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1 We shouldn’t forget which Australian commentators carried water for Trump
2 Restoring Environmental Rules Rolled Back by Trump Could Take Years
3 EPA pledges to regulate PFAS in drinking water on Trump’s last full day
4 Donald Trump Confronts the Scourge of Efficient Hot Water Heaters and Furnaces
5 Trump’s big policy win: Stronger showers, faster dishwashers. It’s something almost no one asked for.
6 Biden Halts Oil and Gas Leases, Permits on US Land and Water
7 Senate Republicans throw cold water on Biden's immigration proposal
8 Scientific panel with U prof hopes review of Trump water rules gains traction with Biden administration
9 EWG News Roundup (1/8): EWG Calls for President Trump's Removal From Office, PFAS Detected in 100 Ohio Water Systems and More
10 Georgia election: Donald Trump's phone call fact-checked
11 ‘Blood cheaper than water’: Outrage over Trump Blackwater pardons
12 Friday letters: Phosphorus in water, herd immunity, school worker vaccinations, and Trump not responsible
13 Trump EPA takes last-minute actions on PFAS
14 Trump's environmental legacy could impact the Inland Northwest for years to come
15 'That person cannot be trusted': Top comms execs throw cold water on ex-Trump staffers' job prospects
16 Live Updates: Biden Halts Oil And Gas Leases On US Land, Water For 60 Days
17 Trump leaves office facing mounting debt, devalued assets
18 Trump made lying about the environment an art form, so we drew 10 of his biggest whoppers
19 Trump rehashes debunked claim about 'suitcases' of ballots in Georgia phone call
20 Trump made $3M mistake in commuting paperwork for Kwame Kilpatrick
21 Court rejects Water Board's rule to resist Trump
22 Trump's EPA team overrules career scientists on toxic chemical
23 The “Daily Digital Debrief” Flint Water Crisis, Portland buses, Trump’s last day
24 Trump signs spending bill that could send millions of dollars to the Salton Sea
25 Biden Declares the Border Wall Dead on His First Day
26 Beyond Trump: How to restore faith in our system
27 Birkie leader in hot water over Trump email
28 Trump promises $3.7 billion of Puerto Rico water and sewer aid
29 Trump signs federal funding measure, bringing clean drinking water to Navajo Nation
30 1600: Dr. Fauci is feeling liberated with Trump gone
31 Fact check: Trump falsely suggests improper 'voter dump' as count continues in Georgia
32 Frisco pastor urges followers to keep guns loaded, stock up on food and water before Biden inauguration
33 The Trump economy left Black Americans behind. Here’s how they want Biden to narrow the gaps.
34 Trump had a parting gift for Chicago and Lake Michigan
35 Trump signs appropriations bill including Everglades and Treasure Coast water projects
36 Biden ethics order marks departure from Trump administration
37 Sues EPA Over Rules Allowing Another Generation of Children to Drink Tainted Water From Lead Pipes | NRDC
38 Canton receives over $1 million for Water Treatment Plant Improvement project
39 Draymond Green Sounds Off on Trump and American Racism: 'Time's Up'
40 TRUMP LEGACY: Fossil-focused policies failed to hit brash energy goals
41 Biden Administration Begins Comprehensive Review of Trump-Era Environmental Rules
42 Bureau of Reclamation Announces Trump Administration Advances Western Water Storage Projects – Includes Sites Reservoir, Shasta Dam, Delta-Mendota Canal and Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir
43 Biden pumps the brakes on more than 100 Trump environmental policy decisions
44 What the Biden Administration Should Do To Protect Children From Toxic Pesticides
45 Exclusive: Trump advisor calls on Congress to approve Biden's rescue plan
46 Here are the Trump environmental rule changes that Biden might target
47 Trump's Twitter ban renews calls for tech law changes by many who don't get tech or the law
48 Biden's Executive Orders Aim to Reset Trump's Disastrous Policies. Here are the Highlights.
49 Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 17
50 WESTERN: Meet the new folks who will determine how much water trickles down to the Valley
51 California Forum: Letter writers take on Trump’s failed coup, COVID-19 and wild horses
52 EWG News Roundup (1/15): Follain Commits To Support Black-Owned Brands, Trump EPA Announces 11th-Hour Toxic Rollbacks and More
53 As Trump's Tenure Comes to a Close, Feds Put a Nail in Jordan Cove LNG Project's Coffin
54 Trump Loosens Water Efficiency Rules For Showerheads, Washers, Dryers
55 Facebook’s oversight board to rule on Trump ban
56 Tank Noodle Staff Receive Death Threats Over Owners’ D.C. Trump Rally Support
57 A Plan Made to Shield Big Tobacco From Facts Is Now E.P.A. Policy
58 Biden’s actions on climate essentially will be opposite Trump’s
59 Hope for the Tongass National Forest
60 Southern California law enforcement girded for Inauguration Day protests, but few materialized
61 Without Your Donation, The Trump Presidential Library Won't Have The Water-Slide It So Deserves
62 Super Bowl Prep; Trump-Tagged Manatee; FL Capitol Plot: FL News
63 What Has the Trump Administration Meant for Water?
64 Why Trump Is Right to Worry About That Glass of Water
65 Donald Trump's water problem
66 Trump in final parting shot hits Venezuela with sanctions
67 Trump administration looks to ease showerhead water flow rules
68 Former Michigan Governor Charged in Flint Water Crisis
69 Why Trump Drank Water At A Rally To Address Health Concerns
70 'Comes out beautiful': Trump administration rolls back dishwasher water conservation rules
71 President Trump Signs Executive Order on Modernizing America's Water Resource Management and Water Infrastructure
72 Trump administration finalizes rollback of showerhead standards
73 President Donald J. Trump Is Committed to Conserving and Improving America's Environment
74 Trump has won the only war he ever cared about
75 Where Did Trump Get the Idea That Americans Have the Cleanest Water?
76 Dutch police use water cannon on anti-government protesters
77 Water tank from Mughal era found in Fatehpur Sikri
78 Outdoor pools are allowed open — so why are so many still shut down?
79 Slidgo X8 electric scooter review: Solid tires, removable battery pack, and water resistance Review
80 Trump Demonstrates Show of Force Against Dihydrogen Monoxide
81 Trump’s West Point Stumbles Aren’t the Problem
82 Hiltzik: Trump shows ignorance again on water and fires
83 More Join Attack on Trump Water-Rule Rollback
84 Report: Donald Trump, Grifter Incarnate, Charges Taxpayers for Water He Drinks at Mar-a-Lago
85 The President's quest for 'perfect' hair starts with the shower
86 21 state attorneys general sue over new Trump water rule
87 ‘The water was relentless’: How Storm Christoph brought night of trauma to flooded Cheshire village
88 Musk offers $100 million prize for carbon capture technologies
89 Trump Said Water Protections Hurt Farmers. An Earthjustice Attorney Fact-Checked Him.
90 Trump's new interest in water resources — why now? | TheHill
91 Trump signs 2 environmental orders focusing on trees, water
92 CIF State update: Athletes in some sports will be required to wear a mask during competition
93 Trump defends struggles lifting glass of water and walking down ramp at West Point
94 Trump complains about water pressure in showers, dishwashers and toilets in campaign speech
95 TRANSITION: How Biden could undo Trump's water regulations
96 New smart aerogel extracts water from air without needing power
97 Trump Administration Goes After Clean Water Act
98 Trump’s EPA rewrote the rules on air, water energy. Now voters face a choice on climate change issues
99 Trump Lashes Out at Everyone After a Week in Quarantine
100 Trump struggles to lift glass of water during ‘60 Minutes’ interview