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Result Content Idea Research
1 TypeScript 3.8 adds type-only imports and exports
2 TypeScript 3.8 adds support for ECMAScript private fields & top-level await
3 TypeScript 3.8 beta adds support for ECMAScript private fields
4 TypeScript 3.8 Adds Private Fields and Top-Level Await
5 Angular 9.1 Adds TypeScript 3.8 Support and Faster Builds
6 Babel 7.9 Reduces Bundle Sizes, Adds TypeScript 3.8 Support
7 Prettier 2.0 Supports Typescript 3.8, Improves CLI
8 TypeScript 3.8 is now available
9 VS Code 1.43 ships with TypeScript 3.8.3 and full-sized Search Editors
10 news digest: TypeScript 3.8 RC, .NET Interactive and new developer features from Postman
11 Code formatter Prettier 2.0 improves CLI & upgrades to TypeScript 3.8
12 TypeScript 3.9 slashes compile times for packages
13 TypeScript 3.9 beta: Reduced compile time and editor improvements
14 TypeScript 3.9 now available
15 TypeScript 3.7 adds long-awaited optional chaining feature
16 Road to Angular 10: Angular 10.0.0-rc.2 fixes a bug and skips 10.0.0-rc.1
17 Announcing TypeScript 4.0 | TypeScript
18 TypeScript 4.0 Adds Long-Awaited Variadic Tuple Types
19 Angular 9.1 released with build speed improvements
20 ts-toolbelt Adds over 200 Type Utilities to TypeScript
21 VS Code 1.42: Jan 2020 update includes Rename preview & debugger improvements
22 Microsoft announces updates to development tools at Microsoft Ignite
23 Fastify 3.0 Improves Performance, Logging, Schema, and TypeScript Support
24 TypeScript 3.7 Adds Optional Chaining and Coalescing
25 What’s new in Angular 10.1
26 Next.js 9.5 Improves Static Site Regeneration Performance
27 Fastify Node.js Web Framework
28 Babel 7.10 Ships with Better React Tree-Shaking
29 Microsoft lead engineer: Programming language TypeScript took off thanks to Google's Angular
30 news digest: Next.js 9.3, Visual Studio 1.43 release, and Google Cloud for Student Developers
31 NativeScript 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 Releases Add Svelte, WebAssembly, KotlinJS and Performance Improvements
32 Microsoft TypeScript 3.7: Programming language beta lands with all these features
33 Weekly Review: JavaFX 14, NetBeans 11.3 & ten advantages of Clojure
34 Top 10 Java stories of March: Java 14, Concurnas, Clojure & more
35 Java on VS Code now comes with Syntax Mode and SonarLint support
36 Jest 24 Improves TypeScript Support, Plans Migration to TypeScript
37 Microsoft introduces Pyright, a static type checker for the Python language written in TypeScript
38 Weekly Review: Jakarta EE 9 release plan and JDK 14 enters Rampdown Phase Two
39 Deno Loves WebAssembly
40 Could TypeScript replace JavaScript? Use of programming language spin-off soars
41 Programming language popularity: Python overtakes Java – as Rust reaches top 20
42 Microsoft's VS Code 1.45 is out: GitHub integration plus JavaScript debugger update
43 Angular 9 Released with Ivy as Default Rendering Engine
44 Microsoft's TypeScript programming language rising fast, almost makes top 10
45 How To Install Pop Shell On Ubuntu 20.04? Use Pop!_OS Auto-Tiling Manager
46 Angular 8, an Incremental Improvement to the Angular Framework
47 What’s new in Angular 9.1
48 JavaScript creator Eich: My take on 20 years of the world's top programming language
49 Python Developer Survey: 84% use Python as main language
50 Programming languages: Python and Java VS Code extensions get these new updates
51 Angular 5 Comes with Faster Incremental Compilation
52 Programming languages: Go and Python are what developers most want to learn
53 How to Update Angular Projects to the Latest Version
54 GitLab Takes Over VS Code Extension, Plans Improvements
55 Programming languages: Julia touts its speed edge over Python and R
56 VS Code gets a big update: Plays nice with macOS Gatekeeper plus lots of new features
57 Python programming language creator retires, saying: 'It's been an amazing ride'
58 What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.49
59 Top criteria that belong in a mobile app testing plan
60 On the road to Python 3.8: Assignment Expressions, Merging typed_ast and Multiprocessing Improvement
61 Python Developer Survey
62 Top programming languages to learn in 2019? Developers name their favorites
63 Creators of Python, Java, C#, and Perl discuss the evolution and future of programming language design at PuPPy
64 Mypy 0.730 releases with more precise error locations, display error codes and more!
65 Beyond Basic Angular Architecture
66 The programming languages and skills that pay the best in 2019
67 Microsoft's GitHub: 'Kotlin for Android now fastest-growing programming language'
68 Ratpack Web Framework
69 Angular CLI 8.3.0 releases with a new deploy command, faster production builds, and more
70 Free Course
71 LXD 3.11 releases with configurable snapshot expiry, progress reporting, and more
72 Google's Angular, Apple's Swift: Meet the decade's fastest-growing developer tech
73 Scripting languages slip in popularity
74 JavaScript rules but Microsoft programming languages are on the rise
75 New Governance Model For Python
76 Python Passion For Assignment Expressions
77 Google's Go beats Java, C, Python to programming language of the year crown