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1 CFTC US Commodity Futures Trading Commission : Supporting Statement of Commissioner Brian Quintenz Regarding Establishing Capital Requirements for Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants and Amending Existing FCM Capital Requirements
2 CFTC Sets the Parameters for Which Virtual Currencies are Subject to Full CFTC Jurisdiction by Merit of How They are Bought and Delivered
3 Corn longs hit 21-week high, but crop fears boost shorts: CFTC
4 US regulator investigates oil fund disclosures
5 CFTC commissioners back cross-border swaps retreat
6 CFTC Penalizes 2 Former NYMEX Staff for Insider Trading
7 Gold holds steady on virus fears, US-China tensions
8 Civil Liberties Group, Former Xerox Officer Challenge SEC's Long-standing Settlement 'Gag' Rule | New York Law Journal
9 U.S. dollar net shorts soar to highest in nine years: CFTC, Reuters
10 Abra Pays $300000 to Settle With the SEC and the CFTC Blog Blockchain
11 CFTC Whistleblowers Awarded over $1 Million
12 CFTC warns investors about Covid-19 relief schemes
13 U.S. derivatives rule completes Dodd Frank, clarifies regulator's role
14 What the CFTC Interpretation of “Actual Delivery” Means for Crypto
15 SGX to Expand Equity Derivatives Shelf
16 Interactive Brokers to Pay $38 Million Over Anti-Money Laundering Claims
17 CFTC trims oversight of cross-border swaps trading
18 PRECIOUS-Gold holds steady on virus fears, U.S.-China tensions
19 United States : Financial Sector Assessment Program-Technical Note-Supervision of Financial Market Infrastructures, Resilience of Central Counterparties and Innovative Technologies
20 3 Big Things Today, August 10, 2020
21 For first time in over 25 years, CFTC updates guidance on civil monetary penalties
22 Whistleblower Receives $9 Million CFTC Whistleblower Award
23 Gold prices jump on worries over rising Covid-19 cases
24 CFTC Committee to Hold Remote Meeting on DLT and Digital Currencies
25 CFTC Scales Back Oversight of Cross-Border Swaps Trading
26 CFTC Postpones Prosecution of US Coin Bullion Due to Coronavirus
27 Whistleblowers Receive More Than $1 Million in CFTC Whistleblower Awards
28 Commodities in demand as dollar and real yields drop
29 Interactive Brokers to pay $38 M to settle with US regulators
30 CFTC Chairman Pushes to Finalize Dodd-Frank Rules
31 US CFTC postpones prosecution of US Coin Bullion as a Coronavirus precaution.
32 Initial Margin Guidance for US Swap End Users
33 London traders hit $700m jackpot when oil went negative
34 CFTC finalizes new requirement applying statutory disqualification prohibitions to CPOs exempt under CFTC regulation 4.13
35 CFTC Fines Southwest Group for FX Registration Lapses
36 CME to pay $3.5m over leak of secret trade data
37 From Cocoa to Coffee and Sugar, Soft Commodities Stage Simultaneous Rally
38 CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee Approves Subcommittee's Single-Step Transition Recommendations at Public Meeting
39 London Traders Hit $500 Million Jackpot When Oil Went Negative
40 Ex-NYSE Broker Accused of Running $33M Crypto Scam Pleads Not Guilty
41 CFTC New Guidance On Civil Penalties
42 CFTC Proposes Relief for Non-US Commodity Pool Operators
43 Forecasting the CFTC's 2020 Agenda
44 U.S. Commission begins investigation into record drop in oil price to minus $ 38
45 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Posts Coronavirus Info Page
46 A small London trader reportedly made almost R9 billion when oil plunged below zero
47 Over 20 asset managers looking to sign up to free bond data pooling start-up
48 CFTC Division of Enforcement Publishes Guidance on Civil Monetary Penalty Determinations
49 URGENT: CFTC Warns Registrants of Cyber Threats and Requests Information by January 10 and/or January 20
50 U.S. commodities watchdog begins review of Monday's wild oil gyrations
51 CFTC Releases Civil Monetary Penalty Guidance
52 CFTC extends Covid-19 relief
53 Part 2: CFTC Finalizes Guidance on Digital Assets in the Context of Retail Commodity Transactions
54 NGFA praises US commodities watchdog's derivative markets rule
55 Ripple: U.S. will lose technology war with China if authorities stand still
56 CFTC Proposes to Expand Availability of 3.10(c)(3) Registration Exemption for Non-U.S. Commodity Pool Operators
57 Change in the US Regulatory Status of the KRX300 Futures Contract
58 CFTC Approves Two Final Rules and Two Proposed Rules at June 25 Open Meeting
59 Final CFTC Rules Prohibit Post–Trade Name Give-Up for Swaps
60 The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission approves UMR delay
61 CFTC Approves New Cryptocurrency Derivatives Platform — Bitnomial to Offer Regulated Bitcoin Futures | Regulation
62 CFTC's New Penalty Guidance: Relief From 'Piling On?' | New York Law Journal
63 CFTC goes after fraudulent scheme Turning Point Investments
64 United States CFTC Cements Parameters for Physical Delivery of Traded Crypto
65 CFTC Delays Phase 5 Initial Margin Implementation Date | Morgan Lewis
66 CFTC Fines Deutsche Bank $10M Over Reporting, Spoofing
67 CFTC to develop 'holistic framework' for crypto assets by 2024
68 CFTC Seeks Public Comments on 2020-2024 Strategic Plan
69 Oil slips below $45/bbl on demand concerns but posts weekly rise
70 CFTC Proposes New Risk Principles for Electronic Trading
71 Oil up on strong economic data, US-China tensions cap gains
72 Speculators' bearish bets on U.S. dollar shrink -CFTC, Reuters data
73 US to set caps on commodities speculators
74 FINRA and CFTC Staff Issue COVID-19 Advisories on Commodity-Linked ETPs and Funds
75 Monex Deposit Company v. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
76 CFTC Issues Additional Relief in Response to COVID-19
77 CFTC Schedules Fintech Event “Empower Innovation 2020”
78 Exclusive: Capital One got CFTC waiver after oil price plunge increased swap exposure
79 CFTC Charges $1.3 Billion in Regulatory Penalties in 2019
80 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Issued Civil Monetary Penalty Guidance
81 Commodity Futures Trading Commission—Antideficiency Act Violation
82 U.S. commodities watchdog issues blunt warning over oil volatility: Kemp
83 The CFTC Just Defined What 'Actual Delivery' of Crypto Should Look Like
84 In Response to COVID-19 CFTC and NFA Issue Temporary Relief to Commodity Pool Operators and Commodity Trading Advisors
85 House Democrats Poised to Rubber-Stamp the “Achilles’ Heel of Dodd-Frank”
86 Capital One says it won't use CFTC waiver related to its oil lending
87 US CFTC Promises 'Holistic Framework' for Digital Assets by 2024
88 US judge slams CFTC over market manipulation settlement
89 CFTC Announces Final Guidance on “Actual Delivery” for Digital Assets
90 RPT-Capital One says it won't use CFTC waiver related to oil lending
91 CFTC Enforcement Priorities: Commodity Trading Advisory Services in Energy and Other Areas Under Scrutiny
92 CFTC provides work-from-home relief for brokers, other market players
93 CFTC Proposes First Comprehensive Rewrite of Bankruptcy Rules Since 1983
94 More Joint SEC-CFTC Actions Raise Concerns Over 'Piling On'
95 CFTC Sues Introducing Broker ‘Long Leaf Trading’ on TMM Program
96 A divided CFTC pitches federal position limits, large role for exchanges
97 CFTC Chairman wants US to lead in blockchain
98 Commodity derivative investments pose unique risks, CFTC warns
99 CFTC chairman open to further stretch of margin compliance timeframe
100 Digital Currencies: Yield Farming in the US