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1 Regulatory commission rejects activist group's challenge of Fermi 2 license extension
2 GOP senators commend NRC on environmental impact statement for advanced reactors
3 New Study Helps Explain LWR Focus of US Regulatory Framework
4 In Step to Strengthen the US Uranium Mining Industry, EPA Administrator Wheeler Signs Important MOU with Nuclear Regulatory Commission
5 60 Groups to NRC: Suspend ISP/WCS High-Level Radioactive Waste CIS Dump Proceeding, Till Covid-19 Emergency Ends
6 South Haven native Christopher Hanson appointed to NRC
7 Nuclear Regulators Consider New Safety Rules For Smaller Plants
8 West Texas nuclear waste facility could face delay amid COVID-19 pandemic
9 The Night A Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant
10 Mystery at Arizona's Palo Verde nuclear plant: Who flew drones over the reactors?
11 US agencies agree to work together on ISL regulation : Regulation & Safety
12 El Paso Electric sale to JPMorgan-tied investment fund scheduled to become final Wednesday
13 UPDATE: IIF Closes El Paso Electric Purchase
14 NRC Flubbed Fla. Nuke Plant Relicensing, DC Circ. Told
15 Pandemic Allows for New Front in Fight Against Southwest Nuclear Waste Storage Contracts
16 Nuclear storage and oil do mix
17 Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Fee-Setting, Billing, and Budgeting Processes Have Improved, but Additional Actions Could Enhance Efforts
18 Latest round of major tests completed on Vogtle Unit 3 containment vessel
19 Citing virus, nuclear agency pulls back inspectors
20 US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval moves El Paso Electric sale closer to completion
21 NRC to begin first-of-a-kind licence review : Regulation & Safety
22 Three Mile Island to downsize local emergency response, end siren testing
23 NRC Creeps Ever So Slowly Toward New Licensing Framework for Advanced Nuclear Reactors
24 NRC Accepts Crucial Advanced Nuclear Applications from Centrus, Oklo
25 Hanson appointed to Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Daily Energy Insider
26 Oklo submits first advanced reactor license application in US as NRC moves to streamline reviews
27 NuScale's SMR Design Clears Phase 4 of Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Review Process
28 NRC to Consider COVID-19 Exemptions for Nuclear Plant Work-Hour Controls
29 Group Plans To Fight Effort To Build Nuclear Waste Dump In New Mexico
30 NRC Will Not Require Drone Defenses
31 How The Nuclear Industry Is Getting Past A Tough U.S. Power Market
32 DOE, NRC team up to accelerate deployment of advanced reactors
33 ‘Drone Swarm’ Invaded Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Last September — Twice
34 NRC, DOE, and Congress Move on Advanced Reactors in May
35 NRC commissioner blasts proposed emergency preparedness rules for SMRs as a 'radical departure'
36 El Paso Electric's $4.3B sale to JPMorgan-tied fund completed; new CEO named
37 NRC grants work hour exemptions to nuclear plants : Covid-19
38 NRC Affirms Decision Allowing SLR Applicants to Rely on License Renewal GEIS
39 Critics alarmed by US nuclear agency's bid to relax rules on radioactive waste
40 CIO Crossroads: Federal IT in the COVID Crisis – NRC Edition
41 NRC Issues First Subsequent License Renewals, Extends Nuclear Reactor Life to 80 Years
42 TVA boasts better safety concerns program, but critics want more NRC review
43 NRC Guidance Authorizes Granting of Exemption Requests to Medical Use Licensees in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
44 NRC Releases Draft Report on Possible Changes to Reactor Decommissioning Financial Assurance Oversight
45 COVID-19: NRC Holds Teleconference on Exemptions for Part 26 Work-Hour Controls
46 Nuclear Regulatory Commission announce merger of Nuclear Reactor Offices
47 COVID-19: NRC Announces Opportunity to Seek Exemption From Part 26 Work Hour Controls
48 NRC’s Regulation of Nuclear Material During the COVID-19 Pandemic
49 NRC Is Reviewing Application To Transfer Indian Point For Decommissioning
50 Nuclear regulators ease some power reactor regs in response to COVID-19
51 NRC Office of Enforcement Issues Calendar Year 2019 Report
52 NRC Issues Guidance to Radioactive Material Licensees on Regulatory Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic
53 El Paso Electric License Transfer Approved by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
54 Senators call on NRC to accelerate rulemaking on advanced reactor technologies
55 Nuclear agency proposes deregulating disposal of some US radioactive waste
56 US Department of Energy backs proposed SMR regulation : Regulation & Safety
57 Chenega Secures NRC Contract to Provide Tiered Screening Services; Timothy Lamb Comments
58 Walden urges Nuclear Regulatory Commission to defer annual licensee fees
59 State Department, Nuclear Regulatory Commission ranked the worst agencies on IT issues | TheHill
60 Oklo Submits the First Combined License Application for an Advanced Fission Plant
61 NRC staff gives historic OK on 80-year licenses at FP&L's Turkey Point nuclear plant
62 FPL's Turkey Point first US nuclear plant to get license out to 80 years
63 NRC Delivers Briefing On Indian Point Decommissioning
64 Federal Lawmakers Urge NRC To Grant Public Hearing On Indian Point License Transfer
65 NRC Decision Leaves U.S. Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Terrorist Drones
66 NRC explores streamlined environmental reviews to accelerate advanced reactor approvals
67 NRC approves extending Peach Bottom nuclear units to 80 years
68 SHINE expects NRC approval by next year | Local News
69 Your Input Needed: NRC Publishes Proposed Rule on Emergency Preparedness for SMRs/ONTs
70 Groups petition NRC over Fermi 2 repair
71 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Accepts SHINE's Operating License Application, Technical Review Schedule to be Finalized This Fall
72 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Budget Cut to $842M
73 GE Hitachi enters federal licensing process for new small modular nuclear reactor design
74 Oklo Announces Historic Acceptance of Combined License Application
75 Nuclear waste site near Carlsbad delayed by another 2 months amid COVID-19
76 Federal government rejects contentions to nuclear waste site near Carlsbad and Hobbs
77 Report: Swarm of Drones Invaded Nation's Largest Nuclear Power Plant Last Year
78 Environmentalists Fault Sending ‘Very Low Level' Nuclear Waste to Landfills
79 Slow, Steady Progress for Two U.S. Nuclear Power Projects
80 NRC recommends approval of nuclear waste site in Andrews County
81 Proposed Reforms to NEPA & Their Impact on New Nuclear
82 Coronavirus Forces NRC to Cancel Conference
83 NRDC: NRC Approves Reactor Threatened by Sea-Level Rise
84 Oklo Submits First Non-LWR Combined License Application to NRC
85 Nuclear industry has been pushing for less oversight, and it's working
86 NRC Staff to Attend State Nuclear Panel Meeting
87 Federal regulators cite TVA for providing inaccurate info about Watts Bar problem
88 Federal regulators say TVA willfully violated safety standards in firing nuclear engineers
89 NRC says leak at North Anna reactor 'not a significant safety issue'; unit remains offline
90 NRC says TVA can consider SMR nuclear energy site at Clinch River
91 NRC Extends Comment Period Regarding Indian Point
92 Developments in Advanced Reactor Licensing and Nuclear Export Controls
93 Oklo Advanced Reactor Application Published by NRC | Hogan Lovells
94 NRC Staff Issues Guidance for Exercising Enforcement Discretion During COVID-19 Pandemic
95 US NRC Commissioner David Wright to be nominated for full term
96 US NRC checks review of gas pipeline at New York nuclear plant after report
97 NRC's telework agility built with security, trained employees
98 NRC says gas pipeline no threat to Indian Point, dashing hopes for shutdown by groups
99 NRC Preparing Rule Changes Due to Coronavirus
100 NRC approves Crystal River licence transfer : Waste & Recycling