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1 Once Appointed, US Supreme Court Justices Have a Job for Life, But Should They?
2 Democrats say US Supreme Court deadlock shows Barrett’s power
3 Supreme Court sides mostly with Republicans in last-minute voting cases
4 Supreme Court to tackle several major cases in current term
5 US Supreme Court and its impact on the arts: 1990-2020
6 US Supreme Court Begins Term With Eight Justices
7 Majority saw US Supreme Court as neither conservative nor liberal in August 2020
8 U.S. Supreme Court nominee Barrett pledges to follow law, not personal views
9 What Trump's Supreme Court pick could mean for science
10 Supreme Court To Hear Case On Memo About Census, Unauthorized Immigrants
11 Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years
12 Despite rhetoric, GOP has supported packing state courts
13 Bold Justice: US Supreme Court to hear four hours of oral argument
14 AG Fitch taking abortion ban ruling to US Supreme Court
15 U.S. Supreme Court to review legality of Trump's 'remain in Mexico' asylum policy
16 A Reconfigured U.S. Supreme Court: Implications for Health Policy
17 Supreme Court restores ban on curbside voting in Alabama
18 US Supreme Court: How Much Does It Look Like America
19 Bold Justice: US Supreme Court begins October 2020 term
20 Battle over North Carolina election rules taken to the U.S. Supreme Court
21 U.S. Supreme Court declines to take up Tennessee's refugee resettlement lawsuit
22 Remarks by President Trump Announcing His Nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
23 Of the 114 Supreme Court justices in US history, all but 6 have been White men
24 Losses In The US Supreme Court, SJC Give Conservatives 'Very Decisive Advantage'
25 'My vote is the process,' Manchin says of opposition to US Supreme Court nominee
26 If you think the U.S. Supreme Court is undemocratic, just look at Canada’s
27 Attorneys Are Watching This Facebook Case Before US Supreme Court | Connecticut Law Tribune
28 Trump Supreme Court Nominee Faces Another Day of Questioning
29 US Supreme Court allows SC vote-by-mail restriction to proceed
30 Trump nominee vows she will bring no 'agenda' to US Supreme Court
31 Female Supreme Court Justices Can Change the Conversation
32 How Thurgood Marshall became the first Black US Supreme Court justice
33 US Supreme Court to hear case on 'Migrant Protection Protocols'
34 The Election And A Fresh Obamacare Challenge Loom Over New Supreme Court Term
35 The US supreme court may soon become plutocracy's greatest defender
36 US Supreme Court Halts Census in Latest Twist of 2020 Count
37 How a Supreme Court Justice Is (Usually) Appointed
38 As Trump Administration Seeks US Supreme Court Review, A Second Year Of Results From Medicaid Work Experiments Emerges
39 At U.S. Supreme Court, Jewish Heirs Lay Claim to Treasure Taken by Nazi Agents in 1935
40 U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Planned Parenthood defunding case
41 U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling safe for now, observers say, but could be narrowed
42 U.S. Supreme Court declines to block mail delivery of abortion pill
43 The Supreme Court rules us. Here’s how to curb its power.
44 Sullivan and Gross clash on health care and Supreme Court in Alaska US Senate debate
45 Supreme Court Starts Term With Case on the Politics of Judging
46 Supreme Court puts curbside voting on hold in Alabama
47 Kistner to take election challenge to Supreme Court
48 Democrats running for Texas Supreme Court focus on pandemic, voting cases
49 Attorney General Nessel Joins Coalition in Urging U.S. Supreme Court to Prevent Robocall Loophole
50 U.S. Supreme Court ends Democratic lawmakers' anti-graft lawsuit against Trump
51 Justice Breyer: Supreme Court Justices Should Stay Out Of Politics
52 Poll: Texans Divided on Timing of US Supreme Court Nominee Confirmation | Texas Lawyer
53 Four petitions we're watching as the US Supreme Court fills out its docket
54 U.S. Supreme Court puts Alabama curbside voting on hold
55 U.S. Supreme Court could roll back LGBTQ equality
56 Watch: Four VU experts discuss appointment of Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court
57 Groups appeal lawsuit over Wisconsin absentee ballots to U.S. Supreme Court
58 Preview of the US Supreme Court's October Term 2020 | The Legal Intelligencer
59 US Supreme Court grants expedited review of case on census count
60 US Supreme Court begins 2020 term on October 5 – Ballotpedia News
61 US Supreme Court urges caution in Vermont deer jacking decision
62 Amy Coney Barrett: The Supreme Court nominee on abortion, healthcare and her faith
63 Noah Feldman: The Supreme Court doesn't need to be reformed
64 US Supreme Court hearing doubles as campaign stop for Republicans
65 James L. Gibson: The U.S. Supreme Court’s legitimacy is in great danger
66 U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Cases on Border Wall Funding, 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
67 Amy Coney Barrett faces recusal questions over links to Shell
68 Why the Supreme Court must be kept at nine justices | TheHill
69 Amy Coney Barrett: US supreme court nominee delivers opening statement – video
70 The Precedent, and Perils, of Court Packing
71 US Supreme Court sides with Democrats to allow Pennsylvania to count mailed ballots received up to 3 days after election
72 Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Voting Rights and Climate Change
73 US Supreme Court agrees to hear Appointments Clause challenge to administrative patent judges
74 A Warning From Michigan
75 U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Harford County rubblefill appeal, potentially ending 30-year legal battle
76 Trump’s Diagnosis Imperils Quick Supreme Court Confirmation Timeline
77 Face the State: Former U.S. district judge weighs in on Supreme Court nomination process
78 Trump’s tax returns: Why the Supreme Court should end things now
79 AMA petitions U.S. Supreme Court to review Title X restrictions
80 Trump administration goes to Supreme Court in bid to stop the census
81 Trump Supreme Court Nominee Confirmation Hearings Reach Final Day
82 Supreme Court prepares to start a new term with only eight
83 Attorney General Frosh Urges US Supreme Court to Protect Consumers from Robocalls
84 Commission created to address fallout from U.S. Supreme Court decision releases first report
85 Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to US supreme court – video
86 Ginsburg's Supreme Court successor could impact immigration laws
87 Texas challenge to Affordable Care Act heads to Supreme Court
88 Texas voters are split over Supreme Court opening, UT/TT Poll finds
89 WisEye Morning Minute: Evers Asks U.S. Supreme Court for Election Extensions
90 Supreme Court Hears Copyright Battle Between Google and Oracle
91 GOP Officials Ask US Supreme Court to Move up North Carolina Deadline for Accepting Late-Arriving Absentee Ballots
92 Barrett could be Ginsburg's polar opposite on Supreme Court
93 Senate Panel Begins 2nd Day Of Hearings For Supreme Court Nominee Barrett
94 As U.S. Supreme Court nomination looms, a religious community draws fresh interest
95 US election 2020: Lives that could be reshaped by Supreme Court
96 Amy Coney Barrett is poised to continue Antonin Scalia's legacy on the Supreme Court
97 Update on California v. Texas, U.S. Supreme Court Case Challenging the Affordable Care Act
98 A 5-4 Supreme Court threatened voting rights. A 6-3 court could finish them off.
99 Oregon Supreme Court rules against youth plaintiffs in climate change lawsuit
100 Supreme Court Speeds Case on Excluding Undocumented Immigrants in Redistricting