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1 Space Force Attracting Digitally Savvy Young People, Leader Says
2 Department of the Air Force selects six candidate locations for US Space Command Headquart
3 Space Force Leader Discusses Newest Military Service > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
4 Biden likely to stay course on Space Force and defense investments
5 Enlisted Delta 3 Space Control Technician selected for commissioning into Space Force
6 Top commander of US space forces: Space should be peaceful, bad actors will be held accountable
7 The Space Force heads to space
8 Second highest ranking officer in US Space Force tests positive for Covid-19
9 Anti-war groups take aim at Space Force, ICBMs, missile defense
10 SpaceX explains why the US Space Force is paying $316 million for a single launch
11 Head of the US Space Force, Gen. John W. ‘Jay’ Raymond, joins us at TechCrunch Sessions: Space
12 Space Force Is About to Get Its First Astronaut
13 Rep. Doug Lamborn: US needs plan to develop workforce for growing space sector
14 NASA's Crew-1 commander to be sworn into US Space Force from the International Space Station
15 Senate report criticizes Space Force plan to acquire secure, nuclear-survivable satcom
16 Moon patrols could be a future reality for Space Force
17 US Space Force swears in its first recruits
18 Space Force to Remain 'Lean, Agile, Fast' > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
19 How the US Space Force Doctrine Paves the Way for Future Warfighting
20 US Space Force chief lays out his priorities in new guidance
21 SOUTHCOM Hosts U.S.-Chile Space Engagement Talks with U.S. SPACECOM and U.S. Space Force
22 US Space Force changes timeline for hiring a prototyping consortium manager
23 Space Force Has A Unit Dedicated To Orbital Warfare That Now Operates The X-37B Spaceplane
24 US Space Force Lt. General John F. Thompson will join us at TC Sessions: Space in December
25 Watch SpaceX launch a GPS satellite for the US Space Force live
26 US Space Force Department of Air Force Secretary Highlights Space Force Achievements
27 The Space Force Is Now in Charge of the Secret X-37B Space Plane
28 U.K. Space Force Ready To Launch: Boris Boasts $22 Billion Boost To Britain’s Military Future
29 CHALLENGES OF U.S. SPACE FORCE WITH MAJ. GEN. JOHN SHAW (Univ of Washington), Nov 6, 2020, virtual, 2:30 pm ET
30 US Space Force outlines practices, priorities
31 Space Force to Outlast Trump as Buying Powers Impasse Persists
32 Top US Space Force general says Wright-Patt AFB will house National Space Intelligence Center
33 Marine Corps stands up space unit at Offutt Air Force Base
34 Six Eagles Represent First Embry-Riddle Cohort to Commission into US Space Force
35 Two NASIC squadrons at Wright-Patt will transition to new Space Force intelligence center
36 City of Sterling Heights not chosen as finalist for future HQ for US Space Force
37 Space Force leads first training exercise since its inception
38 Progressives to Biden: Kill Space Force
39 Officials Unite in Bid to Bring US Space Command Headquarters to Sterling Heights
40 National Space Intelligence Center Takes Shape
41 Air Force Colonel set to transfer to Space Force — while in orbit
42 From Space Force to Artemis: What a Joe Biden presidency may mean in orbit and beyond
43 U.S. Senator urges Air Force to select San Antonio for Space Command HQ
44 Space Force gains first professional military education center
45 Six states compete to host new U.S. Space Command headquarters
46 gps iii us space force
47 US Space Force To Seek Significant Funding Hike—Official
48 The five biggest effects Trump has had on the US space program
49 US Space Force Begins Mulling Launch Services Post-2025
50 Pentagon, Space Force Want Input From SpaceX, ULA to Build Launch Mobility
51 Winners Announced for US/UK Partnered International Space Pitch Day
52 Maxar Selected by U.S. Space Force to Develop Prototype Mission Data Processing Applications
53 As Decision Nears, Palmdale Competes With Dozens Of Communities To Host Space Command Headquarters
54 Keep U.S. Space Command Where It Is
55 Lt. Gen. John Thompson: Space Force Eyes Prototyping Consortium Mgmt Contract Award by Year's End
56 AFWERX announces virtual Accelerate Event Dec. 7-11 > US Air Force > Article Display
57 Space Force Leader Charts Service's Galactic Mission > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
58 Air Force Names New Locations As Possible HQ for US Space Command
59 Falcon 9 launch ends long hiatus in Vandenberg launches
60 NASA, US Space Force Establish Foundation for Broad Collaboration
61 Rep. Turner: Commander intends to name WPAFB site of National Space Intelligence Center
62 Space Force Chief: U.S. Doesn't Want War in Space, Must be Prepared for It
63 Here's how the Space Force will be organized
64 Space Force Flag Unveiled at White House > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
65 Leaders Chart the Course as U.S. Space Force Launches
66 The US Space Force is getting an official second in command
67 Pentagon warns more needs to be done to make US networks cyber resilient
68 Air Force releases list of 6 potential locations for U.S. Space Command
69 Space Force Rockets Toward Milestones > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
70 U.S. Air Force cadets study idea of Space Force bases on the Moon
71 US Space Force to establish new acquisitions command in 2021
72 America Really Does Have a Space Force. We Went Inside to See What It Does
73 US Space Force Defines Its Echelons | SIGNAL Magazine
74 Gen. Brown makes first visit to Vandenberg AFB as CSAF
75 Pershing II Surface to Surface Missile Returns to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station After Renovations
76 US Space Force unveils doctrine explaining its role in national security
77 Investors Lockheed Martin Ventures and SpaceFund are coming to TC Sessions: Space 2020
78 Highlights From SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Astronaut Launch for NASA
79 Spacecom, Space Force Officials Discuss Planetary Defense, Astronaut Launch
80 New Space Force Is at Forefront of Technology
81 Is Space Force meant to “look down” or “look out”? Titles will tell
82 Space Force plans big reveals on its first anniversary
83 US Space Force to expand presence inside the Pentagon
84 Trump Signs Law Establishing US Space Force > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
85 WPAFB not among six candidates listed by Air Force as site for Space Command HQ
86 Department of the Air Force expands potential basing locations for US Space Command Headqu
87 More than 2400 airmen to transfer to US Space Force in September
88 More than 8,500 Air Force personnel volunteer to join US Space Force
89 US Space Force to start accepting applications May 1
90 The Air Force Struggles With Diversity. Can The Space Force Do Any Better?
91 Launch of Space Force Largely Unaffected by Coronavirus, Top Space Officer Says
92 Space Force establishes the first of three field commands
93 Space Force Accepting Applications Starting May 1
94 NASA Administrator to Discuss Collaboration with US Space Force
95 Washington isn't listening to the Air Force and Space Force
96 Space Force gets its first recruits
97 Space Force welcomes first academy graduates to its ranks
98 More than 8500 airmen volunteer to join US Space Force
99 Born Of A Troubled Air Force, Can Space Force Set A New Standard For Diversity And Inclusion?
100 US Space Force plans to launch astronauts someday