fatal three-vehicle crash near St. Pauls
31 Cephalic Position: Understanding Your Baby's Presentation at Birth
32 Should women need to 'consent' to a natural birth?
33 I wrote this while having an epidural
34 Baby Blues: How Long They Last and What You Can Do
35 Fire at migrant facility in Yemen kills at least eight, U.N. says
36 Rangers Fans Amass Outside Ibrox Stadium to Celebrate League Championship Win
37 When experts disagree: The best approach to giving birth
38 Police: Man shot in Pembroke in stable condition, charges pending
39 Assessment of the validity of the measurement of newborn and maternal health-care coverage in hospitals (EN-BIRTH): an observational study
40 Mother gives birth to healthy baby but dies of COVID-19 before she can hold him
41 It’s too late for my son, but the end of the campaign for ‘normal birth’ is welcome
42 What Sleeping Position Will Help Turn My Breech Baby?
43 38 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms Not to Ignore, Labor Signs, More
44 Detroit mother, 33, gives birth to healthy boy then dies of COVID-19 before holding him
45 Oblique Lie: Causes, Risks, Avoiding a Cesarean, and More
46 Biden’s Proposed Legislation Is Next Step Along Immigration Reform Path
47 Ian Wright on white privilege, forgiveness — and growing up in a violent home
48 Rising trend of caesarean sections in Kashmir
49 More screen time linked to binge eating in kids
50 Vatican foundation announces program to support Christians in Iraq
51 'They didn't respect me as a mum': Women sue doctors over birth trauma
52 What Does It Mean to Be "Skinny Pregnant"? Risks, Tips, and More
53 Women’s Day, March 8: A gender-equal society – Audrey Friggieri
54 UAE confirms 2692 new COVID-19 cases, 16 deaths in last 24 hours
55 Pope will likely use armor-plated car in Iraq: Spokesman
56 What Does It Mean to Have a Sunny Side Up Baby?
57 'How could they not tell me?': Women kept in dark about risks of vaginal births
58 Online reported women's experiences of symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse after vaginal birth
59 Revealed: Sydney hospitals with high rates of caesarean, forcep births
60 Midwife researcher Priscilla Hall encourages women’s personal power in labor
61 Hope from Tiraspol
62 'It's harmful': Mothers say it's time to stop talking about 'normal birth'
63 Postpartum Rage: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
64 Rising caesarean rate undermines natural birth push
65 Explainer: vaginal birth after caesarean
66 Women have the right to know about injuries of vaginal birth beforehand
67 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce birth of first child Daisy Dove Bloom
68 Study looks at childbirth experiences during COVID-19 in the USA
69 Giving birth can come with staggering out-of-pocket costs
70 Degraded and helpless: An Indian woman details the horrors of a "normal birth"
71 Tilted Cervix: Causes, Symptoms, Health Concerns & Treatment
72 Prevalence of and reasons for women's, family members', and health professionals' preferences for cesarean section in China: A mixed-methods systematic review
73 Mums declare war on push for ‘normal’ births
74 Cut the odds of C-section with help of Su-Jok
75 How To Increase Baby Weight: Breastfeeding, Formula, and Solids
76 VBAC, is normal delivery possible after caesarean? Doctors say yes
77 The natural childbirth movement has a lot to answer for
78 Pregnancy Happiness: 13 Tips for Making the Most of Your Pregnancy
79 Worried about negative thoughts as a new parent? You're not alone
80 'I'm jealous of women with perfect pregnancies and easy births'
81 C-section in Pakistan; a need or a business
82 The effect of childbirth no-one talks about
83 Fear of litigation is a key factor in decision to perform C-sections: Study describing views of 9008 clinicians offers insight into factors influencing rising rate of C-sections
84 Primitive Reflexes: What They Are, What They Mean, and More
85 Why Giving Birth Is Safer in Britain Than in the U.S.
86 Newborn in drain: mother followed best practice protocols leaving hospital early
87 A “good birth” goes beyond having a healthy baby
88 Informed birth decisions hindered by lack of information: Expert
89 Exercises You Can Do Right After Having a Baby (It's Not What You Think!)
90 Pregnant Mom Dies From Coronavirus After Giving Birth To Son
91 Laura Downey: Childbirth in the UK—it's time to be honest about what the NHS can deliver
92 Swelling in Pregnancy: When to Worry (and What's Perfectly OK)
93 What week does baby dropping happen?
94 Best TV births, ranked worst to best
95 When You Give Birth, Your Body … Rips. That Might Suck a Little Less if We Talked About It More.
96 Babies, not burgers: why we need better-designed labour wards
97 India progresses towards eliminating vertical transmission of HIV but is not there yet
98 Pain Relief in Labor: Unmedicated vs. Medicated Birth
99 The case for a vaginal birth after a Caesarean
100 Uzbekistan