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1 OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F
2 OMB plows forward with Trump budget despite election loss
3 How Trump is destroying the presidential transition process
4 Trump order could spark mass firings of civil servants before inauguration, lawmakers warn
5 Beyer Slams Trump ‘Sabotage’
6 Trump Has Slashed Jobs At Nearly Every Federal Agency; Biden Promises a Reversal
7 Trump administration planning to ask US Congress to fund two Virginia-class attack submarines in 2021
8 House Democrats seek list of Trump appointees "burrowing in" to Biden administration
9 Congress Sends Bipartisan ‘Internet of Things’ Bill to President Trump
10 Democrats: Trump WHO funding hold skirted federal budget law
11 Trump relents as administration begins Biden transition
12 What Biden can learn from Obama — and Trump — about managing the federal workforce
13 WHITE HOUSE: Trump admin plows ahead on fiscal 2022 budget
14 Transition Roundup: Trump Refuses to Concede; Biden Teams Prepare to Go Into Agencies
15 Trump's Team 'Will Not Have Final Say' on DOL Fiduciary Rule: Lawyer
16 The price progressives paid for getting rid of Trump: A moderate president
17 Trump races to weaken environmental, worker protections before Jan. 20
18 Trump's Pentagon Now Vetting Nonpolitical Experts
19 Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20
20 HHS Seeks Feedback on Pandemic Regulatory Actions
21 Biden Brings the Gang Back Together
22 Memorandum on Protecting Jobs, Economic Opportunities, and National Security for All Americans
23 Transition Roundup: Biden Team Makes Contact With Over 50 Agencies; Progressives Target OMB and Regulatory Affairs Picks
24 6 healthcare moves Trump could make before he leaves office
25 Trump critics say EPA should have more inspections, enforcement under Biden
26 Donald Trump’s toolkit
27 Trump dramatically changed the presidency. Here's a list of the 20 most important norms he broke — and how Biden can restore them
28 WHITE HOUSE: EPA inspector general to review diversity training ban
29 GSA Holds the Key to When or If Biden Gets Access to Full Transition Resources
30 The Trump Administration Is Giving Political Appointees Power Over Apportioning Federal Funds
31 Trump laying national-security landmines that could blow up in Biden’s face | Opinion
32 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Trump Silent as G-20 Vows Vaccine-Sharing
33 Far-left pressures Biden on administration picks
34 Trump Intends to Nominate Russell Vought for Permanent OMB Director
35 Lawmakers Seek Watchdog Briefings on Schedule F Implementation
36 Sign it, Murphy: De Blasio urges Trump official to pen letter clearing Biden transition
37 Federal agencies fall short of Trump forest protection goals
38 GSA Faces Pressure to Recognize Biden as Election Winner, Hand Over Keys to Formally Start Transition
39 Space Force to Outlast Trump as Buying Powers Impasse Persists
40 White House budget office gives political appointees more power in spending, alarming career officials
41 Trump administration denies Biden access to transition funds, echoing Bush-Gore standoff after 2000 election
42 Immigration groups hopeful and wary of Biden administration
43 Trump's Agency-Gutting Relocations Are Ripe for a Biden Reversal
45 Herd immunity by May?
46 Trump OMB nominee OK'd by Budget panel, ready for floor vote
47 White House shifts more budget authority to political appointees
48 Trump to nominate permanent director for White House budget office
49 What’s in President Trump’s Fiscal 2021 Budget?
50 Trump gets list of cannabis prisoners for clemency push (Newsletter: November 26, 2020)
51 Trump Administration Strengthens Rapid Response To Protect Western Waters Against Invasive Mussels
52 Trump's budget chief pick prepares to run confirmation gantlet
53 Office of Management and Budget
54 White House orders review aimed at blocking federal funding from places administration labels ‘anarchist jurisdictions’
55 Updated Trump Administration Goals Reveal Plans for the Federal Workforce
56 Administration Presents President Trump's Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request
57 Under Biden, We'll Still Need to Protect Social Security
58 President-elect Biden seeks a diverse Cabinet. Here's who will join his administration and who might be top contenders
59 Trump moves to end 'un-American' diversity training for feds
60 Trump's Fiscal 2021 Budget Seeks to 'Resize' the Bureaucracy
61 Trump budget nominee gets first Senate committee nod
62 Trump Tells Agencies To End Trainings On 'White Privilege' And 'Critical Race Theory'
63 Trump Signs Shutdown-Averting Stopgap Spending Bill
64 How Would Your Agency Fare Under President Trump's Fiscal 2021 Budget?
65 The Incumbent: Bending the Bureaucracy
66 Trump's OMB expands oversight over how independent agencies create rules
67 Trump Administration Issues Guidance on Overhauling Federal Hiring to Emphasize Skills Over Degrees
68 President Trump Signs Executive Order on Modernizing America's Water Resource Management and Water Infrastructure
69 White House Threatens Discipline for Employees Engaging in 'Divisive' Training, Calls for Political Watchdogs
70 Trump signs continuing resolution, averting government shutdown
71 Senate confirms Russ Vought to be White House budget chief
72 News
73 The true size of government is nearing a record high
74 Some question why White House plans to fill federal CIO, CISO roles now
75 If Trump wins reelection, his management agenda will emphasize data, emerging tech
76 Ups, downs and other major highlights from Trump’s 2021 budget request
77 Trump’s pick for budget chief unlikely to get much support from Democrats
78 Trump’s 2021 budget pledges training for 400,000 federal employees
79 Trump's Budget Director Pick to Get Virtual Nomination Hearing
80 Trump Administration Redacts Meeting Minutes on the Presidential Transition
81 The Rival: Rebuilding the Bureaucracy
82 White House Directs Agencies to Plan for Presidential Transition
83 A federal employee’s guide to Trump and Biden’s 2020 campaign platforms
84 White House seeks $45.8 billion to cover 'unanticipated' coronavirus costs for government
85 Senate Confirms Trump's Pick for Regulations Czar
86 Vought Nominated to Head White House Management, Budget Office (1)
87 Trump's Federal Personnel Point Person to Step Down
88 Trump Said 'I Alone Can Fix' Government. He Failed.
89 White House Instructs Agencies to Begin Process of Returning Some Employees to Their Offices
90 New White House Guidance Says Agencies Should 'Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions'
91 Trump's OMB nominee gets first Senate committee nod
92 Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices With the Interests of American Workers
93 Trump budget cuts funding for health, science, environment agencies
94 Trump's Proposed Budget Is Expected To Include Spending Cuts
95 Trump administration provides guidance for recent federal hiring EO
96 New executive order could strip civil service protections from ‘wide swaths’ of federal workforce
97 'Very disappointed.' Trump's science adviser has left U.S. researchers wanting more
98 Inside the White House Plan to Plant Cronies All Over
99 Trump to nominate new OPM head
100 Trump Signs Executive Order to Overhaul the Federal Hiring Process