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1 Tübingen study raises hope for effective malaria vaccine
2 University of Tübingen: Everyone benefited from the upswing before Corona
3 University of Tübingen: University initiates critical examination of its name
4 University of Tübingen: University of Tübingen is committed to research on crows
5 University of Tübingen: Ten years of Germany scholarship at the University of Tübingen
6 University of Tübingen: Study by the University of Tübingen shows the potential of online communities and reveals deficits in the digitization process in schools
7 Porsche considers battery plant in Germany
8 University of Tübingen: Kick-off event of the 3R network Baden-Württemberg
9 University of Tübingen: University of Tübingen welcomes agreement on Islamic theology
10 Is Tübingen the model German city during the pandemic?
11 Corona model projects are on brink of collapse
12 International project of PetrSU and the University of Tübingen
13 University of Tübingen: Studium Generale digital in summer
14 Scientists develop low-cost 'elephant trunk' robot using 3D printing technology
15 Sweden could have avoided four in 10 Covid deaths with early lockdown
16 Focus
17 German Town Finds a Blueprint for Lowering Covid-19 Deaths
18 Illumina and the University Hospital of Tübingen Evaluate Potential of Whole Genome Sequencing to Improve Diagnosis of Full Range of Genetic Diseases
19 VIDEO: How the German city of Tübingen is betting on Covid-19 tests to reopen public life
20 Small 3.9 quake hits near Albstadt, Tübingen Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
21 The German town that controlled coronavirus without a lockdown
22 Quake info: Light mag. 3.9 earthquake
23 Coronavirus: Sweden’s lockdown delay ‘cost 2000 lives’, study reveals
24 Tübingen scientist gets awarded with Leibniz Prize
25 University of Tübingen: Theologian Hans Küng has passed away
26 Germany from A to Z: Tübingen | All media content
27 Why one German town is lifting its lockdown despite third coronavirus wave
28 German Medical Center to Report Polygenic Risk Scores as Part of Clinical Whole-Genome Testing
29 Silcher Monument – Tübingen, Germany
30 University of Tübingen: Brief introduction to the new professors
31 UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN: Research team from DESY and the Universities of Tübingen and Siegen investigates network formation and protein dynamics
32 University of Tübingen: Nanospheres for measuring strength with cell motors
33 Former Flyer Mikesell will start pro career in Europe
34 University of Tübingen: Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastics industry
35 UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN: Hunters and gatherers, but not fishermen
36 Tübingen to be first town in Germany to tax disposable coffee cups, pizza boxes
37 UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN: So far, the oldest genome of modern humans has been reconstructed
38 Tübingen University Paleontological Collection – Tübingen, Germany
39 UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN: Leopold Lucas Prize 2021 goes to the philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels
40 Prediabetes subtypes identified
41 Electrification agreed as first step to new German tram-train network
42 Corona crisis does not deter students- University of Tübingen
43 University of Tübingen: European University Alliance CIVIS adopts University of Glasgow
44 CureVac: EU vaccine regulator begins review of German-made jab
45 Researchers at the University of Tübingen are developing digital learning platforms for innovative history lessons
46 Coronavirus: German vaccine study draws thousands of volunteers
47 Microbiologists Modify Bacteria to Produce Climate-Neutral and Rapidly Degradable Bioplastics
48 Porsche battery cell JV Cellforce Group awaits approval
49 CureVac's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, CVnCoV, Demonstrates Protection Against SARS-CoV-2 B.1.351 Variant (South African Variant) in Preclinical Challenge Study
50 CureVac Reports Positive Interim Phase 1 Data for its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, CVnCoV
51 Crows appear to have type of consciousness only seen before in humans and primates, study finds
52 Static charging system for BEMUs unveiled
53 Boston College ranked 7th worldwide in theology, religious studies
54 Housing For All / Yonder – Architektur und Design + SOMAA
55 German program using whole genome sequencing to diagnose rare diseases and cancer risk
56 Prominent German neuroscientist committed misconduct in 'brain-reading' research
57 Breakthrough Study Demonstrates Crows' Ability to Have Subjective Experiences, Just Like Humans | The Weather Channel
58 David Bruce Baker (1936-2021) | The Blade
59 Bayer Joins CureVac to Develop mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccine
60 Press release 6 July 2020 Commission and EIB provide CureVac with a €75 million financing for
61 CureVac's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Positive Results in Phase I
62 Covid: The countries that nailed it, and what we can learn from them
63 Can UVC rays render coronaviruses in aerosols harmless?
64 Schlosslabor – Tübingen, Germany
65 CureVac set to begin phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine study in healthcare workers
66 Coronavirus and newfound fame: German biotechs in the spotlight
67 TANZANIA: Moshi embarks on waste recycling with the support of Tübingen (Germany)
68 CureVac inks manufacturing deal with Wacker for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate
69 1 Article by: Paolo Tedesco
70 Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastic industry
71 Steinkind von Leinzell – Tübingen, Germany
72 Pi-Chacán – Tübingen, Germany
73 Teutonic Tesla: Elon Musk's busy week in Germany
74 Visit the German Castle Where DNA Was First Discovered
75 The Frugal Traveler Returns to Germany, Now as a Citizen
76 Coronavirus vaccine: 'Clinical tests' in Germany soon
77 Evelina Tacconelli—two viruses, two wars
78 The Eyes Have It: 20 Million Images Make TEyeD World's Largest Human Eye Dataset
79 Exposure to common cold could provide immunity to Covid-19
80 Crows Think and Solve Problems Just Like Humans
81 Germany's CureVac to launch human trial of experimental coronavirus vaccine
82 Animal rights conflict prompts leading researcher to leave Germany for China
83 Max Planck scientists criticize handling of animal-rights charges against leading neuroscientist
84 Germany Makes a Big Bet On a Covid-19 Vaccine Developer Once Coveted by Trump
85 Amazon to open visually focused AI research hub in Germany
86 Boris Palmer: the odd Green out
87 The Fall of Niels Birbaumer
88 National Geographic Unveils Historic Find With Excavation of Ancient Egypt's First Fully Intact Funeral Home
89 Ann Arbor delegates to visit Germany for 50th anniversary of sister city ties to Tubingen
90 Apidima Cave fossils provide earliest known evidence of Homo sapiens in Eurasia
91 The White House reportedly tried to poach coronavirus research from Germany
92 Egypt announces new discoveries, studies at the Mummification Workshop Complex at Saqqara
93 Backstory: How Can the Media Untwist These Contorted Narratives?
94 In Southwest Germany, Charming Day Trips From a Charming Town
95 Sixth Chamber Unearthed at Ancient Egyptian Mummy Workshop
96 Shingle-clad school by (Se)arch Architekten is around a cobbled courtyard
97 US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany
98 German researchers discover how sleep can fight infection
99 Study: Early career choices appear to influence personality
100 Nerve cells in the human brain can 'count'