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1 USCIRF Releases New Report about Human Rights Advocacy and the North Korea Nuclear Impasse
2 USCIRF Expresses Outrage at the Killing of U.S. Citizen Over Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan
3 USCIRF Decries Decision to Change Status of the Hagia Sophia
4 USCIRF Applauds Sudan's Repeal of Apostasy Law through Passage of New Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Act
5 US religious freedom commission urges 'more aggressive' sanctions
6 USCIRF Applauds Global Magnitsky Sanctions Against Xinjiang Entity
7 Pompeo's plan for a hierarchy of human rights could serve to undermine them all – including religious freedom
8 In Pompeo's New Hierarchy of Rights, Religion and Property, Not Humans, Are at the Top
9 Archbishop, Metropolitan join hands for religious freedom
10 2020 Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Award
11 Religious freedom is 'foremost' in unalienable rights, US commission reports
12 Essay: Pompeo's plan for a hierarchy of human rights could serve to undermine them all – including religious freedom
13 USCIRF Leaders Discuss International Religious Freedom with U.S. Secretary of State
14 USCIRF members: US leaders must stand against Turkey's atrocities in northern Syria
15 U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Reauthorized for Three Years
16 USCIRF Welcomes Release of State Department's 2019 International Religious Freedom Report
17 USCIRF Releases 2020 Annual Report with Recommendations for U.S. Policy
18 Uzbekistan Must Stay on the Path of Religious Freedom Reform
19 USCIRF Releases New Report about Pakistan
20 USCIRF Applauds Executive Order to Advance International Religious Freedom
21 USCIRF Outraged at the Killing of US Citizen Over Blasphemy Charges
22 USCIRF Condemns Violence in India's Capital City
23 Iran must free Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani | TheHill
24 News Analysis | U.S. Commission of International Religious Freedom’s report may prompt concerns
25 USCIRF Welcomes the State Department's Designations of the World's Worst Violators of Religious Freedom
26 USCIRF Condemns the Stigmatization of Religious Minorities during COVID-19 Pandemic
27 USCIRF Releases New Reports on Religious Freedom Conditions in Bahrain and Iraq
28 USCIRF Urges Governments to Release Religious Prisoners of Conscience in COVID-19 Response
29 China turns surveillance state on religious gatherings
30 Let the US Commission on International Religious Freedom expire
31 USCIRF Releases New Factsheet on China's Regulation of Religious Groups
32 USCIRF Welcomes Establishment of Pakistan's National Commission for Minorities as a First Step
33 USCIRF Welcomes Appointment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Nury Turkel to U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
34 Erdogan's Iron Fist Comes Down on Democracy and Religious Liberty
35 USCIRF Observes International Religious Freedom Day
36 ANCA Fact-Checking False Parity
37 Carozza contributes to new US Department of State report on human rights
38 Mike Pompeo wants to nationalize human rights
39 USCIRF Statement on Indian Government's “Religious Test” for Muslims in Assam
40 Disappearance of Chinese bishop is subject of congressional hearing
41 God's Hostage: A true story of persecution, imprisonment, and perseverance, by Andrew Brunson
42 Persecution of Christians continues to rise in India
43 Tony Perkins, Gayle Manchin, Nadine Maenza, Anurima Bhargava, Jim Carr, and Johnnie Moore Reappointed to USCIRF
44 USCIRF Troubled by Denial of Food Aid to Pakistani Hindus and Christians
45 USCIRF Releases New Reports on Religious Freedom in Indonesia and Vietnam
46 James W. Carr Appointed to U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
47 USCIRF Outraged Over China Selection to UN Human Right Council Consultative Group
48 Gayle Manchin Elected as Chair of Bipartisan U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Tony Perkins and Anurima Bhargava as Vice Chairs
49 USCIRF Urges the Administration to Immediately Enforce the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act
50 USCIRF Condemns Turkish Military Operations in Northern Iraq
51 USCIRF Mourns the Passing of Patriarch Thích Quảng Độ
52 USCIRF Troubled with Targeting of Hazara Shi'a in Pakistan amid Coronavirus Lockdown
53 USCIRF Urges U.S. Policymakers to Remain Engaged on Religious Freedom in Turkey
54 USCIRF Raises Alarm about Speech Laws that Restrict Religious Freedom in More than Half of African Countries
55 San Francisco Becomes Sixth US City to Officially Condemn CAA-NRC
56 USCIRF Welcomes Indian Supreme Court Decision on Assam Detention Centers as a First Step
57 USCIRF Commends Bahrain for Release of Prisoner of Conscience Nabeel Rajab
58 USCIRF Applauds Russian Court's Parole of Jehovah's Witness Dennis Christensen
59 On China's National Day, USCIRF Urges U.S. Government to Take Action on Religious Freedom
60 USCIRF Religious Prisoner of Conscience Mr. Mohammed Ali Taheri Granted Asylum in Canada
61 Religious freedom commission: U.S. cannot ignore northeast Syria
62 USCIRF Lauds Bipartisan Congressional Support for Religious Freedom in Ukraine
63 The plight of minorities in India
64 USCIRF Condemns Arrest of Prominent Nigerian Atheist, Mubarak Bala
65 Tony Perkins Elected Chair of Bipartisan U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
66 USCIRF Condemns Russian Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses
67 USCIRF Condemns Egypt's Arrest of Coptic Activist Ramy Kamel
68 USCIRF Commends the Criminalization of FGM in Sudan
69 USCIRF commissioner indicted
70 Congressional hearing highlights case of missing Chinese Catholic bishop
71 Opinion: US religious freedom committee models bipartisan cooperation
72 USCIRF Statement in Response to White House Plans to Reduce Refugee Ceiling to Zero
73 There Shall Be No God But Kim Jong Un
74 US-Backed 'Backbone of Internet Freedom' Entity Faces Possible Disruption
75 Violence against Christians increasing in India, despite lockdowns
76 USCIRF Condemns Arrest of Ahmadi Muslim on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan
77 U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom to hold hearing on citizenship laws next week
78 USCIRF Releases 2019 Annual Report and Recommendations for World's Most Egregious Violators of Religious Freedom
79 Trump poses a challenge for the US religious freedom commission
80 US cuts ties with 11 Chinese Firms in Xinjiang for violating human rights
81 Report finds hate crimes rising against Indian Christians despite lockdown
82 USCIRF Troubled by Russia's Ongoing Imprisonment of Jehovah's Witness Dennis Christensen
83 USCIRF Welcomes Sanctions Against Iranian “Hanging Judges” Responsible for Severe Religious Freedom Violations
84 USCIRF Statement on the 2nd Annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom
85 USCIRF Statement on Release of State Department's 2018 International Religious Freedom Report
86 U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom hears witnesses on NRC, CAA
87 USCIRF Condemns Iranian Government Measures Targeting Baha'is
88 Citizenship Amendment Act will cause Muslims to face exclusion: U.S. panel on religions
89 2020 report on international religious freedom identifies 14 countries of particular concern
90 USCIRF Welcomes the Release of Ayda Expósito, Calls for Release of Other Religious Prisoners of Conscience in Cuba
91 USCIRF Calls for Immediate Release of Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi
92 USCIRF Strongly Urges Administration to Raise Religious Freedom Violations in China Trade Talks
93 Minorities under attack as PM pushes 'tolerant' Pakistan
94 USCIRF Releases Yemen Country Update Highlighting Houthi Religious Freedom Violations
95 Religious freedom watchdog, facing recent controversy, awaits reauthorization
96 USCIRF Concerned for Welfare of Iran's Religious Minorities Amidst Heightened Protest Activity
97 USCIRF Welcomes Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory
98 USCIRF Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack against Sikh House of Worship in Kabul
99 US Commission on International Religious Freedom expresses concern over CAA
100 USCIRF Calls for Release of the Panchen Lama