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Result Content Idea Research
1 Head of Libya's Tripoli government says he wants to quit by end of October
2 The Turkish Connection: Libyan Plane Destined for Baku Left Tripoli
3 The killing fields of Libya's Tarhuna
4 Libya's defense ministry condemns armed clashes in Tripoli
5 Tripoli-based Hor: HCS ignored us in favour of Aqila Saleh
6 After ousting a renegade warlord, Libya’s pro-government forces turn on one another
7 Suicide bombing targets security patrol west of Tripoli
8 Kidnapping and murder of Tripoli woman sends shocks of insecurity through capital |
9 Tripoli's acute power cuts: some areas without power for four consecutive days – making life ''unbearable'' |
10 UN: Libya rivals reach preliminary pact on prisoner exchange
11 The Ship That Stopped 7,000 Migrants, and Smuggled 700,000 Cigarettes
12 Libya: Armed Groups Violently Quell Protests
13 From Tripoli to Tripoli, Turkey's Real Aim Is Egypt
14 Tripoli militias clash in Tajura suburb, Serraj Defence Minister orders their dissolution and referral of commanders to Military Prosecutor |
15 UN says Libyan rivals have restarted military talks in Egypt
16 Haftar forces bar civilian plane from landing in Sabha
17 U.A.E. Boosted Arms Transfers to Libya to Salvage Warlord’s Campaign, U.N. Panel Finds
18 Five Tripoli municipalities demand supply of urgent power stations |
19 HS SPORTS: Weekend Recap for Volleyball and Cross Country – Mix 94.7 KMCH
20 Explosion at west Tripoli checkpoint is alleged ''suicide bomber'' |
21 A Month After Bonhomme Richard Burned, New USS Tripoli Arrives in San Diego
22 Protests in Tripoli against latest decisions made by Al-Sarraj
23 Turkey: Maritime agreement between Tripoli and Ankara 'red line'
24 USS Tripoli Arrives in San Diego
25 Arrest warrants issued for Tripoli protests shootings, one under arrest; 13 out of 21 Tripoli demonstrators released – 8 still held for questioning |
26 Libya's western-based army opens enrolment |
27 Fleeing chaos and hardship, Lebanese have begun braving perilous seas
28 Lebanese take to the sea — risking their lives to reach Europe
29 Al-Sarraj tells UN General Assembly GNA kept "aggressor" out of Tripoli
30 Transport committee and Turkish company assess damage to Tripoli International Airport: feasibility of old contracts assessed; new contracts considered |
31 Erdogan weighs next moves in Libya after Sarraj's departure
32 Daily Business Report-Sept. 22, 2020
33 On September 23, Tripoli Celebrates Its Liberation From The Turks
34 Libya's rival sides restart military, security talks, UN says | Daily Sabah
35 Anger in Libya’s Benghazi over power cuts, living conditions
36 Explosion in western Tripoli believed to be terrorist suicide attack
37 Rivals factions of Libya's police, military hold talks in Egypt | | AW
38 Calls for More Protests in Tripoli, Benghazi to 'Save Libya' from Corruption
39 Russia, China blocking report into Libya conflict arms embargo violations
40 Libya: New evidence shows refugees and migrants trapped in horrific cycle of abuses
41 Advisor to Libyan Parliament Speaker: Egypt has the right to take part in fighting terrorism in Libya
42 Libyan tanker Badr continues to be illegally detained in Bulgaria since 2017 – despite court rulings |
43 More road closures with burning tyres in protest at continued acute power cuts |
44 Shared experiences: Philippines, Libya eye stronger defense cooperation over Daesh
45 Why the United States Shouldn't Sell Jets to the UAE
46 AEK Larnaca and Asteras Tripoli, our Wolverhampton
47 UN: At least 16 drown in migrant shipwreck off Libya coast
48 Libya: When Muammar Gaddafi played political football
49 GECOL board member arrested on corruption charges |
50 Libyan Forces Aligned With Tripoli Government Take Key Base From Rivals
51 Lebanon's Economic and Governmental Collapse Sparks an Exodus of Despair
52 Russian-Backed Libyan Commander Retreats From Tripoli
53 Cyprus: Asylum Seekers Summarily Returned
54 Tunisian fruit shipments to Libya continue by sea freight, as land border trade remains blocked |
55 Tripoli and rival parliament announce Libya cease-fire
56 Libya: Turkish troops help clear landmines in Tripoli
57 Thomas Burchers Obituary
58 Libya: Apparent War Crimes in Tripoli
59 Libya: Tripoli hospital attacked by 'Haftar's missiles' | News
60 Libya: Three killed in Tripoli shelling blamed on Haftar's forces
61 Tripoli Power Struggle Prompts Egypt Visit by UN Special Libya Envoy
62 Libyan Rivals Announce a Truce in the Battle for Tripoli
63 Libya's GNA arrests top officials over corruption
64 UN-supported Libya gov't takes back Tripoli area from rivals
65 Forces aligned with Tripoli government advance along west Libyan coast
66 Libyans celebrate after gov't retakes key city near Tripoli
67 Libya: GNA retakes military camps near Tripoli
68 Tripoli residents who fled war come home to mines, IEDs
69 Idlib to Tripoli: Turkey moves to dominate eastern Mediterranean
70 Libyan deminers clear Tripoli of hidden threats
71 German minister in Tripoli to press for end to Libyan war
72 Libyan army takes district in Tripoli
73 Several killed in Tripoli mortar attacks by Haftar's forces: GNA
74 'If your child is hungry, you will eat your rulers to feed your children'
75 Second America-Class Amphib USS Tripoli Commissions
76 Fighting rages near Libya's capital amid push by rebel army
77 Libya arrests Daesh/ISIS cell west of Tripoli
78 Timeline: Haftar's months-long offensive to seize Tripoli
79 Libyan official: Tripoli forces seize another key town
80 Tripoli government suspends Libya talks after Haftar attacks Tripoli port
81 End of Tripoli siege raises fears of full-scale proxy war in Libya
82 Fighting rages as Libya force pushes toward key western city
83 Italian foreign minister visits Tripoli for talks with GNA head
84 The War for Tripoli Is Over, But New Battles Loom
85 Libya's Tripoli government imposes COVID-19 curfew after protests escalate
86 Libya War Escalates as Health Care System Crumbles
87 Libya: Haftar mines injure 3 children south of Tripoli
88 Can Libya's Khalifa Haftar pull back following Tripoli defeat?
89 Tripoli bombardment forces evacuation of patients from hospital
90 Tripoli government 'to boycott' Arab League talks on Libya
91 Tripoli government rejects rebel general's ceasefire offer in Libya
92 Libya conflict: Tripoli, two tales of one city
93 Libya: Italy refuses to choose between Tripoli and Haftar
94 Libyan forces loyal to Tripoli government try to build on military momentum
95 Libya: Banned Cluster Munitions Used in Tripoli
96 Haftar's aggression on Tripoli displaced 500000: Gov't
97 Fighting Stalls After 'Final Assault' on Libya's Tripoli Fails to End War
98 US accuses Russia of planting mines, IEDs around Libya's Tripoli | Daily Sabah
99 Fighting in and around Tripoli shuts 210 schools, depriving over 115,000 children of their education
100 Container ships sent to Tripoli to keep Lebanon supply lines running