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Result Content Idea Research
1 In Trump and Biden, reality and fantasy collide on Thanksgiving
2 Trump finally signals a White House exit as huge challenges loom for Biden
3 Biden Gains Votes In Recount Of Milwaukee County Requested By Trump
4 Transition Highlights: Appeals Court Rejects Trump Election Challenge in Pennsylvania
5 A Rush to Expand the Border Wall That Many Fear Is Here to Stay
6 Trump-Biden transition live updates: Harris laughs off idea of Trump running in 2024
7 Latest news on the Trump-Biden transition: Live updates
8 Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many fires to put out
9 Where Trump beat the stuffing out of Biden
10 Trump in denial over election defeat as Biden gears up to fight Covid
11 Trump's failure to work with Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads
12 Biden's mistake about Trump
13 Biden widens lead over Trump in critical Pennsylvania
14 Trump says for the first time Biden won the election but later insists he's not conceding
15 Trump Using Last Days to Lock In Policies and Make Biden’s Task More Difficult
16 Trump and Biden battle for the Midwest as virus surges
17 Biden: Trump refusal to concede 'an embarrassment'
18 After Trump, Biden Faces Pressure to Stand Up to China by Embracing Taiwan
19 Trump meets with top election advisors as Biden's lead endures
20 Trump fires top election security official; Biden names senior staff
21 Biden focuses on Pennsylvania while Trump hits 5 states in final Sunday
22 GOP pollster says the Trump-Biden race comes down to 3 states and Biden only needs to win 1
23 Biden defeats Trump for White House, says 'time to heal'
24 Frantic final push for Trump and Biden on last day of 2020 campaign
25 In Georgia, Republicans juggle Biden win and Trump loyalties
26 Biden plans executive actions that would undo Trump's policies
27 Biden wins Pennsylvania, becoming the 46th president of the United States
28 Trump has set a hidden trap for Biden. It could do great damage.
29 Biden solidifies U.S. election win, Trump says 'time will tell' if he stays in power
30 Biden says Trump's actions are 'an embarrassment' but won't impede transition effort
31 Trump, Biden campaigns head into final weekend
32 Biden looks to career officials to restore trust, morale in government agencies | TheHill
33 How the Trump administration's roadblocks could cause problems for Biden
34 Trump officials hold first 'Operation Warp Speed' briefing for Biden
35 Like Trump, Biden Will Embrace Executive Orders
36 Tight Trump-Biden race hinges on 5 battleground states
37 Biden defeats Trump to win White House, NBC News projects
38 FAQs about Trump, Biden and the election
39 Biden transition barrels forward while Trump administration stalls
40 What a Trump or Biden win for president means for U.S. automakers
41 Trump, Biden Locked in Close Election Contest
42 Trump, Biden compete in Midwest battlegrounds
43 Biden and Trump Are Locked in Tight Race as Uncounted Votes Remain
44 Top Republicans Are Silent on Biden Victory as Trump Refuses to Concede
45 What a Trump or a Biden win would mean for the Middle East
46 Millions of votes still being counted as contest between Trump and Biden narrows to key states
47 Biden moves closer to the presidency as Trump launches legal challenges
48 Joe Biden Becomes First Democrat In 28 Years To Win Georgia; North Carolina Sticks With Donald Trump – Update
49 Obama, Bush Presidential Transitions Show Value Of Coordination
50 Biden says Trump’s lack of cooperation in transition means ‘more people may die’
51 Who voted for Trump, Biden? Area city, township results vary dramatically
52 Biden Aims to Appoint Liberal Judges After Trump’s Conservative Push
53 Analysis: In a moment of truth for America, Biden leads with facts while Trump leads with feelings
54 Donald Trump’s statement in full after Joe Biden declared winner
55 Election 2020 results: Biden chips away at Trump lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia margin razor thin
56 Today's Trump, Biden Polls Entering Election's Final Hours
57 Saudi Arabia preferred a Trump win. Their fears of a Biden presidency may be well-founded
58 Election results live: Biden wins the presidency, defeats Trump
59 How will the post-Trump, Biden era shape TV and movies?
60 Trump strikes out in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania ballot challenges, Biden's lead more secure
61 Joe Biden, in victory speech, says, ‘This is the time to heal in America’
62 Trump, Biden and the Tough Guy, Nice Guy Politics of 2020
63 Biden, Flipping Michigan and Wisconsin, Says It’s ‘Clear’ He Will Reach 270
64 Denied Briefings by Trump, Biden Meets With Former National Security Officials
65 Biden finds support among Republicans as Trump scrambles to salvage his strategy to contest the election
66 Iran’s political establishment faces a serious test of will. So will Joe Biden.
67 Election 2020: Trump, Biden hold dueling Florida rallies
68 Neither Trump Nor Biden Drink Alcohol
69 READ THE FULL STATEMENT: Trump Responds to Biden Being Projected as Winner
70 Trump, Biden Results Overshadowed by 'Too Early to Call'
71 Biden, poised to win 2020 race, declares mandate
72 FBI investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus by Trump supporters
73 E.P.A.’s Final Deregulatory Rush Runs Into Open Staff Resistance
74 Here's how a Biden or Trump presidency would affect your personal finances
75 Georgia announces hand audit
76 DOJ eyes GOP claims of illegal votes in Nevada, Pennsylvania, as Trump refuses to concede to Biden
77 A messy Trump-Biden transition will derail desperately needed stimulus
78 Politics Chat: Trump, Biden Make Final Campaign Appearances
79 2020 Presidential Election Results: Live updates as Trump, Biden race to win 270 electoral votes | MAP
80 Win or Lose, Trump and Biden’s Parties Will Plunge Into Uncertainty
81 Trump, Biden Make Final Pitches on Eve of Election
82 Highlights From President-Elect Joe Biden's Transition: November 10, 2020
83 Biden leads Trump by 11.4 percentage points in Hofstra poll
84 Biden under pressure to remove Trump transgender military ban quickly | TheHill
85 Fact-checking the ‘final arguments’ of Biden and Trump
86 US election results: Trump sues as path to victory over Biden narrows
87 AP VoteCast: Trump, Biden coalitions show race, class divide
88 Biden predicts a win, promises to unite as Trump goes to court
89 Trump-Biden transition live updates: Biden to get 1st presidential briefing Monday
90 Trump, Biden and Covid Vaccines
91 Donald Trump's False Victory Tour
92 How Trump's transition of power delay threatens national security and public safety
93 Biden’s national coronavirus strategy is starting to take shape—and it’s very different than Trump’s
94 Election 2020: Two broad voting coalitions fundamentally at odds
95 By how many votes did Joe Biden beat Donald Trump
96 Biden's U.S. Election Win is Welcomed in Canada
97 Trump, Biden campaigns mobilize legal teams
98 Like The Rest Of The World, Russia Waits For Trump-Biden Outcome
99 Trump’s ‘Favorite Dictator’ Imprisoned My Husband — to Test Joe Biden
100 Trump-Biden transition finally underway, but Emporia State professor worried about ongoing distrust of election system, request to 'flip' electors