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Result Content Idea Research
1 How was the USSR formed?
2 Belarus is a reminder that the USSR is still collapsing
3 Work on Avangard complex comparable to USSR nuclear project
4 How the USSR helped Germany to rebuild its armed forces after WWI
5 When Doctor Zhivago, Animal Farm Became Propaganda Tools
6 Back in the U.S.S.R.
7 Will Putin and the ghost of the USSR save Lukashenko's Belarus?
8 Putin's Russia Is Like Brezhnev's USSR: Will the End Be the Same?
9 China is the new USSR, warns Rick Scott
10 What was being homeless like in the USSR?
11 When did Adolf Hitler visit the USSR?
12 The Conspiracy on Pushkin Street: The Costs of Humor in the USSR
13 USSR launched Zond 5 spaceship on this day in 1968; Read more
14 COLUMN: U.S. can take lesson from USSR's fall
15 Bermondsey's Dr Salter appalled by trip to USSR |
16 The Irish in the USSR: Ulster connections
17 Daily Recco, September 23: A Gentleman in Moscow
18 A town devoted to science offered the lucky few a taste of freedom in the USSR. But it couldn't last ...
19 August 29 in history: Discovery of electromagnetic induction, testing of USSR's first atomic bomb and more
20 Why did the USSR build subway stations inside residential buildings? (PHOTOS)
21 Police: Suspected arson levels garage at home with 'Trump 2020' flags
22 Donald Kendall, Who Served Pepsi to Khrushchev, Dies at 99
23 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's personal plane found rotting in ghostly Arctic aircraft graveyard
24 The battle that made the Nazis' withdrawal from the USSR inevitable (PHOTOS)
25 Moscow proclaims Venus a 'Russian planet' | Daily Sabah
26 New Marvel release dates announced for ‘Black Widow’ and more
27 OPINION: INA’S INSIGHTS: A reflection on my visit with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
28 Leader Lauds Iran’s Single-Handed Battle with West, East in Sacred Defense
29 Stephen F. Cohen, pre-eminent contemporary American scholar of Russia & USSR, friend of Gorbachev & advisor to Bush, dies at 81
30 Canada history: Sept. 23 1958: Canada's bitter nuclear arms debate begins
31 Trump's healthy instincts
32 September 12 in history: USSR launches Luna 2, Hitler joins German Workers' Party and more
33 The CIA is restricting the intelligence on Russia that reaches Trump and the White House, report says
34 Did Gorbachev want to destroy the USSR? Could the Soviet Union still exist today? Might Putinism end in reforms?
35 Freedom Fighters: Everything You Need to Know About IO Interactive's Resistance Shooter
36 Arsenal's 1945 friendly vs. Dynamo Moscow was so foggy nobody could see
37 Stephen F. Cohen, in Memoriam – Consortiumnews
38 Travel
39 Azerbaijan Downs Armenian Drone As Border Tensions Turn Violent
40 Russia celebrates long history of contributions to nuclear energy sector
41 The political awakening of young Belarusians
42 Meet the quiet Estonian behind TransferWise, Britain's third most valuable fintech worth $5bn
43 18 COOL posters for the 1980 Moscow Olympics (PICS)
44 US Could Eliminate Russian President Vladimir Putin If Washington Had Its Way
45 Defending democratic socialism | News, Sports, Jobs
46 Streltsov, 'the Russian Pele' who survived the GULAG for five years
47 Police: Suspected arson levels garage at Minneapolis-area home with 'Trump 2020' flags
48 Russian Pensioner Who Says USSR Still Exists Arrested, Accused of Coup Plot
49 Defending Bernie Sanders’s Sister-City Efforts in the U.S.S.R.
50 Putin's Long Shadow in Sub-Saharan Africa: Russia's Strategic Interests Without a Strategy
51 Everything you should know about the USSR
52 How 1968 Marked a Shift for Rossana Rossanda's Radical Politics
53 What was wrong with life in the USSR?
54 This MYSTERIOUS Russian village was separated from the mainland and deserted
55 How the USSR rallied its citizens to rise up against the Nazis (PICS)
56 'Soviet Space Graphics' takes you inside the cosmic visions of the USSR
57 Give Gorbachev Due Credit For U.S.S.R.’s Peaceful End
58 Young People Don’t Care About the U.S.S.R.
59 Eat Like You're in the USSR With 'The Soviet Diet Cookbook'
60 31 Masterminds: Alexander Gomelskiy
61 Opinion: Climate change needs a martyr – The Appalachian
62 Education must reflect people’s aspiration
63 The Victor Who Lost the USSR by Andrei Kolesnikov
64 The Devil and Karl Marx | Columnists |
65 Similarities between USA and USSR | News, Sports, Jobs
66 Russian feds open extremism case against disabled senior citizen who denies USSR’s collapse
67 ‘There is no sex in the USSR!’
68 With No Military Alliances, China Is No USSR, Former Chinese Envoy in US Says
69 When Soviet Women Won the Right to Abortion (For the Second Time)
70 In Photos: What Was Life Really Like In The U.S.S.R.?
71 Top 15 foreign celebrities who visited the USSR (PHOTOS)
72 75% of Russians Say Soviet Union Was Greatest Time in Country's History – Poll
73 Vladimir Putin insists on recognition of USSR’s WWII role
74 Coronavirus crisis spells doom for Putin's dreams of rebuilding the Soviet empire
75 Formation of the USSR: Deferring the Revolution
76 What was ordinary life like in the USSR?
77 Clinical trials of another Russia's coronavirus vaccine to begin soon
78 Why the collapse of the Soviet Union is China`s nightmare?
79 Back in the USSR: The Young Pioneers, the Soviet Union’s version of the Boy Scouts
80 Karahundj – The Ancient Speaking Stones
81 'In The Dusk': San Sebastian Review | Reviews | Screen
82 How the USSR created the world's best sanitary-epidemiological service
83 15 Artists From The Former USSR You Need To Hear
84 The 1962 mass murder the USSR covered up
85 Ukraine hits back at ‘toxic ex’ as Russia reminisces on USSR rule
86 Putin finds fault with Soviet republics' right to leave USSR
87 Things are better than either side tells you
88 Saving the USSR | Dec. 11
89 The KGB ties of Indira Gandhi: How India became a puppet of USSR during the Cold War
90 Netherlands 2-0 USSR at Euro 88: Michels' glory, Van Basten's majesty and Gullit's immortality
91 Holocaust Memory in the U.S.S.R.’s Shadow
92 Is Australia ready for regional conflict?
93 Who were USSR’s main Cold War allies?
94 We are indeed fortunate. Happy Birthday, Armenia!
95 ‘The last peaceful day’
96 What was the best thing about living in the Soviet Union?
97 Lots of Credit for U.S.S.R.’s Fall, Mostly Due to Reagan
98 Vladimir Lopukhin, Who Held Key Post When U.S.S.R. Fell, Dies at 68
99 In Russia, nostalgia for USSR and positive feelings about Stalin
100 How the USSR created ‘super-workers’