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1 Like Trump, Biden Will Embrace Executive Orders
2 Trump's latest order spreads fear among government scientists
3 President Donald J. Trump Is Protecting America's Founding Ideals by Promoting Patriotic Education
4 How Trump learned to embrace the executive order, which he once called an ‘easy way out’
5 Trump's latest executive order is a head scratcher to historians | TheHill
6 Joe Biden administration likely to overturn controversial Donald Trump diversity training executive order
7 Trump signs executive order barring Americans from investing in companies that help China's military
8 Trump's New Executive Order Would Enable Government Corruption
9 Trump aides privately plot a flurry of moves in their final 10 weeks
10 Trump Signs Executive Order To Establish A 1776 Commission To Instill ‘Patriotic Education’
11 Trump Just Signed an Executive Order Letting Him Purge Thousands of Federal Workers for Disloyalty
12 Biden plans executive orders on pandemic, climate, and immigration
13 Trump's diversity training order faces lawsuit
14 Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies
15 Trump's executive order on drug rebate rule may not be binding
16 What will Trump’s executive order mean for the future of the civil service?
17 FDA staff resist executive order amid fears Trump could reshape agency: report
18 Myths and Realities About Trump's Executive Order on Race, Gender
19 Health agencies resist Trump civil service executive order
20 Reports Say Trump Executive Order on Afghan Troop Withdrawal Imminent
21 Can Biden sign executive orders before Trump transfers presidential power?
22 Trump considering order to target birthright citizenship in last weeks
23 5 workforce executive orders President-Elect Biden should cancel on Jan. 20
24 'A Huge Attack': Critics Decry Trump Order That Makes Firing Federal Workers Easier
25 Trump Weighs Executive Order to Show Support for Fracking
26 Trump appointee resigns as a 'matter of conscience' over executive order aimed at civil service
27 Trump issues executive order on fracking
28 VERIFY: Can a new president reverse executive orders from past administrations?
29 Trump executive order barring diversity training in government now faces legal challenge
30 Trump Bars Americans From Investing in Firms That Help China’s Military
31 DOD issues contract language to enforce anti-bias training order
32 Memorandum on Protecting Jobs, Economic Opportunities, and National Security for All Americans
33 Gridlock Leads To Executive Orders In The Name Of Religious Freedom
34 Trump Targets Drug Prices With 2 Orders Using International Pricing, Ending Rebates
35 Trump’s crackdown on training about white privilege draws broad opposition
36 President Donald J. Trump Is Supporting Hydraulic Fracturing and Other Technologies to Protect Our Jobs, Economic Opportunity, and National Security
37 Kyle Kulinski: Joe Biden will immediately sign executive orders to reverse Trump's actions | TheHill
38 NAACP Filed Suit Against President Trump's OFCCP Executive Order
39 Proposed Executive Order for Biden Would 'Reinvigorate' Federal Workforce, Make OPM a Cabinet-Level Agency
40 Trump Executive Order Forcing Cancellation of More Diversity Events, DOJ Groups Say | National Law Journal
41 Stanford rushes to comply with Trump executive order limiting diversity training
42 Trump’s Executive Order Would Diminish Civil Service Employment Protections
43 OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F
44 Senate Democrats introduce new bill to block Schedule F executive order
45 President Trump's executive order on diversity training forces shipyard to change course
46 President Trump's executive order a step toward holding China accountable
47 Trump Administration Executive Order Led USAID To Suspend Diversity Training : Goats and Soda
48 Union sues to block Trump executive order reclassifying civil service employees
49 Could Trump issue an executive order recognizing unborn babies as persons?
50 Legislation would block Trump executive order to change civil service classifications
51 President Trump Issues an Executive Order Prohibiting US Persons from Investing in Listed “Communist Chinese Military Companies”
52 China Tensions Persevere: Trump Issues Executive Order Prohibiting U.S. Investments in Chinese Companies
53 Trump's US investment ban aims to cement tough-on-China legacy
54 Trump's Diversity Executive Order Is Disruptive, But Not for Long
55 FEDERAL WORKFORCE: DOE advances Trump order to dismantle 'deep state'
56 Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate
57 What’s in Trump’s Latest Executive Order Against China?
58 Will President Trump Execute Order 13848? |
59 Biden Expected to Overturn Many Trump Policies on Federal Workforce
60 Bloomberg
61 President Trump Issues An Executive Order Prohibiting U.S. Persons From Investing In Listed
62 Obama White House Veterans Urge Biden To Embrace Executive Action
63 The FCC's Independence and Mission Are at Stake with Trump Nominee
64 OMB Advises Agencies on Contractors' Limiting Their Use of Foreign Workers
65 Congress, employee groups ramp up pressure to block Schedule F executive order
66 Trump blew up TikTok and now nobody knows what's going on
67 Biden has big plans for student debt relief—here are 3 possibilities to look for in 2021 and beyond
68 Agencies Begin Implementing Schedule F
69 President-Elect Biden's Potential Executive Actions: A Health Care & Life Sciences Perspective
70 Here are 10 ways Joe Biden can immediately undo Trump's executive order-driven foreign policy
71 Silicon Valley eager for Biden to reverse Trump visa rules | TheHill
72 New Trump rule could require up to $15,000 bond for travel to US
73 Two more parting shots from Trump aimed squarely at disabled workers | TheHill
74 Making a China executive order meaningful
75 Senate Legislation Introduced to Nullify Schedule F Executive Order
76 Just How Badly Does Trump Want Revenge?
77 Intel community readies postmortem on foreign interference in 2020 election
78 Trump aims to box in Biden abroad, but it may not work
79 Change is In the Air – L&E Under The Biden-Harris Administration
80 40 senators introduce bill to block Trump's civil service reorg
81 Live Market Updates: News of Treasury Pick Janet Yellen Lifts Stocks
82 Commentary: There's nothing nefarious about executive orders
83 Trump crams one last racist policy into his final days as president
84 #WorkforceWednesday: NY Travel Advisory Changes, CA's COVID-19 Exposure Notice, Executive Order Reversals
85 Duckworth, Durbin Help Peters Introduce Bill to Block Trump Order Stripping Federal Employees of Critical Protections
86 Trump Failures Worsening Coronavirus Nightmare
87 Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices With the Interests of American Workers
88 What Happens Next in Federal Labor Relations Under a New President?
89 New Executive Order Bars Certain U.S. Investments in Chinese "Military Companies"
90 Letter Urging Congress to Block Funding to Implement Schedule F Executive Order
91 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Implementation of President Trump's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship
92 Here are 7 Trump health care measures that Biden will likely overturn
93 President Trump signed an executive order and three memoranda over the weekend. Here's what they do.
94 President Donald J. Trump Is Ensuring that Americans Are Not Displaced by Foreign Workers Using Federal Dollars
95 Elijah McClain Protesters Demand Answers Following Change In Executive Order
96 President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to Promote Good Governance and Accountability Within the Federal Workforce
97 Trump signs orders aimed at extending some pandemic relief after Congress fails to reach a deal
98 Remarks by President Trump at Signing of an Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities
99 Higher ed groups ask Biden to reverse Trump orders on Title IX reform |
100 Ford CEO Farley tweets about GM 'reversing course' after it quits Trump alliance