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Result Content Idea Research
1 Calvin Trillin
2 Calvin Trillin on True Love and Being a Good Man
3 Donald J. Trump, MD
4 Temper, Temper
5 Class Notes, by Calvin Trillin
6 Fifty Years of Friendship with Larry Kramer
7 Tough-Talking Trump
8 Calvin Trillin takes on playwriting, and maybe wishes he hadn’t
9 Wartime President
10 Calvin Trillin Plumbs Memory as He Tells Us About Alice
11 My Hand-Washing Journal
12 Harold Evans, Fleet Street editor, 1928-2020
13 Donald Trump: Confederate From Queens
14 Mike Pence as Chief of the Coronavirus Task Force
15 July 27, 2020 | The New Yorker
16 Calvin Trillin on the Scariest Word
17 North Bergen, N.J.: Reasonably Priced and Minutes From Manhattan
18 Review: In ‘Jackson, 1964,’ Calvin Trillin Reports on Race
19 Calvin Trillin defends his Chinese food poem in the New Yorker
20 Trillin's essays on race resonant, decades later
21 George Washington and the Cherry Tree—Updated
22 Jessica Hecht to Star in a New Play by Calvin Trillin
23 “Have They Run Out of Provinces Yet?” by Calvin Trillin
24 Earth Lost a 'Staggering' 28 Trillion Tonnes of Ice in Just 23 Years
25 Birtherism 2.0
26 Trump Reveals His Real Reason for Having Suleimani Killed
27 Calvin Trillin: By the Book
28 'Family Man' Author Calvin Trillin on Fatherhood, Lessons From His Dad, and Trump's Parenting Style
29 REVIEW: 'Jackson 1964,' by Calvin Trillin
30 Lindsey Graham, Legal Scholar
31 Writer Calvin Trillin dishes about civil rights, Judaism and the art of reporting
32 Reliefer
33 Barr Drops the Case Against Flynn
34 Robert Loomis, editor of Angelou, Styron, dies at 93
35 New York's Most Exclusive Food Tour, With Calvin Trillin
36 Sunday Reading: In Appreciation of New York City
37 REX NELSON: The Delta hot tamale
38 An Anthology, And A Life, Full Of 'Funny Stuff'
39 The Vote to Acquit Trump
40 Calvin Trillin Marches Back to the Civil Rights Movement
41 The Democratic Presidential Field
42 Calvin Trillin wins Thurber humor award
43 NYC Bagel Chain Black Seed Brings Montreal Flavor to Bushwick
44 Calvin Trillin Visits Russ & Daughters Café
45 BWW Review: Calvin Trillin's ABOUT ALICE Is A Warm, Witty and Wondrous Valentine
46 The Removal of Lt. Col. Vindman (and His Brother) From the White House Staff
47 ‘About Alice’ Theater Review: Calvin Trillin’s Wry, Rueful Look at His Late Wife
48 Calvin Trillin's 'Jackson, 1964' shows historical consistency of American racism
49 ‘Don’t be a slave to trends if they get in the way of a good meal’
50 Murder, He Wrote
51 Sunday Reading: Racial Injustice and the Police
52 Calvin Trillin writes Chinese food poem, makes Internet mad
53 His Trusty Sharpie Pen
54 About Alice By Calvin Trillin
55 Sunday Reading: Manhattan Sketches
56 Sunday Reading: An Appetite for Great Chefs
57 Read Reviews for About Alice Off-Broadway
58 Clubhouse Eats: Big Cedar Lodge’s burnt ends are slow-cooked bites of beefy goodness
59 People Are Furious Over a New Yorker Poem About Chinese Food
60 New Air Force Anthem
61 About Alice Runs at Brooklyn's Polonsky Shakespeare Center Through February 3
62 'Dogfight,' a Presidential Race in Verse, by Calvin Trillin
63 Larry Kramer demanded his memorial plaque be nowhere near Ed Koch's
64 Tribute to Cardee Kilpatrick | Flagpole
65 When ‘All Thumbs’ Becomes a Compliment
66 What Cynthia Ozick Taught Me About My Grandfather
67 For Some Asian-Americans, Calvin Trillin's Chinese Food Poem Is Unappetizing
68 Long Before Calvin Trillin, Chinese ‘Safe Treyf’ Came With a Side of Jewish Racism
69 America on the Downhill Slope
70 Robert Loomis, who edited Angelou, Styron and Morris, is dead at 93
71 William Barr’s Handling of the Mueller Report
72 Opinion | Wall Street Smarts
73 On Trump Asking China to Investigate the Bidens
74 ‘Bluffing Texas Style’ Review: Forgeries and Fires
75 No real change over 50 years in US race relations, says ‘seg beat’ writer
76 'About Alice' Revives a Familiar Character and Life
77 Calvin Trillin's New Yorker poem “Have They Run Out of Provinces Yet?” was bad satire.
79 Novelists, Comedians, and HBO Stars Toast Calvin Trillin at the 2010 Moth Ball
80 The College-Admissions Scandal
81 'Jackson, 1964' sheds light on some very dark chapters of US history
82 Mike Pompeo Implies That a Reporter Who Pressed Him Can’t Locate Ukraine on the Map
83 Calvin Trillin's 'Killings' returns to print — with new stories of murder
84 In generational wars, don’t forget about Gen-X | Letters
85 Trump’s Justification for Giving His Son-in-Law a Security Clearance
86 The delicious escapism of reading a ‘foodoir’
87 Taking a Closer Look at a Mural From 1968's Resurrection City
88 Robert Loomis, editor of Maya Angelou and others, dies at 93
89 Kansas City Barbecue 2020: Where There's Smoke…
90 Sabbath Gasbags, Speak Up
91 Sunday Reading: Culinary Journeys
92 White House Revelations
93 Writer's Notebook: Flavel demise was long and often painful
94 Calvin Trillin Remembers Donald Uhrbrock
95 A Presidential Negotiating Stance
96 ACI
97 How the 'only family' argument is used against Indigenous families
98 Who’s Going to Tell Trump?
99 Gay Talese, Calvin Trillin, and Twitter’s Inescapable Toxic Streak
100 'New Yorker' Writer Calvin Trillin Touts P.S. 3's West Village Spirit