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1 Ex-Presidents fill leadership vacuum as Trump ignores worsening pandemic
2 Trump Delivers 46-Minute Diatribe on the 'Rigged' Election From White House
3 How should Facebook and Twitter handle Trump after he leaves office?
4 How YOLO will Trump go?
5 Trump looms over Georgia's high-stakes Senate races, worrying Republicans
6 Pro-Trump legal crusade peppered with bizarre blunders
7 President Trump has discussed possibility of pardons for family members, sources say
8 Democrats seek disciplinary investigation for Trump lawyer who called for violence against former election cybersecurity official
9 Trump is said to be livid at Barr, with one official suggesting termination possible
10 President Donald J. Trump to Award the Medal of Freedom to Lou Holtz
11 Lawmakers Barrel Ahead On Defense Bill Plans, Balking At Trump Veto Threat
12 What's Ivanka Trump's next move?
13 Why Trump Might Just Fade Away
14 Nevada doctor rebukes Trump’s retweet suggesting photo of covid medical unit was fake: ‘I was disappointed’
15 Lawyers say Trump administration has handed over new data that will help reunite separated migrant families
16 Census delay could scuttle Trump's plans to exclude immigrants
17 Trump's stunning abdication of leadership comes as pandemic worsens
18 Trump attorney issues call for violence against truth-telling former election cybersecurity official
19 Defense bill snagged in Trump's war on social media protections
20 Trump finally signals a White House exit as huge challenges loom for Biden
21 The Trump You've Yet to Meet
22 Trump to FDA: Why is Europe beating us on vaccine?
23 Trump campaign files federal lawsuit against WEC, several mayors
24 Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from Trump administration
25 First Lady Melania Trump Unveils the 2020 White House Christmas Décor
26 Trump Is Rapidly Becoming Irrelevant
27 Trump's legal absurdities force more Republicans to speak out
28 Giuliani pushes Michigan lawmakers to intervene in election
29 President Trump's Risky Refusal To Concede
30 Trump undercuts American democracy as he clings to power
31 Unprecedented Election Drama Is Driven By Trump's False Claims
32 Trump stages corrosive attempt to undermine votes as his path to 270 evaporates
33 Judge throws out Trump rules limiting skilled-worker visas
34 Behind the scenes, Trump frustrated with his legal team's maneuvers
35 Alarm grows over Trump administration acting 'more akin to a dictatorship' as he denies election defeat
36 Why Joe Biden's broken foot reveals how different his White House will be from Donald Trump's
37 Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on
38 Trump's team prepares for election fight to end in December
39 ‘Loser’: How a Lifelong Fear Bookended Trump’s Presidency
40 Trump's legal defeats pile up while his attacks on Georgia's election system raise GOP concerns
41 How Michael Flynn perfectly explains Donald Trump's presidency
42 Michael Flynn was first. Can Trump pardon himself, his children, and Rudy Giuliani?
43 How to Understand Trump’s Democrats
44 Remarks by President Trump During an Update on Operation Warp Speed
45 Trump's failure to work with Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads
46 GOP silence on Trump's false election claims recalls McCarthy era
47 Donald Trump has left the world stage. Few will miss him
48 Supreme Court seems skeptical of Trump's census plan
49 Trump's endgame comes into view
50 What Trump faces on Jan. 20, 2021
51 Trump’s Latest Gambit
52 25 former D.C. Bar presidents: Lawyers should not be complicit in Trump’s attack on democracy
53 Trump’s latest Fox News rant was one of his most dangerous. Republicans can’t ignore it.
54 Remarks by President Trump on the Election
55 Trump Using Last Days to Lock In Policies and Make Biden’s Task More Difficult
56 Trump's effort to steal the election is done
57 Five factors that helped US democracy resist Trump's election onslaught
58 EXCLUSIVE: Details Revealed in Trump's Lame-Duck Pentagon Budget Draft
59 Trump's baseless claims of Georgia voter fraud spark fears among Republicans
60 Trump has told people he has no plans to concede even if his path to victory is blocked
61 In a Fox News interview, Parscale blames Trump’s lack of coronavirus empathy for his election loss.
62 As America Awaits a Winner, Trump Falsely Claims He Prevailed
63 As Trump wrestles with defeat, pardons loom for allies -- and himself
64 Trump's refusal to accept loss puts transition work on hold as inner circle remains split
65 Denial, and Resignation, From Trump and a Handful of Aides
66 Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat while plowing forward with legal fight
67 As Trump Refuses to Concede, G.O.P. Remains Divided
68 What’s Next for Trump? The Family Business Awaits His Return
69 Trump, who never admits defeat, mulls how to keep up fight
70 Trump's monumental sulk: president retreats from public eye as Covid ravages US
71 Trump’s power on Twitter, Facebook will outlive his presidency
72 Trump Says He Will Keep Fighting as Aides Doubt Path Forward
73 Fact check: Trump delivers the most dishonest speech of his presidency as Biden closes in on victory
74 Trump's ousting of officials and elevation of loyalists could have lasting effects
75 As an ex-president, Trump could disclose the secrets he learned while in office, current and former officials fear
76 Trump privately plots his next act — including a potential 2024 run
77 Text of statement from President Donald Trump
78 Should Trump Be Prosecuted?
79 Remarks by President Trump on Delivering Lower Prescription Drug Prices for All Americans
80 Trump’s Refusal to Concede
81 News anchors forcefully call out Trump for prematurely declaring victory
82 Trump had a very bad Friday in court with his election cases. They're headed for more action next week
83 Trump’s lonely G-20 marks a fitting end
84 Trump campaign loses 3 cases challenging ballots after dropping its lawsuit in Michigan
85 Trump campaign planning messaging blitz to fuel unsupported election questions
86 US election: Trump says Biden won but again refuses to concede
87 Trump's election fight includes over 40 lawsuits. It's not going well.
88 Trump administration, preserve evidence of what you've done
89 How Trump's fundraising could benefit his post-White House political life
90 What Makes Trump’s Subversion Efforts So Alarming? His Collaborators
91 Trump’s Legal Farce Is Having Tragic Results
92 Chris Christie calls Trump's legal team a 'national embarrassment'
93 Fact check: No evidence supports Trump's claim that COVID-19 vaccine result was suppressed to sway election
94 Trump Looms Large Now, but Maybe Not Forever
95 Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory
96 Trump’s Legal Team Sets a Precedent for Lowering the Bar
97 Trump's loss is the mirror image of his win
98 The ending of Trump’s presidency echoes the beginning — with a lie
99 Trump’s post-presidency will be cluttered with potentially serious legal battles
100 In Georgia, Pence Sidesteps Trump False Claims