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1 Tucker Carlson: 'Every story' about Jacob Blake and George Floyd is a lie
2 Tucker Carlson gives up
3 Tucker Carlson: "Every story" about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor has "at its core" been "a lie"
4 Tucker Carlson Guest Credits Future Vaccine for Lowering Current COVID Death Rates (Video)
5 Trump railed against Tucker Carlson for 45 minutes at a coronavirus meeting, former aide says
6 Tucker Carlson: Climate change is like 'systematic racism in the sky'
7 Here's what Tucker Carlson got wrong about the Kenosha shootings
8 Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Coronavirus Posts
9 Why Fox News Pays A Price To Stick By Tucker Carlson
10 Debunked COVID-19 story on Fox News, but Tucker Carlson doubles down
11 Tucker Carlson won’t let Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace
12 CNN's Brianna Keilar Fires Back at Tucker Carlson and Kayleigh McEnany
13 Tucker Carlson Argues That Breonna Taylor and George Floyd Had It Coming
14 Did Tucker Carlson Say He Was 'On Board' With Democratic Socialism?
15 Tucker Carlson questions Ginsburg dying wish, calls 'pathetic'
16 CNN is not responding to ethical lapses exposed by Tucker Carlson
17 Tucker Carlson: Billionaires, big corporations supporting riots across America
18 Tucker Carlson, who has advised Trump, slams CNN’s Zucker for advising Trump associate
19 Tucker Carlson Is Very Mad About New Oscar Diversity Rules (Video)
20 Tucker Carlson blames Trump’s 18 interviews with Bob Woodward on Lindsey Graham.
21 Petition to Remove Tucker Carlson From Fox News Surpasses 100,000 Signatures
22 Tucker Carlson accuses Silicon Valley of doing 'all it can' to support 'compliant' Democrats in election
23 Tucker denounces RBG's reported dying wish not to be replaced by Trump: 'We don't believe that for a second'
24 Tucker Carlson warns of anarchists 'working to tear down our country,' says 'we have to fight'
25 Tucker Carlson Compares Breonna Taylor Protesters To Hezbollah
26 Tucker Carlson says alleged Nashville coronavirus data 'cover-up,' other obfuscations 'unforgivable'
27 Tucker Carlson: "If we're going to survive as a country, we must defeat" Black Lives Matter
28 Tucker Accuses BLM of Lying About Breonna Taylor's Death, Gets Major Fact Wrong
29 Tucker Carlson Trashes RBG Over ‘Pathetic’ Final Wish (Video)
30 Trump calls on CNN to fire host Chris Cuomo following unsubstantiated claim by Fox's Tucker Carlson
31 Ted Cruz blocks resolution honoring Ginsburg after Tucker Carlson pushes conspiracy theory about her
32 Tucker Carlson: Media messaging on riots 'legitimately hurts the country'
33 Opinion: Fox News' Tucker Carlson is a shameful excuse for a journalist, 'spews hate'
34 Ex-Pence aide: Trump spent 45 minutes of task force meeting 'going off on Tucker Carlson' instead of talking coronavirus | TheHill
35 John Oliver shreds Tucker Carlson, the McCloskeys of St. Louis and the RNC's 'barely disguised racial panic'
36 Tucker Carlson 2024?
37 Tucker Carlson argues American scientists ignored ‘basic’ question of coronavirus pandemic: ‘Where did this...
38 Tucker Carlson vs. John Oliver, what Twitter knows about you, and Nissan's big TV push: Datacenter Weekly
39 Tucker Carlson blasts Pelosi over visit to shuttered San Francisco hair salon
40 Tucker Carlson torches Biden over 'thoroughly dishonest' remarks about violence: 'Literally beyond belief'
41 Judge Vyskocil: Tucker Carlson's “Extortion” Jab Was Hyperbole, Not Defamation
42 Tucker Carlson claims Biden, Harris are planning 'a new war' in Syria if elected in November
43 Tucker Carlson Claims BLM Is a “Hoax” As Thousands March on Washington
44 Column: A disgrace to UNC Hussman's core, Tucker Carlson fuels white supremacy
45 Tucker Carlson: “Soros has done this to the rest of us,” wants people to die and society to degrade
46 Ilhan Omar: Everything Tucker Carlson 'has had in life was given to him'
47 Carlson Names Rich CEOs Funding Supplies, Bail For Louisville Rioters
48 Tucker Carlson Gets Fact-Checked
49 Analysis: Fox News segment prompts Trump to target diversity training
50 Adam Carolla laments 'nation of cowards' created by coronavirus restrictions
51 Anatomy of a faux scandal: Right-wing media uses misleading local story to suggest coronavirus cover-up
52 Chris Rufo calls on Trump to end critical race theory 'cult indoctrination' in federal government
53 Buffalo school system teaching students to question nuclear family as part of BLM-integrated curriculum: Tu...
54 Tucker Carlson gives update on Nashville coronavirus story
55 Pelosi’s San Francisco salon going out of business, owner describes receiving 'nothing but negativity'
56 Tucker Carlson compares Black Lives Matter to Hezbollah
57 On Being Black and Conservative
58 Tucker Carlson: Biden campaign ‘surely’ benefiting from Antifa, website connection
59 Tucker Carlson's drug addiction, Jeffrey Epstein's secret marriage, and Duchess Kate's stolen dream, in this week's dubious tabloids
60 Tucker Carlson calls Ruth Bader Ginsburg's deathbed wish “pathetic”
61 AOC & Tucker Carlson Squabble Over Her Yorktown Education
62 Tucker Carlson: "I'm going to choose not to believe" Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish to not be replaced by Trump
63 Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Believe RBG’s Dying Wish to Let 2020 Victor Choose Successor: If True, That’s ‘Pathetic’
64 On Fox & Friends, Trump repeats Tucker Carlson's claim that Justice Ginsburg didn't actually say her “most fervent wish” was for the next president to replace her
65 Victor Davis Hanson predicts street violence will continue until 'we start indicting people'
66 Tucker Carlson to Take 'Long-Planned' Vacation After Blake Neff's Resignation
67 Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Loses More Advertisers
68 Advertisers Are Fleeing Tucker Carlson. Fox News Viewers Have Stayed.
69 Tucker Carlson rules Fox News
70 What's behind Tucker Carlson's mask
71 U.S. Senate race in Georgia intensifies with Supreme Court pick
72 Tucker Carlson Sells His Stake in The Daily Caller
73 Tucker Carlson Sees ‘Never-Ending Assault’ on His Fox News Show. Critics See Racism
74 Fox's Carlson called veteran a 'moron.' A closer look at his target
75 Tucker Carlson claimed the New York Times planned to expose his address. Then his fans doxed the reporter.
76 Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing
77 The recklessness of Tucker Carlson
78 Tucker Carlson, Anderson Cooper Deliver Starkly Different Messages
79 ‘Whistleblower’ Claiming China Created Covid-19 Coronavirus Has Ties To Steve Bannon
80 Tucker Carlson's Fox News show is the most popular in cable-news history. That's a shame
81 Fox News host responds after top show writer resigns
82 Something unusual is missing among Nielsen's top programs
83 Tucker Carlson Returns From Vacation To Go To War With New York Times; No Mention Of Sexual Harassment Suit & Ex-Writer’s Racist Posts
84 "Extreme Indifference to the Value of Human Life" –
85 Maine journalists under siege after false accusations from Fox News’s Tucker Carlson
86 Tucker Carlson must be outraged by Tucker Carlson
87 Fox News host Tucker Carlson stuns with comment on Kenosha shootings
88 Fox News host Tucker Carlson: Biography of a right-wing superstar
89 What Does Tucker Carlson Believe?
90 Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Blasts Alleged Big Tech Censorship: “By Offensive, They Mean The Left Doesn’t Like It”
91 Did Tucker Carlson apologize for his head writer’s racist, sexist and homophobic posts? Of course not
92 I had to call police after Tucker Carlson targeted me on air, photojournalist says
93 How Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm on COVID-19
94 Why Are Writers and Editors So Obsessed With Tucker Carlson?
95 Tucker Carlson delivers coronavirus warning as his Fox colleagues attack media's coverage
96 ‘We know where you live, beware’: The 911 call of a household put on blast by Tucker Carlson
97 Fox News Argues Viewers Don't Assume Tucker Carlson Reports Facts
98 Tucker Carlson Beats Sean Hannity as Trump Briefings Give Fox News a Boost
99 Sean Hannity Takes Issue With Fox News Colleague Tucker Carlson’s Jeff Bezos Story On-Air, Then Apologizes On Twitter
100 Tucker Carlson's guest corrects his pronunciation of Kamala Harris