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1 Reforming the sentencing commission
2 Law to Reduce Crack Cocaine Sentences Leaves Some Imprisoned
3 Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform director virtually addresses Ardmore Rotary Club
4 Prison Reform Bills Will Offer Early Release, End Mandatory Minimum Sentences
5 First Step Act Didn't Cut Some Crack Offenders' Terms
6 Utah Offenders Can Raise Racial Bias Concerns at Sentencing
7 Congressional Researchers Admit Legalizing Marijuana Hurts Mexican Drug Cartel Profits
8 One of two Indian brothers gets probation in marriage scam
9 Recidivism Rates Flat When Drug Convicts Were Freed Early
10 Possible Trump Picks For Sentencing Commission Worry Advocates
11 Quiros set to enter guilty pleas Friday in EB-5 fraud case, faces up to 8 years
12 Supreme Court seeks to limit disparities in graft sentences through regulation
13 Sentencing reform to wring unfairness from the system can start right now in Cuyahoga County
14 Former Member of Boston Chapter of Latin Kings Oscar Pena Pleads Guilty
15 NCLA Amicus Briefs in Third and Tenth Circuits Challenge Deference to US Sentencing Commission's Guidelines Commentary
16 Man sentenced to over 19 years in prison for receiving child pornography
17 Phillipsburg woman’s prescription fraud ring bilked insurance, taxpayers out of $8.8M
18 Oceanport man got $63K targeting public employee health plans for unneeded medicines
19 Sentencing Under the First Step Act | New York Law Journal
20 NCLA Asks Second Circuit Court of Appeals to Rehear Case Over Deference to Sentencing Guidelines Commentary
21 How Charleston County's Criminal Justice Coordinating Council will revamp system by 2025
22 United States: FCPA Resource Guide
23 Two business executives plead guilty, out on bail
24 In Harris County, A Group is Working to Expand Voting Access in Jails
25 AG calls for release of man imprisoned for decades, who now has COVID-19
26 PRIMARY ELECTION PREVIEW: Greenville attorneys, District Court magistrate face off in judge race
27 Black Lives Matter questions prosecution of 17-year-old in Ogden shooting death
28 Tribe's Supreme Court Win Roils Justice System in Oklahoma
29 A Troubling Nomination to the U.S. Sentencing Commission
30 Feds Prosecuted Even Fewer Marijuana Cases In 2019 As More States Legalize, New Data Shows
31 More changes proposed for federal court sentencing
32 A Utah teacher sexually abused children over his 31-year career. How did he hide so long?
33 The GEO Group Reports Second Quarter 2020 Results and Issues Updated Financial and Dividend Guidance
34 Bail systems get a bailout
35 Psychedelics decrim qualifies for DC ballot (Newsletter: August 6, 2020)
36 Circuit Confirms Restriction on Motions for Sentence Reductions Under 18 USC § 3582(c)(2)
37 Rafael Nadal to miss U.S. Open; men’s, women’s singles fields named
38 Inside The Key Federal Sentencing Developments Of 2019
39 Drug Sentencing Guidelines Bar Time-Served Sentence Reduction
40 Can Roger Stone Case Spark Debate on the Dreadful US Sentencing Guidelines?
41 Fugitive doctor challenging former patients' right to sue among Supreme Court cases considered this week
42 CoreCivic Announces Change in Corporate Structure and New Capital Allocation Strategy
43 Petitions of the week
44 The Frontier: In deep red Oklahoma, change comes from initiative petition process
45 The Vanishing of Federal Sentencing Decisions
46 Long-time Trump adviser Stone to be sentenced by judge he antagonized
47 America’s most lenient federal court?
48 Virus Forces Judges Into Life-or-Death Calls on Inmate Releases
49 Why Justice Still Eludes Crack Offenders
50 CoreCivic Reports Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results NYSE:CXW
51 How To Stop the Rush To Enact New Federal Criminal Penalties
52 Ex-Google engineer sentences to 18 months in prison
53 Lawmakers Unveil Sentencing Reform Bills Spurred by Poritz-Chaired Panel | New Jersey Law Journal
54 5-year probation cap on the table as sentencing commission returns to St. Paul
55 Lengthy Prison Terms Deter Recidivism: USSC Study
56 The US Sentencing Commission Votes for Fundamental Fixes to the Sentencing Guidelines
57 DOJ and SEC Release Updated Guidance On The FCPA
58 Former High-Ranking U.S. Department of Justice Official Joins CSH Law
59 INSIGHT: Federal Sentencing—To Vary or Depart From the Guidelines?
60 “I live to put people in jail”: Here are Trump's nominees for the US sentencing commission
61 US Sentencing Guidelines’ Fine Reduction Process Clarified
62 Cato Files Two Briefs To Roll Back Deference to Agencies
63 State Judges Should Consider Out-of-State Convictions in Sentencing: USSC
64 Sentencing Commission recommends quicker implementation of new law allowing older, non-violent prisoners out early
65 Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell charged with luring girls into sex abuse
66 Can Trump Close The Deal Obama Fumbled, A Second Chance For Inmates Like Michelle West?
67 Felicity Huffman got a light sentence. Good.
68 Sentencing commission asks pardons board to discuss early inmate releases, other responses to COVID-19
69 Compassionate Release Under the First Step Act and Tenancy Destroyed by Fraud | New York Law Journal
70 Judging A Book: Hinojosa Reviews 'Crimes And Punishments'
71 LIFE FOR POT: Why Relief Is Needed For Incarcerated Cannabis Offenders
72 5-year probation cap gets the green light from state sentencing commission
73 Who Are Today's White Collar Criminals?
74 Trump Pick For Sentencing Commission Has History Of Racially Charged Remarks
75 Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration
76 America’s most lenient federal court may be in R.I.
77 Wide Racial Divide in Sentencing
78 Minnesota sentencing commission passes 5-year probation cap
79 House again moves to establish state Sentencing Commission
80 Prisoners in US suffering dementia may hit 200,000 within the next decade – many won't even know why they are behind bars
81 Report: black men get longer sentences for the same federal crime as white men
82 Do What Works: Criminal Justice Reform Should Be Guided by What Science Has to Say About Substance Use Disorders
83 Department of Justice Employs Potent Weapon in Fight Against Fraud Related to COVID-19
84 Ahead of Chris Collins' Friday sentencing, experts say prison time awaits
85 Why Harsher Fentanyl Penalties Will Exacerbate the Overdose Crisis
86 Utah State Bar defends judge's 210-day sentencing of pedophile CEO
87 Bozelko column: Arresting Amy Cooper won’t even things out
88 First Step Act Sentence Reductions Given Retroactively to 2387 Crack Offenders
89 INSIGHT: The First Step Act—Earned Time Credits on the Horizon
90 ‘Bodies flew everywhere’: A border chase shows role U.S. citizens play in immigration smuggling
91 Meet Democratic candidates for Tennessee Senate District 20: Kimi Abernathy and Heidi Campbell
92 Anonymous hacks US Sentencing Commission, distributes files
93 The Hardest Thing About Being a Judge? What Courts Say About Sentencing. | National Law Journal
94 Immigration jumps to No. 1 federal crime
95 Algorithms were supposed to make Virginia judges fairer. What happened was far more complicated.
96 U.S. sentencing guidelines need an overhaul
97 Rod Blagojevich may be out of prison, but he's not completely off the hook
98 The First Step Act promised widespread reform. What has the criminal justice overhaul achieved so far?
99 Sentencing guidelines commission votes to impose five-year limit on probation in Minnesota
100 New Data: Feds Prosecuted Fewer Cannabis Cases in 2019 as more States go Legal