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1 Veterans' Corpses Found Rotting in Chicago VA's Morgue?
2 Fact Check: Medal of Honor winner disinvited from Marine Corps ball
3 Medal of Honor Recipient Banned from Marine Corps Ball for Criticizing Obama?
4 Did Rashida Tlaib Celebrate the Holocaust, Say It Gave Her a 'Warm Feeling'?
5 General James Mattis is the leading contender for the post of secretary of defense
6 The U.S. Army Says Captain America Is Owed Even More Money Than We Thought
7 World’s Most Dangerous Laptop Is On Sale For $1.2 Million
8 Double amputee Army vet climbs 2,800-step incline for vet suicide awareness
9 Chris Wallace Grills Dem Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on Stalling Support for Impeachment: ‘The Public Apparently Isn’t Buying It’
10 Anonymous Message To White Nationalist Extremists
11 People in Oregon are having to pump their own petrol and they can't cope
12 15 Photos That Change The Way We See Tesla | TheThings
13 The truth behind your Orlando shooting hoaxes, theories and conspiracies
14 Veteran-owned clothing company releases Betsy Ross Flag T-shirt in response to Nike controversy
15 A member of the Force! Chewbacca recruits officers for the Fort Worth Police Department in hilarious video
16 Why Did YouTube Shut Down One of the Most Popular Gun Channels?
17 SitRep: U.S. Tanks in Putin's Backyard; Stealth Planes to South China Sea
18 The Battle of the Beams
19 Killing of Gorilla at US Zoo Causes Uproar
20 Liar For Jesus: 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Was A Fraud
21 25 A-List Celebs Who Refuse To Fly Economy | TheTravel
22 Why You Shouldn't Use Transgender Pronouns
23 Despite affordable housing aid like PR1MA and PPA1M, average Malaysians still can’t buy them
24 Hundreds attend Black Lives Matter demos in Cork, Dublin and Galway
25 What Happened When This Couple Had Sex EVERY DAY For An Entire Year
26 Watch :Man Hits Boy To The Ground After 9 Year Punches Man Repeatedly
27 Report: Enough Guns Sold on Black Friday to Arm Every Marine
28 'War on Cops': High School Students Aim Toy Guns at SWAT Team Actors in City Where Cops Killed
29 Verizon Worker Rescues Stranded Cat From Utility Pole. Gets Suspended
30 We Asked Pakistanis Their Biggest Kitchen Disasters, Here Are 13 Of The Most Entertaining Ones
31 Six Years Ago Today SEAL Team Six Likely Used This Gun to End Osama bin Laden