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Result Content Idea Research
1 Managing fussy eating
2 International partnership to investigate ocular drug delivery
3 Potential drug target for dangerous E. coli infections identified
4 NSW Drug Court reduces risk of reconviction in the long term, new research finds
5 Pilot agreement sees Australian biotech reside at UNSW
6 Dealing with fussy eating in children | UNSW Newsroom
7 Pain research using virtual reality receives $5m from the US Department of Defence
8 Landmark release sees bilbies return to Sturt National Park in NSW
9 Hey, cuz! Dingo relatives alive in remote New Guinea Highlands
10 Goodbye High School, Hello Uni: Introducing Our New Podcast With UNSW Sydney
11 Migration and income growth: policy changes to drive Australia's recovery
12 Academics from UNSW Sydney and Uka Tarsadia University have formed a research partnership for drug delivery through contact lenses.
13 Why quarterly reporting is undesirable post-pandemic: David Gonski AC
14 UNSW academic awarded $1.5m grant for treatment of malignant melanoma
15 Elimination, eradication, and the myth of 'living with' a certain level of COVID-19
16 Research reveals new ideas about autism and social interaction
17 International Leader in Higher Education Philanthropy Selected as Next Vice President for University Advancement
18 What is driving people's decision to withdraw their super now?
19 Climate change and the tyranny of psychological distance
20 Metformin Could Slow Cognitive Decline, Reduce Dementia Incidence in Diabetics
21 Canagliflozin most effective in higher-risk patients for cardiovascular, kidney outcomes
22 Metformin treatment linked to slowed cognitive decline
23 Income and wealth inequality in Australia was rising before COVID-19
24 Researching air-eating microbes in Antarctica | UNSW Newsroom
25 UNSW continues its path to becoming a top 50 global university
26 Research Associate
27 Long-term effect of NSW Drug Court on recidivism
28 New extinct family of giant wombat relatives discovered in Australian desert
29 Virtual tour takes UNSW exhibition 360 degrees, around the world
30 Scape student digs fund expands
31 New Study Offers Hope for Patients with Diabetes and Advanced Kidney Disease
32 UNSW to cut 250 jobs in rescue strategy
33 Humans' construction 'footprint' on ocean quantified for first time
34 The area is secure: countering terrorism through architecture
35 Why Uni Students Are Protesting Education Costs in NSW · Student Edge News
36 Australia creates first national COVID-19 tracking system using genomics to track virus signature
37 Hot qubits made in Sydney break one of the biggest constraints to practical quantum computers
38 Captions only used to appear on free-to-air TV. Here’s how one company saw a gap in the market and reached out to more Australians with a hearing impairment
39 Climate change is accelerating because of rich consumers’ energy use. Here are some solutions.
40 Helping universities learn, change and grow with digital transformation
41 Oxygen breathes new life into solar cell research
42 ANU cuts 10 per cent of its workforce in pandemic hit
43 UNSW helps provide back-up ventilators for COVID-19 crisis
44 UNSW tops Australian universities in 2020 Nature Index
45 DJI Signs MoU With UNSW Sydney To Form Strategic Partnership
46 Engineers find neat way to turn waste carbon dioxide into useful material
47 Colour of cells a 'thermometer' for molecular imbalance, study finds
48 Natural contaminant threat to drinking water from groundwater
49 International analysis narrows range of climate's sensitivity to CO2
50 Artificial atoms create stable qubits for quantum computing
51 “Fishing” app designed to empower healthcare workers in Uganda wins major award
52 $7.6 billion and 11% of researchers: our estimate of how much Australian university research stands to lose by 2024
53 UNSW receives $4.9m funding for new ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy
54 UNSW Sydney smashes silos with workflow management platform
55 More rescue missions possible as platypuses rehomed
56 Why people get sick in virtual reality
57 Scientists seize rare chance to watch faraway star system evolve
58 Humans may have reached the Americas 15000 years earlier than previously thought
59 World's top universities unite to tackle climate change amid COVID-19 challenge
60 UNSW researcher awarded 2020 Australasian Leadership Computing Grant
61 Platypus on brink of extinction | UNSW Newsroom
62 Study to examine long-term effects of pandemic on mental health
63 - A second skin: New glove-like device mimics sense of touch
64 UNSW Sydney students to represent Australia at $7m robotics comp
65 One vote in it: Crossbench considers controversial university funding laws
66 Engineers crack 58-year-old puzzle on way to quantum breakthrough
67 Our solutions are in nature: celebrating International Day of Biodiversity
68 Treating our elderly people ethically and with transparency
69 Research into health benefits of green space receives funding
70 Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water
71 UNSW installs first Magnetic Particle Imaging Facility in Australia
72 Playing with fire: artist Lindy Lee's long journey into the cosmos
73 UNSW commits to gender equity in response to COVID-19
74 Astronomers find regular rhythms among pulsating stars
75 UNSW researchers to boost the public health response to COVID-19 in NSW
76 Greener cities could be a key component of our COVID-19 recovery
77 Some primetime news channels spent as much as 70% of their time on Sushant Singh Rajput, and less than 2% on the economy
78 Rebooting healthy eating habits in child cancer survivors
79 Pasteurisation inactivates COVID-19 virus in human milk: new research
80 Why the brain is programmed to see faces in everyday objects
81 Eye catching conservation tool protects livestock, lions and livelihoods
82 Graphene-iron filters a promising gas separation tool: research
83 UNSW hosts National Science Week events | UNSW Newsroom
84 Policy tool could help businesses to transition from JobKeeper without financial disruption
85 Tiny plants crucial for sustaining dwindling water supplies: global analysis
86 Packaging made from banana plants an a-peeling alternative
87 UNSW hydrogen storage technology in world-first application of its kind
88 UNSW Sydney announces childcare closure arising from financial impact of COVID-19
89 Heart disease and stroke research awarded $4.7m funding
90 Are smokers more likely to catch COVID-19?
91 Sport, data, and an unspooling privacy problem
92 "People still want to see art, theatre and performance."
93 UNSW Sydney: Preventing LID in a 23.83% efficient Longi PERC cell
94 Cancer care shortcut wins entrepreneurship showcase | UNSW Newsroom
95 Which mask works best? We filmed people coughing and sneezing to find out
96 Spatial distancing rules for health workers may be insufficient: review
97 World renowned professor receives cardiovascular leadership grant
98 Pioneering technology promises unlimited, clean and safe energy
99 How strong is your mental imagery? It might depend on how 'excitable' your neurons are
100 DJI and UNSW Sydney create strategic partnership