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1 U.S. global media chief plows ahead with changes
2 USAGM Announces Investigation Into ‘Long-term Security Failures’
3 US Court Blocks Government Media Chief from Replacing Technology Fund Board
4 Court Tells Trumpian Head Of US Agency For Global Media That He Can't Fire People From The Open Tech Fund (At Least For Now)
5 Controversial USAID White House Liaison William Maloney Leaving Post, Moving To U.S. Agency For Global Media
6 New head of US global media purges news outlets’ leaders, raising alarms
7 US-Backed 'Backbone of Internet Freedom' Entity Faces Possible Disruption
8 Bannon associate plows ahead with changes after taking over U.S. taxpayer-funded Agency for Global Media
9 Trump's broadcasting agency chief not extending visas for foreign journalists amid sweeping changes
10 Russian Decree Targeting RFE/RL and Voice of America in Russia
11 U.S. Internet freedom group alleges harassment by Trump administration continues despite thwarted takeover
12 US Broadcast Agency Didn't Thoroughly Vet Foreign Workers
13 Security Failures at USG Media Agency Prove Need to Hire Americans First | Opinion
14 Trump Media Agency Chief Blocked in Court Over Mass Firings
15 VOA Urdu Service Investigated Over Biden Video
16 The Voice of America's visa conundrum | TheHill
17 The Voice of America's One-Sided Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests
18 VOA visa decision could hobble Venezuela coverage | TheHill
19 US court blocks government media chief from replacing board of tech fund
20 Trump Stands By New Broadcasting Chief With Veto Threat
21 Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Press USAGM to Release $20M for Censorship-Evading Tech
22 For US Corporate Media, Not Intervening in Chinese Politics Is Journalistically Suspect
23 With their visas in limbo, journalists at Voice of America worry that they’ll be thrown out of America
24 Exclusive: Michael Pack Discusses Restoring America’s International Broadcasting
25 Christiane Amanpour ‘deeply troubled’ by US press freedom developments, she tells Helsinki Commission
26 CPJ sends letter to US Agency for Global Media head encouraging unbiased coverage
27 USAID’s controversial White House liaison heads to media shop
28 PEN America Supports Wyden Letter Condemning Reported Government Media Visa Decision
29 What Trump's attack on Voice of America means for diplomacy
30 Pentagon Asked to Create Service Academy for High Tech
31 US Judge Rules in Favor of CEO of US Agency for Global Media
32 Danger to Journalistic Integrity
33 Revamping American “Soft Power”: The Case for Centralizing America's Messages to the World
34 Trump Moves to Limit Foreign Workers in Federal Agencies
35 Lawsuit Contests Legality of Firings at US Agency for Global Media
36 Funding fight threatens to halt U.S. internet freedom projects
37 Trump administration is crippling international Internet freedom effort by withholding funds, officials say
38 US Global Internet Freedom Group Says Work Limited by Funding Dispute
39 The beclowning of the executive branch during a pandemic
40 Congressional leaders urge Trump administration to release funds to U.S. Internet freedom organization
41 Visa non-renewals at Voice of America raise concerns over editorial independence
42 'Wednesday night massacre' as Trump appointee takes over at global media agency
43 Inside the mass firings at the U.S. Agency for Global Media
44 US Senators to Review US Global Media Agency Funding
45 Former BBG Contracting Officer Diane D. Sturgis Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
46 Opinion: Trump administration puts the U.S., world’s journalism and reporters at risk
47 Trudy Rubin: The White House could be turning independent Voice of America into Trump radio network
48 Trump Media Agency Chief Blocked in Court Over Mass Firings (1)
49 Foreign Journalists Working For U.S. Government Broadcasters May Lose Visas
50 Democratic Lawmakers Seek More Budget Oversight in Response to USAGM Firings
51 US Department of State: Russian Decree Targeting RFE/RL and Voice of America in Russia
52 Trump Appointee Sued For Firing International Media Executives
53 Protect the Open Technology Fund
54 Democrats Investigating Why White House Ended Ban on Some Gun Silencer Sales
55 Twitter spreads paid US gov’t propaganda while falsely claiming it bans state media ads
56 Trump-appointed tech fund chief linked to multilevel marketing companies
57 Open Technology Fund Authorization Act
58 Evolved Acquires European Esports Agency to Boost Its Global Presence
59 Senator Asks Inspector General to Investigate Global Media Agency Firings
60 U.S. Broadcasting Agency Will Not Extend Visas For Its Foreign Journalists
61 Town must resolve LIPA issue now
62 This Week in Technology + Press Freedom: July 26, 2020
63 Advisers Propose Pentagon Create Service Academy for High Tech
64 This Week in Technology + Press Freedom: Aug. 2, 2020
65 Hostile new cold war imperialist narrative needs factual vaccine
66 Encryption software for dissidents could be collateral damage of budget fight
67 Senate Approves Global Media CEO Pack
68 Trump-backed US global media agency chief under fire for purge
69 US Global Media Agency Names Longtime VOA Journalist as Acting Director
70 Fixing Uncle Sam's global broadcasting arm is more important than ever
71 Federal media agency's employee review sparks fears of another staff purge
72 Unbiased and independent reporting sustains record audiences for USAGM networks
73 Five Takeaways From The Belarusian Presidential Vote
74 ENGINE Appointed Media Agency Of Record By Aruba Tourism Authority
75 US, VOA Denounce Iran’s 8-Year Prison Term for VOA Persian TV Host’s Brother
76 Michael Pack Gets Greenlight From Foreign Relations Committee To Lead U.S. Global Media Agency
77 New Ebola Outbreak In Congo Creates Unparalleled Challenges During A Pandemic
78 USAGM CEO Appoints James Miles as Acting Director of Open Technology Fund
79 Preserve OTF's integrity | Toledo Blade
80 Colorado academics and experts join battle over US Global Media agency
81 Emerging Technologies Washington Update
82 Trump's Threat to Press Freedom Is Global
83 Mike Pompeo talks as if Obama is still president
84 US Agency for Global Media
85 Digital Marketing Agency Reinvents Brand Amidst Recession
86 Budget Hawks Hatch Plan to Force US Constitutional Convention
87 The Video Call Center Grabs First Government Contract by US Agency for Global Media
88 Inside the White House, a Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers for His Former Patrons
89 Wyden disparages purge at Open Technology Fund
90 Meet the New U.S. Agency for Global Media
91 Need to Know: August 3, 2020
92 Trump's made-in-USA drug plan hits first big hitch
93 New Scandals Rock Government’s Foreign Broadcasting Service
94 Ukrainian journalists reportedly detained in Minsk, their phones turned off – media
95 WH to Senate: Act on Trump's Choice for Global Media Agency
96 In media agency shakeup, conservative groups push for Falun Gong-backed internet tools
97 She fought malaria, cholera, Ebola around the globe. Now she adds COVID to the list.
98 Trump's new global media chief fires top editor at Radio Free Asia
99 GOP senators express outrage over mass firings at global media agency led by Trump and Bannon ally
100 Former USAGM Official Sentenced to Three Months for Theft