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1 TypeScript 3.5 fixes ‘unbearably slow’ type-checking bug
2 TypeScript 3.5 Adds Omit Type, Smarter Union Type Checking
3 Announcing TypeScript 4.0 | TypeScript
4 TypeScript 3.5 now available with speed improvements
5 TypeScript 3.5 releases with ‘omit’ helper, improved speed, excess property checks and more
6 TypeScript 4 Released
7 TypeScript 3.5 release candidate fixes speed regressions & adds improvements
8 Microsoft releases TypeScript 3.7 with much-awaited features like Optional Chaining, Assertion functions and more
9 jQuery 3.5 Released, Fixes XSS Vulnerability
10 TypeScript 3.6 releases with stricter generators, new functions in TypeScript playground, better Unicode support for identifiers, and more
11 TypeScript programming language: Microsoft updates its JavaScript spinoff to make it more efficient
12 Static TypeScript Launched
13 jQuery addresses XSS security issue in 3.5 release
14 TypeScript 3.4 Supports Incremental Builds and globalThis
15 Go Language Tops List of In-Demand Software Skills
16 Road to Angular 9: Angular 9 is here! Check out the new Ivy compiler and runtime.
17 VS Code version 1.36: New Java installer, indent guides & more
18 Programming language Kotlin 1.4 is out: This is how it's improved quality and performance
19 VS Code Python Tool Does Multiple Interactive Windows
20 6 reasons you should be using TypeScript
21 AWS Cloud Helps Users Port .NET Framework Apps to .NET Core
22 Getting Started with PyTorch 1.5 on Windows
23 Microsoft: Power Platform is for real developers, too
24 What’s new in Angular 9.1
25 PHP 7 — New Features for Types
26 Get Your SQL Statements Right The First Time With SQL Lint
27 Investment Analyst Intern
28 Why the 8 Java primitive data types are not objects
29 Senior Software Engineer
30 Web development: So many choices to get the right fit
31 How to Update Angular Projects to the Latest Version
32 Bootstrap 5 Removes jQuery Dependency
33 Bootstrap 5.0 alpha now available
34 How to convert Python to JavaScript (and back again)
35 Best programming languages to learn in 2020
36 I am getting BSODs but no Dump Files are created
37 Google’s Dart programming language returns to the spotlight
38 38 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now
39 Preact X Adds Features, Remains Lean
40 Windows out-of-band update: Microsoft's mandatory security patch is for all versions
41 Windows 10 PC in your pocket: OneMix 1s+ is out for $600
42 Sony quietly launches its new flagship: Xperia 1 II is first Xperia with 5G
43 Ajax Control Toolkit Streamlines, Drops .NET 3.5 Support
44 Sinon Tutorial: JavaScript Testing with Mocks, Spies & Stubs
45 Android Game SDK Launched
46 Malwarebytes Constant Inbound Connection Blocking
47 sudden freeze on windows 10
48 IBM Stops Work on Swift — Q&A with Chris Bailey
49 Python Language Summit 2020
50 NativeScript, for JavaScript-Based Native Mobile Apps, Hits Version 5.0
51 Mozilla Has Money and Mentoring for Startups
52 How to write four million lines of Python: Lessons from Dropbox on using the programming language at scale
53 Inside the $6k Mac Pro, the most repairable Apple product around
54 Best JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Tools to Use in 2019
55 NumPy 1.16 is here and it’s the last release to support Python 2.7
56 cant kill services.exe child virus "access denied" on admin
57 Android, Linux smartphone-computer: Dual-screen Cosmo Communicator is out
58 Odd behavior then crazy slow
59 npm at Node+JS Interactive 2018: npm 6, the rise and fall of JavaScript frameworks, and more
60 To the future & beyond: AngularDart 2.0
62 Tighten up Your Visual Basic Code with Lambda Expressions
63 How you can replace a hot path in JavaScript with WebAssembly
64 Intermittent Micro Stutter after connecting old internal HDDs to PC via USB
65 Small Basic
66 IntelliJ IDEA progress report: 2018.3.3 brings changes to the way Raw String Literals is supported in IntelliJ IDEA
67 Progress NativeScript 5.0: hot modules & ‘playground’ code samples
68 Microsoft Releases New Event Tracing Packages
69 The 15 most popular computer languages, according to the Facebook for programmers
70 New Razr V4 flip phone: Could this be Motorola's first foldable Razr?
71 Popular Python Course Updated
72 Kickstart Coding With Endless
73 Samsung's new Windows 10 laptops: Meet MacBook Pro lookalike Notebook 7
74 restored all my backed-up data, are they infected
75 Elon Musk's new Tesla: Self-driving Model Y SUV out in 2020 from $47,000
76 Google to disk vendors: Make hard drives like this, even if they lose more data
77 Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks
78 10 Fastest Growing Programming Languages That Employers Demand In 2019
79 MS-DOS variant PC-MOS/386 reborn as open source
80 Ex-YouTube developer reveals how he 'conspired to kill IE6'
81 How we rolled out one of the largest Python 3 migrations ever
82 Improve Authentication with Windows Identity Foundation
83 Udacity Scholarships In Data, AI and Cloud Computing
84 Microsoft's One Engineering System brings Git Virtual File System to the masses
85 New 2016 iPhone SE for $249? Apple's clearance models sell out fast
86 Designing UIs for Multiple iOS 8 Devices
87 Shine Up Those Older Web Forms Applications with ServiceStack
88 Fact: Broadband really does work over a piece of wet string
89 New Raspberry Pi-like Odroid-H2 board packs Intel Gemini Lake quad-core CPU
90 The New Read-Only Collections in .NET 4.5
91 Database Synchronization with the Microsoft Sync Framework
92 DevExpress Takes over Development of the Microsoft AJAX Control Toolkit
93 Iconic Doom3 Game Now in Browsers with WebAssembly: Q&A with Gabriel Cuvillier
94 Atom 1.40 Beta / 1.39
95 $1,000 iPad Pro vs $3,000 2017 MacBook Pro: Speed tests say it's a close call
96 Samsung mocks Apple fans' blind loyalty despite iPhone X notch, no headphone jack
97 C# Corner: Working with Windows 7 Jump Lists
98 From the Archive: Uncensored 'From Here to Eternity' found
99 What's New in C# and .NET 4
100 Some performance issues and can't run MalwareBytes after install