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1 45 years of Martin Scorsese masterpiece ‘Taxi Driver’: The curious case of Travis Bickle
2 #25. 'Taxi Driver' (1976) | Entertainment
3 Taxi Driver at 45
4 'Taxi Driver' at 45: Jodie Foster proud film called attention to child sexual exploitation
5 How Bruce Springsteen inspired Martin Scorsese film ‘Taxi Driver’
6 Taxi Driver: 10 Reasons Travis Bickle Is The Quintessential Antihero
7 Upcoming Robert De Niro Movies: What's Next For The Hollywood Legend
8 Watch these films/shows before they leave Netflix this month: 'Sex and the City' to 'Inception'
9 When a Soundtrack Becomes Beautifully Contrary to Violence on Screen
10 Satyajeet Dubey quotes Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver as he shares monochrome pics
11 Revisiting Scorsese's Shutter Island
12 Best on Netflix: The Top 9 Thrillers
13 Why Do We Believe the Whole Universe Is Made Like Us?
14 'Saint Maud' spoilers: Why that horrifying ending will 'take you aback,' and what it all means
15 Redbrick Recommends: Films to Stream
16 From Brad Pitt to Robert DeNiro: The 10 greatest anti-heroes in film
17 ‘For All Mankind’ Star Joel Kinnaman Kicks Off New Season Of IMDb’s ‘Movies That Changed My Life’
18 The 25 best films set in New York City
19 That Time Rorschach Was Given a Lift By Travis Bickle From Taxi Driver
20 10 Movies To Watch If You Love Silver Linings Playbook
21 TAXI DRIVER Technically Takes Place in DC's WATCHMEN
22 The 10 Best Dramatic Performances From '70s Movies | ScreenRant
23 'Coming 2 America' Almost Included a 'Nutty Professor' Cameo
24 The Truth About Casting Winona Ryder In 'Heathers' | TheThings
25 “You Talkin’ To Me?!”: The Story Behind Robert De Niro’s Famous Line
26 “Southland Tales: The Cannes Cut”: still bizarre, still flawed, still shining
27 Martin Scorsese, his best films – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines
28 Spree review – shallow social-media Taxi Driver
29 Martin Scorsese Birthday Special: From Robert De Niro’s Travis Bickle to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, 11 Fantastic Characters That the Legendary Director Has Given Us (LatestLY Exclusive)
30 “Taxi Driver”: Travis Bickle's psychology
31 Taxi Driver: 10 Most Iconic Moments, Ranked | ScreenRant
32 Russell Crowe’s Road-Rage Thriller Unhinged Isn’t Worth Getting COVID-19 For
33 10 Films To Watch If You Like Taxi Driver | ScreenRant
34 Everything Joker Steals From Taxi Driver | Screen Rant
35 Taxi Driver: “There is no escape.” -Travis Bickle
36 David Arquette Calls Spree Taxi Driver For The Instagram Age
37 Robert De Niro's Absolute Best And Worst Movies
38 The Dark Knight: Why Heath Ledger’s Joker is Still Scary Today
39 Film Review: 'Taxi Driver' – The Paisano
40 Stan Lee Was a Comics Saint Who Thought He Was a God
41 Bickle Is an Underground Favorite Making Interstellar Pop Songs
42 Facts About Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver'
43 Hollywood Rewind | Taxi Driver: An acute portrayal of loneliness and post-war effects on the human psyche
44 The Boys: Why Homelander's Go-To Movie is Taxi Driver (Hint: It's White Male Privilege)
45 Robert De Niro likens Trump to ‘Taxi Driver’ character Travis Bickle
46 You Talkin' To Me?: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Taxi Driver
47 Taxi Driver & 9 Other Neo-Noir Masterpieces | ScreenRant
48 Taxi Driver (1976) vs. Joker (2019)
49 How Robert De Niro actually got an official cab driver licence for ‘Taxi Driver’ role
50 The Ending Of Taxi Driver Explained
51 Column: Autism on screen is only depicted properly when there are flaws in the individual
52 On this day: American actor Robert De Niro was born
53 'Taxi Driver' retains power Movie review: You might see this film differently after two decades, but if Travis Bickle bothered you the first time, he'll do it again in a remastered version at the Charles.
54 Taxi Driver (1976)
55 God’s Lonely Men: ‘Taxi Driver’ in the Age of the Incels
56 Real estate transactions for Sunday, March 7, 2021 | Business & Economy |
57 Rewatching Taxi Driver in the Age of Joker
58 Martin Scorsese: 5 Reasons Why Goodfellas Is His Best Crime Movie (& 5 Why Taxi Driver Is A Close Second)
59 15 Most Memorable Quotes From Taxi Driver | ScreenRant
60 New Book 'You Talkin To Me?' Delves Into New York Accent
61 The parallels between 'Taxi Driver' and the incel movement
62 What Joker misses in Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy
63 Meet Saint Maud, cinema's first female incel
64 Robert De Niro: 'I'd like to see where Travis Bickle is today'
65 Raging Bull: 5 Ways Jake LaMotta Is De Niro's Best Character (& 5 Alternatives)
66 Which Martin Scorsese Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
67 Here's the amazing story behind one of the most famous lines ever uttered in a movie
68 Martin Scorsese film ‘Taxi Driver’ directed by Woody Allen
69 Tim Blanks’ Top Fashion Shows of All-Time: Junya Watanabe Men's Autumn/Winter 2006 | Fashion Show Review, Tim's Take, Tim Blanks’ Top Fashion Shows of All-Time | BoF
70 10 Things You Never Knew About The Making Of Taxi Driver
71 How to talk yourself into better food choices
72 Taxi Driver: the awkward teen of US cinema
73 Martin Scorsese Has Two Cameos In Taxi Driver: Where To Spot
74 Medicom Toy Goes Anti-Establishment With Travis Bickle BE@RBRICKs
75 The War With Grandpa’s Oakes Fegley Names His Favorite Robert De Niro Film, And It’s Violent
76 The Masculine Oversight of ‘Taxi Driver’
77 David Fincher says Joker was 'a betrayal of the mentally ill,' slams major Hollywood studios
78 Goodfellas: 5 Ways It's Scorsese's Best Movie (& 5 Alternatives)
79 5 Movie Assassins Who Are Better Than Those In Assassin's Creed (And 5 Who Are Worse)
80 Think you know everything about Robert De Niro? Think again…
81 Join Travis Bickle for Taxi Driver's big screen return at Rhyl Little Theatre
82 La Haine and the truly great screen rebels
83 The Five Rules of Success, PVT Chat, Time of Moulting and Wildland: The 2020 Fantasia Festival
84 Of Taxi Drivers + .44 Magnums
85 Watch: See The Streets Of New York City Through Travis Bickle’s Eyes In This ‘Taxi Driver’ Supercut
86 10 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Scorsese Movies
87 Robert P. Cohen, Assistant Director on 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Back to School,' Dies at 76
88 Kaleem Aftab: Channelling Travis Bickle to trash Trump and showbiz sleaze
89 Robert De Niro’s Long-Wanted ‘Taxi Driver’ Sequel Remains Dead, Even After ‘The Irishman’
90 10 Movies With Terrifying Protagonists To Watch If You Like Nightcrawler
91 Profiling the life of film director Martin Scorsese
92 Travis Bickle from 'Taxi Driver'
93 ‘Teacher’ lets David Dastmalchian channel his inner Travis Bickle
94 High Score
95 The Travis Bickle Effect
96 Saint Maud review: a terrifying horror movie held back by a stuffy approach
97 Defining the Decade: not your average 80s biopic
98 Martin Scorsese: Ranking All The De Niro, Pesci & Keitel Performances He Directed
99 Martin Scorsese’s best movie cameos cover a wide range of tones
100 Taxi Driver: A Look at NYC’s Inglorious Past